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All Areas Submissions - September 2004

Network Optimization
Efficiency and Fairness of System-Optimal Routing with User Constraints
Andreas S. Schulz, Nicolás E. Stier-Moses

Other Topics
Optimizing Call Center Staffing using Simulation and Analytic Center Cutting Plane Methods
Julius Atlason, Marina Epelman, Shane Henderson

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Reduction Tests for the Prize-Collecting Steiner Problem
Eduardo Uchoa

Combinatorial Optimization
Domination between traffic matrices
Gianpaolo Oriolo

Combinatorial Optimization
$\epsilon$-Optimization Schemes and $L$-Bit Precision: Alternative Perspectives for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
James B. Orlin, Andreas S. Schulz, Sudipta Sengupta

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Dual versus primal-dual interior-point methods for linear and conic programming
M. J. Todd

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Survivable IP network design with OSPF routing
Luciana S. Buriol, Mauricio G. C. Resende, Mikkel Thorup

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Perturbation analysis of second order programming problems
J. Frédéric Bonnans, Hector Ramirez C.

Nonlinear Optimization
Augmented Lagrangian methods under the Constant Positive Linear Dependence constraint qualification
Roberto Andreani, Ernesto Birgin, José Mario Martínez, María Laura Schuverdt

Global Optimization
Constrained Global Optimization with Radial Basis Functions
Jan-Erik Käck

Combinatorial Optimization
Semi-Lagrangian relaxation
Cesar Beltran, Claude Tadonki, Vial Jean-philippe.

Nonlinear Optimization
A shifted Steihaug-Toint method for computing a trust-region step.
Ladislav Luksan, Ctirad Matonoha, Jan Vlcek

Nonlinear Optimization
Nonlinear-Programming Reformulation of the Order-Value Optimization problem
Roberto Andreani, Cibele Dunder, José Mario Martínez

Nonlinear Optimization
Newton-KKT Interior-Point Methods for Indefinite Quadratic Programming
Pierre-Antoine Absil, Andre Tits

Other Topics
The Core of Network Problems with Quotas
Somdeb Lahiri

Other Topics
Linear inequalities among graph invariants: using GraPHedron to uncover optimal relationships
Julie Christophe, Sophie Dewez, Jean-Paul Doignon, Sourour Elloumi, Gilles Fasbender, Philippe Grégoire, David Huygens, Martine Labbé, Hadrien Mélot, Hande Yaman

Stochastic Programming
A Branch-Reduce-Cut Algorithm for the Global Optimization of Probabilistically Constrained Linear Programs
Myun-Seok Cheon, Shabbir Ahmed, Faiz Al-Khayyal

Stochastic Programming
Worst-case distribution analysis of stochastic programs
Alexander Shapiro

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