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All Areas Submissions - April 2005

Combinatorial Optimization
Computing the stability number of a graph via linear and semidefinite programming
Javier Pena, Juan Vera, Luis Zuluaga

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Erik Papa Quiroz, Paulo Roberto Oliveira

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Manufacturer's Mixed Pallet Design Problem
Hande Yaman, Alper Sen

Nonlinear Optimization
Elastic-Mode Algorithms for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints: Global Convergence and Stationarity Properties
Mihai Anitescu, Paul Tseng, Stephen J. Wright

Integer Programming
Persistence in Discrete Optimization under Data Uncertainty
Dimitris Bertsimas, Karthik Natarajan, Chung-Piaw Teo

Combinatorial Optimization
A semidefinite programming based heuristic for graph coloring
Igor Dukanovic, Franz Rendl

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Tubechallenges: Can OR help break records?
Efstratios Rappos

Integer Programming
In Situ Column Generation for a Cutting-Stock Problem
Jon Lee

Applications — Science and Engineering
Approximating K-means-type clustering via semidefinite programming
Jiming Peng, Yu Wei

Robust Optimization
Robust DWDM Routing and Provisioning under Polyhedral Demand Uncertainty
Oya Karasan, Mustafa Pinar, Hande Yaman

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Generalization of the primal and dual affine scaling algorithms
F. G. M. Cunha, A. W. M. Pinto, P. R. Oliveira, J. X. da C. Neto

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Constraint Reduction for Linear Programs with Many Inequality Constraints
Andre L. Tits, Pierre-Antoine Absil, William P. Woessner

Stochastic Programming
The value of multi-stage stochastic programming in capacity planning under uncertainty
Kai Huang, Shabbir Ahmed

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Preemptive scheduling with position costs
Francis Sourd

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