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All Areas Submissions - May 2014

Other Topics
The L-Shape Search Method for Triobjective Integer Programming
Natashia Boland, Hadi Charkhgard, Martin Savelsbergh

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Copositivity-based approximations for binary and ternary fractional quadratic optimization
Immanuel M. Bomze

Network Optimization
The Windy Prize-Collecting Rural Postman Problem: An Ant-Colony Based Heuristic
S.E. Schaeffer, R.Z. Rios-Mercado, E. Fernandez

Applications — Science and Engineering
An S$\ell_1$LP-Active Set Approach for Feasibility Restoration in Power Systems
Taedong Kim, Stephen Wright

Nonlinear Optimization
A DC (Difference of Convex functions) approach of the MPECs
Matthieu Maréchal, Rafael Correa

Integer Programming
Large-Scale Decentralized Unit Commitment
Mohammad Javad Feizollahi, Mitch Costley, Shabbir Ahmed, Santiago Grijalva

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Error Bounds and Metric Subregularity
Alexander Y. Kruger

Robust Optimization
Distributionally Robust Discrete Optimization with Entropic Value-at-Risk
Long Daniel Zhuoyu, QI Jin

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Relay Optimization Method
Xuyan Wang

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Dynamic vs. Static Optimization of Crossdocking Operations
Monique Guignard, Peter Hahn, Heng Zhang

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Zero-Convex Functions, Perturbation Resilience, and Subgradient Projections for Feasibility-Seeking Methods
Yair Censor, Daniel Reem

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
On the Complexity of the Traveling Umpire Problem
Lucas de Oliveira, Cid de Souza, Tallys Yunes

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Coordinate shadows of semi-definite and Euclidean distance matrices
Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Gabor Pataki, Henry Wolkowicz

Integer Programming
How Good Are Sparse Cutting-Planes?
Santanu S. Dey, Marco Molinaro, Qianyi Wang

Network Optimization
Chance-Constrained Multi-Terminal Network Design Problems
Yongjia Song, Minjiao Zhang

Applications — Science and Engineering
Vyacheslav Kungurtsev, Wim Michiels, Moritz Diehl

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Primal-dual regularized SQP and SQCQP type methods for convex programming and their complexity analysis
Maicon Marques Alves, Renato D. C. Monteiro, Benar Fux Svaiter

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A mixed integer programming approach for asset protection during escaped wildfires
Martijn Van der Merwe, James P Minas, Melih Ozlen, John W Hearne

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A Second-Order Method for Compressed Sensing Problems with Coherent and Redundant Dictionaries
Ioannis Dassios, Kimon Fountoulakis, Jacek Gondzio

Nonlinear Optimization
Unreduced symmetric KKT systems arising from Interior Point methods. Part I: spectral estimates
Benedetta Morini, Valeria Simoncini, Mattia Tani

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Active-set prediction for interior point methods using controlled perturbations
Coralia Cartis, Yiming Yan

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Application of the Strictly Contractive Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method to Multi-block Separable Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Han Liu, Junwei Lu, Xiaoming Yuan

Robust Optimization
The Robust Cold Standby Redundancy Allocation in Series-Parallel Systems with Budgeted Uncertainty
Mohammad Javad Feizollahi, Roya Soltani, Hadi Feyzollahi

Stochastic Programming
Toward Scalable Stochastic Unit Commitment - Part 1: Load Scenario Generation
Yonghan Feng, Ignacio Rios, Sarah Ryan, Kai Spurkel, Jean-Paul Watson, Roger J-B Wets, David Woodruff

Stochastic Programming
Toward Scalable Stochastic Unit Commitment - Part 2: Solver Configuration and Performance Assessment
Kwok Cheung, Dinakar Gade, Cesar Silva-Monroy, Sarah Ryan, Jean-Paul Watson, Roger J-B Wets, David Woodruff

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A Novel Unified Approach to Invariance in Control
Zoltán Horváth, Yunfei Song, Tamás Terlaky

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Second-order cone programming approach for elliptically distributed joint probabilistic constraints with dependent rows
Jianqiang Cheng, Michal Houda, Abdel Lisser

Combinatorial Optimization
The constant objective value property for combinatorial optimization problems
Ante Custic, Bettina Klinz

Robust Optimization
Tractable counterparts of distributionally robust constraints on risk measures
Krzysztof Postek, Dick den Hertog, Bertrand Melenberg

Robust Optimization
Robust Growth-Optimal Portfolios
Napat Rujeerapaiboon, Daniel Kuhn, Wolfram Wiesemann

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Calmness modulus of linear programs via KKT index sets
M.J. Cánovas, A. Hantoute, J. Parra, F.J. Toledo

Integer Programming
A new mixed integer linear programming formulation for one problem of exploration of online social networks
Aleksandra Petrovic

Other Topics
On the effects of combining objectives in multi-objective optimization
Stephan Dempe, Gabriele Eichfelder, Jörg Fliege

Nonlinear Optimization
Strict Fejér Monotonicity by Superiorization of Feasibility-Seeking Projection Methods
Yair Censor, Alexander J. Zaslavski

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Strong duality in Lasserre's hierarchy for polynomial optimization
Cedric Josz, Didier Henrion

Global Optimization
An Optimization Approach to the Design of Multi-Size Heliostat fields
E. Carrizosa, C. Domínguez-Bravo, E. Fernández-Cara, M. Quero

Nonlinear Optimization
Linear equalities in blackbox optimization
Charles Audet, Sébastien Le Digabel, Mathilde Peyrega

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A proximal multiplier method for separable convex minimization
Orlando Sarmiento , Erik Papa Quiroz, Paulo Oliveira

Robust Optimization
Robust Quadratic Assignment Problem with Budgeted Uncertain Flows
Mohammad Javad Feizollahi, Hadi Feyzollahi

Global Optimization
Solving a Huff-like Stackelberg problem on networks
Boglárka G.-Tóth, Kristóf Kovács

Nonlinear Optimization
A Quasi-Newton Algorithm for Nonconvex, Nonsmooth Optimization with Global Convergence Guarantees
Frank E. Curtis, Xiaocun Que

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