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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2011

January 2011

Four new upper bounds for the stability number of a graph
Miklos Ujvari

A parametric active set method for quadratic programs with vanishing constraints
Christian Kirches, Andreas Potschka, Hans Georg Bock, Sebastian Sager

New Bounds for Restricted Isometry Constants in Low-rank Matrix Recovery
Lingchen Kong, Naihua Xiu

February 2011

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Branch-Cut-and-Propagate for the Maximum k-Colorable Subgraph Problem with Symmetry
Tim Januschowski, Marc E. Pfetsch

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Dippy -- a simplified interface for advanced mixed-integer programming
Michael O'Sullivan, Cameron Walker, Qi-Shan Lim, Stuart Mitchell

March 2011

Branch and Cut Algorithms
LP and SDP Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Minimum Graph Bisection Problem: A Computational Comparison
Michael Armbruster, Christoph Helmberg, Marzena Fuegenschuh, Alexander Martin

2-clique-bond of stable set polyhedra
Anna Galluccio, Claudio Gentile, Paolo Ventura

Polyhedral graph abstractions and an approach to the Linear Hirsch Conjecture
Edward D. Kim

Applications of the inverse theta number in stable set problems
Miklos Ujvari

April 2011

Efficient Solutions for the Far From Most String Problem
Paola Festa, Panos M. Pardalos

Meta Heuristics
On implementation of local search and genetic algorithm techniques for some combinatorial optimization problems
Anton Bondarenko

The Symmetric Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem
Anja Fischer, Christoph Helmberg

June 2011

Meta Heuristics
Multi-objective GRASP with path-relinking
Rafael Martí, Vicente Campos, Mauricio G. C. Resende, Abraham Duarte

July 2011

Branch and Cut Algorithms
An Improved Exact Algorithm for the First Player's Strategy in the Discrete One-round Voronoi Game
Marcos Costa Roboredo, Artur Alves Pessoa

Complexity results for the gap inequalities for the max-cut problem
Laura Galli, Konstantinos Kaparis, Adam N. Letchford

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Branch and cut algorithms for detecting critical nodes in undirected graphs
Marco Di Summa, Andrea Grosso, Marco Locatelli

Removing critical nodes from a graph: complexity results and polynomial algorithms for the case of bounded treewidth
Bernardetta Addis, Marco Di Summa, Andrea Grosso

September 2011

Facets for the Maximum Common Induced Subgraph Problem Polytope
Breno Piva, Cid de Souza

Approximation Algorithms
A General Framework for Designing Approximation Schemes for Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Many Objectives Combined Into One
Shashi Mittal, Andreas S. schulz

On Minimum Changeover Cost Arborescences
Stefano Gualandi, Giulia Galbiati, Francesco Maffioli

Meta Heuristics
COIN-OR METSlib: a Metaheuristics Framework in Modern C++.
Mirko Maischberger

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Interdiction Branching
Andrea Lodi, Ted Ralphs, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

October 2011

Improved Bounds for Large Scale Capacitated Arc Routing Problem
Rafael Martinelli, Marcus Poggi, Anand Subramanian

Optimal Toll Design: A Lower Bound Framework for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem
Alejandro Toriello

November 2011

Multiplically independent word systems
Miklós Ujvári

Approximation Algorithms
Approximating the Exponential, the Lanczos Method and an \tilde{O}(m)-Time Spectral Algorithm for Balanced Separator
Lorenzo Orecchia, Sushant Sachdeva, Nisheeth K. Vishnoi

Hybridizations of GRASP with path-relinking
Paola Festa, Mauricio G. C. Resende

Abraham Punnen, Santosh Kabadi

December 2011

The Asymmetric Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem
Anja Fischer

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