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All Areas Submissions - September 2009

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Applying a global optimisation algorithm to Fund of Hedge Funds portfolio optimisation
Bernard Minsky, M Obradovic, Qi Tang, Rishi Thapar

Integer Programming
The Delivery Man Problem with Time Windows
GÚraldine Heilporn, Jean-Franšois Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
On the Central Paths and Cauchy Trajectories in Semidefinite Programming
Julio Lopez, Hector Ramirez C.

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Alternating Direction Methods for Sparse Covariance Selection
Xiaoming Yuan

Robust Optimization
On the Power of Robust Solutions in Two-Stage Stochastic and Adaptive Optimization Problems
Dimitris Bertsimas, Vineet Goyal

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Performance Evaluation of Cooperative Forwarding Schemes in Wireless Networks with General Topology and Multiple Traffic Flows: an Optimization Approach
Antonio Capone, Stefano Gualandi, Di Yuan

Integer Programming
Perspective Reformulation and Applications
Oktay Gunluk, Jeff Linderoth

Combinatorial Optimization
A Comparison of Lower Bounds for the Symmetric Circulant Traveling Salesman Problem
Etienne De Klerk, Cristian Dobre

Nonlinear Optimization
Block Structured Quadratic Programming for the Direct Multiple Shooting Method for Optimal Control
Christian Kirches, Hans Georg Bock, Johannes P. Schl÷der, Sebastian Sager

Nonlinear Optimization
Further Study on Strong Lagrangian Duality Property for Invex Programs via Penalty Functions
J. Zhang, X. X. Huang

Applications — Science and Engineering
Compressed Sensing via Iterative Support Detection
Yilun Wang, Wotao Yin

Nonlinear Optimization
Hager-Zhang Active Set Algorithm for Large-Scale Continuous Knapsack Problems
Ruhollah Tavakoli

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Improved semidefinite programming bounds for quadratic assignment problems with suitable symmetry
Etienne de Klerk, Renata Sotirov

Stochastic Programming
Necessary Optimality Conditions for two-stage Stochastic Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Huifu Xu, Jane J. Ye

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
The Legendre-Fenchel Conjugate of the Product of Two positive definite Quadratic Forms
Yunbin Zhao

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A continuous model for open pit mine planning
Felipe Alvarez, Jorge Amaya, Andreas Griewank, Nikolai Strogies

Combinatorial Optimization
Resource Allocation with Time Intervals
Andreas Darmann, Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer

Nonlinear Optimization
On the Stopping Criterion for Numerical Methods Used to Solve Linear Systems with Additive Gaussian Noise
Benoit Hamelin, Yves Goussard, Jean-Pierre Dussault

Applications — Science and Engineering
Chebyshev approximation of the null function by an affine combination of complex exponential functions
Paul Armand, Joel Benoist, Elsa Bousquet

Nonlinear Optimization
A globally convergent modified conjugate-gradient line-search algorithm with intertia controlling
Wenwen Zhou, Joshua D. Griffin, Ioannis G. Akrotirianakis

Integer Programming
Solving Large Steiner Triple Covering Problems
James Ostrowski, Jeff Linderoth, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

Applications — Science and Engineering
Molecular distance geometry methods: from continuous to discrete
Leo Liberti, Carlile Lavor, Antonio Mucherino, Nelson Maculan

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Solving log-determinant optimization problems by a Newton-CG primal proximal point algorithm
Chengjing Wang, Defeng Sun, Kim-Chuan Toh

Other Topics
On the convergence of the projected gradient method for vector optimization
Ellen H. Fukuda, L. M. Gra˝a Drummond

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