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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2006

January 2006

Solving a combinatorial problem using a local optimization in ant based system
C-M. Pintea, D. Dumitrescu

Meta Heuristics
Zero-One Knapsack Problem and Genetic Algorithms
Shalin Shah

Hyperbolic Polynomials Approach to Van der Waerden/Schrijver-Valiant like Conjectures :\\ Sharper Bounds, Simpler Proofs and Algorithmic Applications
Leonid Gurvits

Finding the best root node strategy for the approximation of the time-indexed bound in min-sum scheduling
Yunpeng Pan, Leyuan Shi

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Dynamic Enumeration of All Mixed Cells
Tomohiko Mizutani, Akiko Takeda, Masakazu Kojima

A pricing problem under Monge property
Oktay Gunluk

March 2006

On the p-median polytope of a special class of graphs
Mourad Baiou, Francisco Barahona

The p-median polytope of restricted Y-graphs
Mourad Baiou, Francisco Barahona

On forests, stable sets and polyhedras associated with clique partitions
Denis Cornaz

Nonserial dynamic programming and local decomposition algorithms in discrete programming
Arnold Neumaier, Oleg Shcherbina

April 2006

Meta Heuristics
Approximate resolution of a resource-constrained scheduling problem
Renaud Sirdey, Jacques Carlier, Dritan Nace

Branch and Cut Algorithms
A branch-and-cut algorithm for a resource-constrained scheduling problem
Renaud Sirdey, Hervé L. M. Kerivin

May 2006

Improved bounds for the symmetric rendezvous search problem on the line
Q. Han, D. Du, J. C. Vera, L. F. Zuluaga

Graphs and Matroids
Copositive programming motivated bounds on the stability and the chromatic number
Igor Dukanovic, Franz Rendl

June 2006

The extreme points of QSTAB(G) and its implications
Arie M.C.A. Koster, Annegret K. Wagler

August 2006

Approximation Algorithms
Approximating the Radii of Point Sets
Kasturi Varadarajan, S Venkatesh, Yinyu Ye, Zhang Jiawei

September 2006

Approximation Algorithms
An Approximation Algorithm for Constructing Error Detecting Prefix Codes
Artur Pessoa

Graphs and Matroids
On the Lov\'{a}sz $\vartheta$-number of almost regular graphs with application to Erd\"os--R\'enyi graphs
Etienne De Klerk, Michael W. Newman, Dmitrii V. Pasechnik, Renata Sotirov

October 2006

Polyhedral combinatorics of a resource-constrained ordering problem part I: on the partial linear ordering polytope
Renaud Sirdey, Hervé Kerivin

Polyhedral combinatorics of a resource-constrained ordering problem part II: on the process move program polytope
Hervé Kerivin, Renaud Sirdey

New descriptions of the Lovász number and a Brooks-type theorem
Ujvári Miklós

Copositive and Semidefinite Relaxations of the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Janez Povh, Franz Rendl

December 2006

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation algorithms for metric tree cover and generalized tour and tree covers
Viet Hung Nguyen

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