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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2002

January 2002

The Maximum Box Problem and its Application to Data Analysis
Jonathan Eckstein, Peter L. Hammer, Ying Liu, Mikhail S. Nediak, Bruno Simeone

Graphs and Matroids
A New Trust Region Technique for the Maximum Weight Clique Problem
Stanislav Busygin

Graphs and Matroids
Treewidth: Computational Experiments
Arie M.C.A. Koster, Hans L. Bodlaender, Stan P.M. van Hoesel

Reformulating Linear Programs with Transportation Constraints -- with Applications to Workforce Scheduling
Oktay Gunluk, Tolga Cezik

March 2002

A hybrid improvement heuristic for the one-dimensional bin packing problem
Adriana C. Alvim, Celso Ribeiro, Fred Glover, Dario J. Aloise

A GRASP heuristic for the capacitated minimum spanning tree problem using a memory-based local search strategy
Mauricio C. Souza, Christophe Duhamel, Celso C. Ribeiro

A Note on Approximating the 2-Catalog Segmentation Problem
Dachuan Xu, Yinyu Ye, Jiawei Zhang

April 2002

Graphs and Matroids
Solving Stability Problems on a Superclass of Interval Graphs
Carlo Mannino, Gianpaolo Oriolo

May 2002

Clique Family Inequalities for the Stable Set Polytope of Quasi-Line Graphs
gianpaolo oriolo

June 2002

Fractional Packing of T-joins
Francisco Barahona

Meta Heuristics
Randomized heuristics for the MAX-CUT problem
P. Festa, P. M. Pardalos, M. G. C. Resende, C. C. Ribeiro

July 2002

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Two-connected networks with rings of bounded cardinality
Bernard Fortz, Martine Labbé

Graphs and Matroids
On graphs with stability number equal to the optimal value of a convex quadratic program
Domingos M. Cardoso

Lagrangian Smoothing Heuristic for Max-Cut
Hernán Alperin, Ivo Nowak

August 2002

Graphs and Matroids
An (n-2)-dimensional Quadratic Surface Determining All Cliques and a Least Square Formulation for the Maximum Clique Problem
Stanislav Busygin

October 2002

Facets of a polyhedron closely related to the integer knapsack-cover problem
David R. Mazur, Leslie A. Hall

Abilio Lucena, Mauricio G. C. Resende

November 2002

Domination Analysis of Combinatorial Optimization Problems.
Gregory Gutin, Alek Vainshtein, Anders Yeo

December 2002

Graphs and Matroids
A Simple Clique Camouflaging Against Greedy Maximum Clique Heuristics
Stanislav Busygin

The stable set problem and the lift-and-project ranks of graphs
Laszlo Liptak, Levent Tuncel

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