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All Areas Submissions - February 2012

Applications — Science and Engineering
Constraint Reduction with Exact Penalization for Model-Predictive Rotorcraft Control
Meiyun Y. He, Andre L. Tits, Aaron L.i Greenfield, Vineet Sahasrabudhe

Integer Programming
Exact and heuristic approaches to the budget-constrained dynamic uncapacitated facility location-network design problem
Abdolsalam Ghaderi, Natashia Boland, Mohammad Saeid JabalAmeli

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A Note on the Ichoua et al (2003) Travel Time Model
Guerriero Emanuela, Ghiani Gianpaolo

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities
A von Neumann Alternating Method for Finding Common Solutions to Variational Inequalities
Yair Censor, Aviv Gibali, Simeon Reich

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Subgradient methods for huge-scale optimization problems
Yurii Nesterov

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Holder Metric Subregularity with Applications to Proximal Point Method
G Li, B.S. Mordukhovich

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Bundle method for non-convex minimization with inexact subgradients and function values
Dominikus Noll

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Large Neighborhood Search for LNG Inventory Routing
Vikas Goel, Kevin Furman, Jin-hwa Song, Amr El-bakry

Combinatorial Optimization
Improved approximation algorithms for the facility location problems with linear/submodular penalty
Yu Li, Donglei Du, Naihua Xiu, Dachuan Xu

Nonlinear Optimization
Smoothing SQP Algorithm for Non-Lipschitz Optimization with Complexity Analysis
Wei Bian, Chen Xiaojun

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Layered Formulation for the Robust Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Agostinho Agra, Marielle Christiansen, Rosa Figueiredo, Lars M. Hvattum, Michael Poss, Cristina Requejo

Nonlinear Optimization
Sahar Karimi, Stephen Vavasis

Global Optimization
Proximal Point Method for Minimizing Quasiconvex Locally Lipschitz Functions on Hadamard Manifolds
Erik Alex Papa Quiroz, Paulo Roberto Oliveira

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Warmstarting the Homogeneous and Self-Dual Interior Point Method for Linear and Conic Quadratic Problems
Anders Skajaa, Erling Andersen, Ye Yinyu

Nonlinear Optimization
On spectral properties of steepest descent methods
Roberta De Asmundis, Daniela di Serafino, Filippo Riccio, Gerardo Toraldo

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A Constructive Proof of the Existence of a Utility in Revealed Preference Theory
A Eberhard, D Ralph, J-P Crouzeix

Nonlinear Optimization
Anastasia Cornelio, Elena Loli Piccolomini, James G. Nagy

Applications — Science and Engineering
A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Efficient Event-Related fMRI Designs
Ming-Hung Kao, Hans D Mittelmann

Combinatorial Optimization
Strongly Polynomial Primal-Dual Algorithms for Concave Cost Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Thomas L. Magnanti, Dan Stratila

Integer Programming
The Lagrangian Relaxation for the Combinatorial Integral Approximation Problem
Michael N. Jung, Sebastian Sager, Gerhard Reinelt

Network Optimization
D-ADMM: A Communication-Efficient Distributed Algorithm For Separable Optimization
Joao Mota, Joao Xavier, Pedro Aguiar, Markus Pueschel

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A Branch-and-Price Guided Search Approach to Maritime Inventory Routing
M Hewitt, G Nemhauser, M Savelsbergh, J Song

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Improved Load Plan Design Through Integer Programming Based Local Search
A Erera, M Hewitt, M Savelsbergh, Y Zhang

Nonlinear Optimization
On the convergence of the modified Levenberg-Marquardt method with a nonmonotone second order Armijo type line search
Weijun Zhou

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
An upper bound for the number of different solutions generated by the primal simplex method with any selection rule of entering variables
Tomonari Kitahara, Shinji Mizuno

Integer Programming
Branch-and-Price Guided Search for Integer Programs with an Application to the Multicommodity Fixed Charge Network Flow Problem
M Hewitt, G Nemhauser, M Savelsbergh

Optimization Software and Modeling Systems
A Parallel Bundle Method for Asynchronous Subspace Optimization in Lagrangian Relaxation
Frank Fischer, Christoph Helmberg

Nonlinear Optimization
Interior-Point Methods for Nonconvex Nonlinear Programming: Cubic Regularization
Hande Y. Benson, David F. Shanno

Applications — Science and Engineering
Sensitivity analysis for the outages of nuclear power plants
Kengy Barty, J. Frédéric Bonnans, Laurent Pfeiffer

Stochastic Programming
Exact Penalization, Level Function Method and Modified Cutting-Plane Method for Stochastic Programs with Second Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints
Hailin Sun, Huifu Xu, Rudabeh Meskarian, Yong Wang

Stochastic Programming
Asymptotic Analysis of Sample Average Approximation for Stochastic Optimization Problems with Joint Chance Constraints via CVaR/DC Approximations
Hailin Sun, Huifu Xu, Yong Wang

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Linear Program Relaxation of Sparse Nonnegative Recovery
Linxia Qin, Naihua Xiu, Lingchen Kong, Yu Li

Nonlinear Optimization
Beneath the valley of the noncommutative arithmetic-geometric mean inequality: conjectures, case-studies, and consequences
Benjamin Recht, Christopher Re

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Addressing rank degeneracy in constraint-reduced interior-point methods for linear optimization
Luke Wnternitz, Andre Tits, P.-A. Absil

Applications — Science and Engineering
A competitive genetic algorithm for single row facility layout
Ravi Kothari, Diptesh Ghosh

Nonlinear Optimization
Solving trajectory optimization problems via nonlinear programming: the brachistochrone case study
Jean-Pierre Dussault

Stochastic Programming
Decomposition Algorithms with Gomory Cuts for Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Programs
Dinakar Gade, Simge Kucukyavuz, Suvrajeet Sen

Global Optimization
Numerical Optimization of Eigenvalues of Hermitian Matrix Functions
Mustafa Kilic, Emre Mengi, E. Alper Yildirim

Global Optimization
Formulas for calculating the extremum ranks and inertias of a four-term quadratic
Tian Yongge

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
A regularised simplex method
Csaba I. Fabian, Krisztian Eretnek, Olga Papp

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Competitive location in networks with threshold-sensitive customer behaviour
Dolores R. Santos-Peñate, Rafael Suárez-Vega, Pablo Dorta-González

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A Stochastic Gradient Method with an Exponential Convergence Rate for Strongly-Convex Optimization with Finite Training Sets
Nicolas Le Roux, Mark Schmidt, Francis Bach

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities
A. F. Izmailov, A. S. Kurennoy

Integer Programming
Non-Convex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming: A Survey
Samuel Burer, Adam Letchford

Combinatorial Optimization
An aggressive reduction scheme for the simple plant location problem
Adam Letchford, Sebastian Miller

Applications — Science and Engineering
Sparse/Robust Estimation and Kalman Smoothing with Nonsmooth Log-Concave Densities: Modeling, Computation, and Theory
Aleksandr Aravkin, James Burke, Gianluigi Pillonetto

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