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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2013

January 2013

Meta Heuristics
A Continuous Characterization of the Maximum-Edge Biclique Problem
Nicolas Gillis, François Glineur

The Quest for Optimal Solutions for the Art Gallery Problem: a Practical Iterative Algorithm
D. C. Tozoni, P. J. de Rezende, C. C. de Souza

Meta Heuristics
Biased and unbiased random-key genetic algorithms: An experimental analysis
José F. Gonçalves, Mauricio G.C. Resende, Rodrigo F. Toso

Multidirectional Physarum Solver: an Innovative Bio-inspired Algorithm for Optimal Discrete Decision Making
Luca Masi, Massimiliano Vasile

February 2013

Equivalence of an Approximate Linear Programming Bound with the Held-Karp Bound for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Alejandro Toriello

Sebastian Pokutta, Mathieu Van Vyve

April 2013

Which Nonnegative Matrices Are Slack Matrices?
J. Gouveia, R. Grappe, V. Kaibel, K. Pashkovich, R. Z. Robinson, R. R. Thomas

2-Stage Robust MILP with continuous recourse variables
Alain Billionnet, Marie-Christine Costa, Pierre-Louis Poirion

Maxwell-Boltzmann and Bose-Einstein Distributions for the SAT Problem
Claudio Angione, Annalisa Occhipinti, Giuseppe Nicosia

Meta Heuristics
Solving the High School Timetabling Problem to optimality by using ILS algorithms
Landir Saviniec, Ademir Aparecido Constantino, Wesley Romão

May 2013

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Acceleration and Stabilization Techniques for Column Generation Applied to Capacitated Resource Management Problems
Alper Uygur

Handelman's hierarchy for the maximum stable set problem
Monique Laurent, Zhao Sun

July 2013

Approximation Algorithms
Multifit-based scheduling on uniform nonsimultaneous parallel machines
Liliana Grigoriu, Donald K. Friesen

Branch and Cut Algorithms
A branch and cut algorithm for minimum spanning trees under conflict constraints
Phillippe Samer, Sebastián Urrutia

Combinatorial Optimization with One Quadratic Term: Spanning Trees and Forests
Christoph Buchheim, Laura Klein

August 2013

Single-Machine Two-Agent Scheduling Problems with a Central Selection Mechanism
Alessandro Agnetis, Gaia Nicosia, Andrea Pacifici, Ulrich Pferschy

Meta Heuristics
Improved Bounds for the Traveling Umpire Problem: A Stronger Formulation and a Relax-and-Fix Heuristic
Lucas de Oliveira, Cid de Souza, Tallys Yunes

New RIC Bounds via l_q-minimization with 0
Shenglong Zhou, Lingchen Kong, Ziyan Luo, Naihua Xiu

September 2013

A Short Proof that the Extension Complexity of the Correlation Polytope Grows Exponentially
Volker Kaibel, Stefan Weltge

Branch and Cut Algorithms
On Solving a Hard Quadratic 3-Dimensional Assignment Problem
Hans D Mittelmann, Domenico Salvagnin

Ray Projection for Optimizing Polytopes with Prohibitively Many Constraints in Set-Covering Column Generation
Daniel Porumbel

November 2013

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Exact Algorithms for Arc and Node Routing Problems
Rafael Martinelli

A Practical Iterative Algorithm for the Art Gallery Problem using Integer Linear Programming
DC Tozoni, PJ de Rezende, CC de Souza

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms for the Incremental Knapsack Problem via Disjunctive Programming
Daniel Bienstock, Jay Sethuraman, Chun Ye

December 2013

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation of the Quadratic Knapsack Problem
Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer

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