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All Areas Submissions - June 2021

Integer Programming
On the Polyhedrality of the Chvatal-Gomory Closure
Haoran Zhu

Integer Programming
Multi-cover Inequalities for Totally-Ordered Multiple Knapsack Sets
Alberto Del Pia, Jeff Linderoth, Haoran Zhu

Robust Optimization
Sequential Domain Adaptation by Synthesizing Distributionally Robust Experts
Bahar Taskesen, Man-Chung Yue, Jose Blanchet, Daniel Kuhn, Viet Anh Nguyen

Nonlinear Optimization
Maximal perimeter and maximal width of a convex small polygon
Christian Bingane

Nonlinear Optimization
Sequential constant rank constraint qualifications for nonlinear semidefinite and second-order cone programming with applications
Roberto Andreani, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Héctor Ramírez C.

Applications — Science and Engineering
A new matheuristic and improved instance generation for kidney exchange programmes
Maxence Delorme, Sergio García, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove, William Pettersson, James Trimble

Applications — Science and Engineering
A stochastic alternating balance k-means algorithm for fair clustering
S. Liu, L. N. Vicente

Combinatorial Optimization
Graph Signatures: Identification and Optimization
Balabhaskar Balasundaram, Juan Borrero, Hao Pan

Global Optimization
Lifting convex inequalities for bipartite bilinear programs
Xiaoyi Gu, Santanu S. Dey, Jean-Philippe P. Richard

Robust Optimization
Robust Generalization despite Distribution Shift via Minimum Discriminating Information
Tobias Sutter, Andreas Krause, Daniel Kuhn

Applications — Science and Engineering
Markov Chain Sampling of Hidden Relay States for Economic Dispatch with Cascading Failures
Arnab Sur , John Birge

Robust Optimization
New complexity results and algorithms for min-max-min robust combinatorial optimization
Jannis Kurtz

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Practical Large-Scale Linear Programming using Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient
David Applegate, Mateo Díaz, Oliver Hinder, Haihao Lu, Miles Lubin, Brendan O'Donoghue, Warren Schudy

Integer Programming
Inductive Linearization for Binary Quadratic Programs with Linear Constraints: A Computational Study
Sven Mallach

Nonlinear Optimization
LSOS: Line-search Second-Order Stochastic optimization methods for nonconvex finite sums
Daniela di Serafino, Nataša Krejić, Nataša Krklec Jerinkić, Marco Viola

Robust Optimization
Distributionally Robust Optimization with Markovian Data
Mengmeng Li, Tobias Sutter, Daniel Kuhn

Robust Optimization
RSOME in Python: An Open-Source Package for Robust Stochastic Optimization Made Easy
Peng Xiong, Zhi Chen

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Optimal Eco-Routing for Hybrid Vehicles with Mechanistic/Data-Driven Powertrain Model Embedded
Adrian Caspari, Steffen Fahr, Alexander Mitsos

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
How to quantify outcome functions of interval-valued linear programs
Mohsen Mohammadi, Monica Gentili, Milan Hladik, Raffaele Cerulli

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Long-Run Optimal Pricing in Electricity Markets with Non-Convex Costs
Conleigh Byers, Gabriela Hug

Integer Programming
An Algorithm-Independent Measure of Progress for Linear Constraint Propagation
Boro Sofranac, Ambros Gleixner, Sebastian Pokutta

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
A Homogeneous Predictor-Corrector Algorithm for Stochastic Nonsymmetric Convex Conic Optimization With Discrete Support
Baha Alzalg, Mohammad Alabedalhadi

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Decomposition Interior-Point Methods Based on Unital JH-Algebras for Stochastic Conic Optimization in Spin Factors
Baha Alzalg

Other Topics
A Gentle and Incomplete Introduction to Bilevel Optimization
Martin Schmidt, Yasmine Beck

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Analysis of the Frank-Wolfe Method for Convex Composite Optimization involving a Logarithmically-Homogeneous Barrier
Renbo Zhao, Robert M. Freund

Integer Programming
Alternative Regularizations for OA Algorithms for Convex MINLP
David E. Bernal, Zedong Peng, Jan Kronqvist, Ignacio E. Grossmann

Integer Programming
Second-Order Conic and Polyhedral Approximations of the Exponential Cone: Application to Mixed-Integer Exponential Conic Programs
Ye Qing, Weijun Xie

Nonlinear Optimization
Cardinality Minimization, Constraints, and Regularization: A Survey
Andreas M. Tillmann, Daniel Bienstock, Andrea Lodi, Alexandra Schwartz

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
On the Formulation Dependence of Convex Hull Pricing
Feng Zhao, Dane Schiro, Jinye Zhao, Tongxin Zheng, Eugene Litvinov

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Escaping strict saddle points of the Moreau envelope in nonsmooth optimization
Damek Davis, Mateo Díaz, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy

Stochastic Programming
New Valid Inequalities and Formulation for the Static Chance-constrained Lot-Sizing Problem
Zeyang Zhang, Chuanhou Gao, James Luedtke

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Robust Epidemiological Prediction and Optimization
Chenyi Fu, Melvyn Sim, Minglong Zhou

Integer Programming
The Graphical Traveling Salesperson Problem has no Integer Programming Formulation in the Original Space
Matthias Walter

Nonlinear Optimization
Frank-Wolfe and friends: a journey into projection-free first-order optimization methods
Immanuel Bomze, Francesco Rinaldi, Damiano Zeffiro

Nonlinear Optimization
A stochastic first-order trust-region method with inexact restoration for finite-sum minimization
Stefania Bellavia, Nataša Krejić, Benedetta Morini, Simone Rebegoldi

Robust Optimization
Robust Stochastic Optimization with Rare-Event Modeling
Aakil Caunhye, Douglas Alem

Robust Optimization
Practicable Robust Stochastic Optimization under Divergence Measures
Aakil Caunhye, Douglas Alem

Nonlinear Optimization
A Stochastic Sequential Quadratic Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Equality Constrained Optimization with Rank-Deficient Jacobians
Albert S. Berahas, Frank E. Curtis, Michael O'Neill, Daniel P. Robinson

Robust Optimization
Adjustable Distributionally Robust Optimization with Infinitely Constrained Ambiguity Sets
Haolin Ruan, Zhi Chen, Chin Pang Ho

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Distributionally Robust Fair Transit Resource Allocation During a Pandemic
Weijun Xie, Luying Sun, Tim Witten

Global Optimization
MatQapNB User Guide: A branch-and-bound program for QAPs in Matlab with the Newton-Bracketing method
Koichi Fujii, Naoki Ito, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Hans D. Mittelmann, Yuji Shinano, Kim-Chuan Toh

Global Optimization
On obtaining the convex hull of quadratic inequalities via aggregations
Santanu S. Dey, Gonzalo Munoz, Felipe Serrano

Global Optimization
SDP-quality bounds via convex quadratic relaxations for global optimization of mixed-integer quadratic programs
Carlos Nohra, Arvind Raghunathan, Nikolaos Sahinidis

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Designing an optimal sequence of non-pharmaceutical interventions for controlling COVID-19
Debajyoti Biswas, Laurent Alfandari

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Exact Logit-Based Product Design
İrem Akçakuş, Velibor Mišić

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Conic optimization: a survey with special focus on copositive optimization and binary quadratic problems
Mirjam Dür, Franz Rendl

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A new stopping criterion for Krylov solvers applied in Interior Point Methods
Filippo Zanetti, Jacek Gondzio

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