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All Areas Submissions - December 2013

Global Optimization
Efficient upper and lower bounds for global mixed-integer optimal control
Sebastian Sager, Mathieu Claeys, Frederic Messine

Integer Programming
Memory-Aware Parallelized RLT3 for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems
Peter Hahn, Amir Roth, Matthew Saltzman, Monique Guignard

Network Optimization
A polynomial-time algorithm for a class of minimum concave cost flow problems
Qie He, Shabbir Ahmed, George Nemhauser

Network Optimization
Survivable Network Coding
Cédric Bentz, Sourour Elloumi, Eric Gourdin , Thibaut Lefebvre

Applications — Science and Engineering
Optimal control modeling of cell division
Musa Mammadov, Cameron Wellard, Robin J. Evans

Applications — Science and Engineering
Turnpike theorems for convex problems with undiscounted integral functionals
Musa Mammadov

Robust Optimization
Polynomial time algorithms for the Minimax Regret Uncapacitated Lot Sizing Model
Dong Li, Dolores Romero Morales

Nonlinear Optimization
A Revisit to Quadratic Programming with One Inequality Quadratic Constraint via Matrix Pencil
Hsia Yong, Lin Gang-Xuan, Sheu Ruey-Lin

Global Optimization
Trust Region Subproblem with a Fixed Number of Additional Linear Inequality Constraints has Polynomial Complexity
Hsia Yong, Sheu Ruey-Lin

Global Optimization
Reactive Power Management using Firefly and Spiral Optimization under Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions
Ripunjoy Phukan

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A strongly convergent proximal bundle method for convex minimization in Hilbert spaces
Wim van Ackooij, José Yunier Bello Cruz, Welington de Oliveira

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
On the Convergence of Alternating Minimization with Applications to Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares and Decomposition Schemes
Amir Beck

Nonlinear Optimization
Penalty Methods with Stochastic Approximation for Stochastic Nonlinear Programming
Xiao Wang, Shiqian Ma, Ya-xiang Yuan

Integer Programming
Active Set Methods with Reoptimization for Convex Quadratic Integer Programming
Christoph Buchheim, Long Trieu

Stochastic Programming
Benders, Nested Benders and Stochastic Programming: An Intuitive Introduction
James Murphy

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
An inexact block-decomposition method for extra large-scale conic semidefinite programming
Renato D. C. Monteiro, Camilo Ortiz, Benar F. Svaiter

Robust Optimization
Lagrangean Decomposition for Mean-Variance Combinatorial Optimization
Frank Baumann, Christoph Buchheim, Anna Ilyina

Integer Programming
Multiple-choice Vector Bin Packing: Arc-flow Formulation with Graph Compression
Filipe Brandão, João Pedro Pedroso

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
A First Course in Linear Optimization
Jon Lee

Other Topics
The inexact projected gradient method for quasiconvex vector optimization problems
J.Y. Bello Cruz, G. Bento, G. Bouza Allende, R.F.B. Costa

Complementarity and Variational Inequalities
A Relaxed-Projection Splitting Algorithm for Variational Inequalities in Hilbert Spaces
J.Y. Bello Cruz, R. Díaz Millán

Nonlinear Optimization
Preconditioning issues in the numerical solution of nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares
Stefania Bellavia, Margherita Porcelli

Robust Optimization
An Improvised Approach to Robustness in Linear Optimization
Mehdi Karimi, Somayeh Moazeni, Levent Tuncel

Integer Programming
Lower Bounds and Exact Algorithms for the Quadratic Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Dilson Pereira, Michel Gendreau, Alexandre Cunha

Combinatorial Optimization
Approximation of the Quadratic Knapsack Problem
Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer

Network Optimization
Finding the Most Likely Infection Path in Networks with Limited Information
David Rey, Lauren Gardner, S. Travis Waller

Stochastic Programming
Memory-Efficient, Full-Space Implementation of Multi-Period Two- and Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Models
Bruno Calfa

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A note on polynomial solvability of the CDT problem
Daniel Bienstock

Applications — Science and Engineering
Uniqueness Conditions for A Class of $\ell_0$-Minimization Problems
Yunbin Zhao, C Xu

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Equivalence and Strong Equivalence between Sparsest and Least $\ell_1$-Norm Nonnegative
Y Zhao

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
On local convergence of the method of alternating projections
Dominikus Noll, Aude Rondepierre

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Equivalence and Strong Equivalence between Sparsest and Least l1-Norm Nonnegative Solutions of Linear Systems and Their Application
Yun-Bin Zhao

Integer Programming
A Comprehensive Analysis of Polyhedral Lift-and-Project Methods
Yu Hin Au, Levent Tunçel

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
Constructing Schedules for Sports Leagues with Divisional and Round-robin Tournaments
Jeffrey Larson, Mikael Johansson

Nonlinear Optimization
An Interior-Point Trust-Funnel Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Nicholas I. M. Gould, Daniel P. Robinson, Philippe L. Toint

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
A Block Coordinate Variable Metric Forward-Backward Algorithm
Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Audrey Repetti

Nonlinear Optimization
Matrix-Free Solvers for Exact Penalty Subproblems
James V. Burke, Frank E. Curtis, Hao Wang, Jiashan Wang

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Conic approach to quantum graph parameters using linear optimization over the completely positive semidefinite cone
Monique Laurent, Teresa Piovesan

Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming
Cristian Dobre, Juan Vera

Applications — Science and Engineering
Directional Sensor Control: Heuristic Approaches
Shankarachary Ragi, Hans D Mittelmann, E. K. P. Chong

Other Topics
A branch-and-bound algorithm for convex multi-objective Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming Problems
Valentina Cacchiani, Claudia D'Ambrosio

Applications — OR and Management Sciences
A Distributed Framework for Coordinated Heavy-duty Vehicle Platooning
Jeffrey Larson, Kuo-Yun Liang, Karl H. Johansson

Robust Optimization
Robust optimization based self scheduling of hydro-thermal Genco in smart grids
Alireza Soroudi

Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization
Solving piecewise linear equations in abs-normal form
Andreas Griewank, Jens-Uwe Bernt, Manuel Radons, Tom Streubel

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