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All Areas Submissions - October 2009

Stochastic Programming
Two-Stage Quadratic Integer Programs with Stochastic Right-Hand Sides
Osman Y Ozaltin, Oleg A Prokopyev, Andrew J Schaefer

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A Unifying Polyhedral Approximation Framework for Convex Optimization
Dimitri Bertsekas, Huizhen Yu

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Improved Guarantees for Low Rank Matrix Completion
Benjamin Recht

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Smoothing techniques for solving semidefinite programs with many constraints
Michael Bürgisser, Michel Baes

Nonlinear Optimization
Approximate KKT condition for variational inequality problems
Gabriel Haeser, Maria Laura Schuverdt

Other Topics
An Interior Proximal Method in Vector Optimization
Kely D Villacorta , Paulo Roberto Oliveira

Nonlinear Optimization
Matrix-Free Interior Point Method
Jacek Gondzio

Nonlinear Optimization
Analysis of direct searches for non-Lipschitzian functions
L. N. Vicente, A. L. Custódio

Global Optimization
Optimizing radial basis functions by D.C. programming and its use in direct search for global derivative-free optimization
An Le Thi Hoai, A. I. F. Vaz, L. N. Vicente

Robust Optimization
Robust Software Partitioning with Multiple Instantiation
Simon A. Spacey, Wolfram Wiesemann, Daniel Kuhn, Wayne Luk

Network Optimization
Integer Network Synthesis Problem for Hop Constrained Flows
Santosh Kabadi, K. P. K. Nair

Combinatorial Optimization
Paths, Trees and Matchings under Disjunctive Constraints
Andreas Darmann, Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer, Gerhard J. Woeginger

Combinatorial Optimization
Biased random-key genetic algorithms for combinatorial optimization
José F. Gonçalves, Mauricio G.C. Resende

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
On closedness conditions, strong separation, and convex dualit y
Miklos Ujvari

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Exact Solution of Emerging Quadratic Assignment Problems
Peter M. Hahn, Yi-Rong Zhu, Monique Guignard, J. MacGregor Smith

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Quadratic factorization heuristics for copositive programming
Immanuel M. Bomze, Florian Jarre, Franz Rendl

Robust Optimization
Muhong Zhang, Yongpei Guan

Integer Programming
A heuristic to generate rank-1 GMI cuts
Sanjeeb Dash, Marcos Goycoolea

Integer Programming
Algorithms and Software for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs
Pierre Bonami, Mustafa Kilinç, Jeff Linderoth

Nonlinear Optimization
Stopping rules and backward error analysis for bound-constrained optimization
Serge Gratton, Melodie Mouffe, Philippe Toint

Nonlinear Optimization
On the complexity of steepest descent, Newton's and regularized Newton's methods for nonconvex unconstrained optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nick Gould, Philippe Toint

Stochastic Programming
A Computational Framework for Uncertainty Quantification and Stochastic Optimization in Unit Commitment with Wind Power Generation
E.M. Constantinescu, V.M. Zavala, M. Rocklin, S. Lee, M. Anitescu

Stochastic Programming
Special distributions for combinatorial optimization problems with probabilistic constraints
Bernard Fortz, Michael Poss

Applications — Science and Engineering
Solving Constrained Total-Variation Image Restoration and Reconstruction Problems via Alternating Direction Methods
Michael Ng, Pierre Weiss, Xiaoming Yuan

Robust Optimization
Nonconvex Robust Optimization
Kwong Meng Teo

Integer Programming
Clique-based facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem
Natashia Boland, Andreas Bley, Christopher Fricke, Gary Froyland, Renata Sotirov

Stochastic Programming
A multi-step interior point warm-start approach for large-scale stochastic linear programming
Marco Colombo, Andreas Grothey

Nonlinear Optimization
Nonmonotone Filter Method for Nonlinear Optimization
Chungen Chen, Roger Fletcher, Sven Leyffer

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
On the nonexistence of sum of squares certificates for the BMV conjecture
Kristijan Cafuta, Igor Klep, Janez Povh

Nonlinear Optimization
Exact Penalty Functions for Nonlinear Integer Programming Problems
S. Lucidi , F. Rinaldi

Integer Programming
Mixed Integer NonLinear Programs featuring “On/Off ” constraints: convex analysis and applications
Hassan Hijazi, Pierre Bonami, Gérard Cornuéjols, Adam Ouorou

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
The positive semidefinite Grothendieck problem with rank constraint
Jop Briet, Fernando M. de Oliveira Filho, Frank Vallentin

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
New Relaxations for Binary Quadratic Problems Using Second-Order Cone Programming
Bissan Ghaddar, Juan C. Vera, Miguel F. Anjos

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