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All Areas Submissions - July 2004

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Robust Capacity Expansion of Transit Networks
Fernando Ordonez, Jiamin Zhao

Applications — Science and Engineering
Fuzzy Modeling with Adaptive Simulated Annealing
Hime Aguiar e Oliveira Jr.

Applications — Science and Engineering
Constrained optimization in seismic reflection tomography: an SQP augmented Lagrangian approach
F. Delbos, J.Ch. Gilbert, R. Glowinski, D. Sinoquet

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
A direct formulation for sparse PCA using semidefinite programming
A d'Aspremont, L. El Ghaoui, M. I. Jordan, G. R. G. Lanckriet

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Computational Enhancements in Low-Rank Semidefinite Programming
Samuel Burer, Changhui Choi

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A p-Median Model for Assortment and Trim Loss Minimization with an Application to the Glass Industry
Claudio Arbib, Fabrizio Marinelli

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Steered sequential projections for the inconsistent convex feasibility problem
Yair Censor, Alvaro R. De Pierro, Maorun Zaknoon

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
On exploiting structure induced when modelling an intersection of cones in conic optimization
Erling D. Andersen

Nonlinear Optimization
Convergence analysis of a primal-dual interior-point method for nonlinear programming
Igor Griva, David Shanno, Robert Vanderbei

Nonlinear Optimization
A primal-dual nonlinear rescaling method with dynamic scaling parameter update
Igor Griva, Roman Polyak

Nonlinear Optimization
Numerical experiments with an interior-exterior point method for nonlinear programming
Igor Griva

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Time Offset Optimization in Digital Broadcasting
Carlo Mannino, Fabrizio Rossi, Antonio Sassano, Stefano Smriglio

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Recovering Risk-Neutral Probability Density Functions from Options Prices using Cubic Splines
Ana M. Monteiro, Reha H. Tütüncü, Luís N. Vicente

Nonlinear Optimization
Subspace trust-region methods for large bound-constrained nonlinear equations
Stefania Bellavia, Benedetta Morini

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Symmetry Points of Convex Set: Basic Properties and Computational Complexity
Alexandre Belloni, Robert M. Freund

Combinatorial Optimization
On cost matrices with two and three distinct values of Hamiltonian paths and cycles
Santosh N. Kabadi, Abraham P. Punnen

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