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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2016

January 2016

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Online Learning for Strong Branching Approximation in Branch-and-Bound
Alejandro Marcos Alvarez, Louis Wehenkel, Quentin Louveaux

February 2016

Approximation Algorithms
Exploiting Optimization for Local Graph Clustering
Fountoulakis Kimon, Cheng Xiang, Shun Julian, Roosta-Khorasani Farbod, Mahoney Michael

Approximation Algorithms
Robust scheduling with budgeted uncertainty
Marinb Bougeret, Artur Pessoa, Michael Poss

A decomposition approach for single allocation hub location problems with multiple capacity levels
Borzou Rostami, Christopher Strothmann, Christoph Buchheim

The Quadratic Shortest Path Problem: Complexity, Approximability, and Solution Methods
Borzou Rostami, André Chassein, Michael Hopf, Davide Frey, Christoph Buchheim, Federico Malucelli, Marc Goerigk

March 2016

Exact Solution Methods for the $k$-item Quadratic Knapsack Problem
Lucas Letocart, Angelika Wiegele

A doubly nonnegative relaxation for modularity density maximization
Yoichi Izunaga, Tomomi Matsui, Yoshitsugu Yamamoto

Projection results for the k-partition problem
Jamie Fairbrother, Adam N. Letchford

A polyhedral study of the cardinality constrained multi-cycle and multi-chain problem on directed graphs for kidney exchange optimization
V Mak-Hau

Computational Study of Valid Inequalities for the Maximum k-Cut Problem
Vilmar Jefté Rodrigues de Sousa, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

Minimization and Maximization Versions of the Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem
Oswin Aichholzer, Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer, J. Fabian Meier, Ulrich Pferschy, Alexander Pilz, Rostislav Stanek

Graphs and Matroids
Matroid Optimisation Problems with Nested Non-linear Monomials in the Objective Function
Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer, S. Thomas McCormick

On the NP-Completeness of the Multi-Period Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Rosklin Chagas, Alexandre Cunha

April 2016

Combinatorial Benders Cuts for Assembly Line Balancing
Sener Akpinar, Atabak Elmi, Tolga Bektas

A Polyhedral Approach to Online Bipartite Matching
Alfredo Torrico, Shabbir Ahmed, Alejandro Toriello

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation Properties and Tight Bounds for Constrained Mixed-Integer Optimal Control
Christian Kirches, Felix Lenders

The Traveling Salesman Problem on Grids with Forbidden Neighborhoods
Anja Fischer, Philipp Hungerländer

May 2016

Introducing capacities in the location of unreliable facilities
José L. Sainz-Pardo, María Albarrada-Sambola, Mercedes Landete, Juan F. Monge

A Parametric Approach to the Pooling Problem
Radu Baltean-Lugojan, Ruth Misener

June 2016

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Branch-and-Cut approaches for p-Cluster Editing
Teobaldo Bulhões, Gilberto Sousa, Anand Subramanian, Lucídio Cabral

On the strength of the cycle relaxation for the boolean quadric polytope
Carla Michini

Meta Heuristics
Devolutionary Genetic Algorithms with Application to the Minimum Labeling Steiner Tree Problem
Nassim Dehouche

A dual-ascent-based branch-and-bound framework for the prize-collecting Steiner tree and related problems
Markus Leitner, Ivana Ljubic, Martin Luipersbeck, Markus Sinnl

Approximation Algorithms
A 2-approximation algorithm for the minimum knapsack problem with a forcing graph
Yotaro Takazawa, Shinji Mizuno

July 2016

Complete Description of Matching Polytopes with One Linearized Quadratic Term for Bipartite Graphs
Matthias Walter

Improved dynamic programming and approximation results for the knapsack problem with setups
Ulrich Pferschy, Rosario Scatamacchia

Facets for Node-Capacitated Multicut Polytopes from Path-Block Cycles with Two Common Nodes
Michael M. Sørensen

August 2016

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Extended Formulations and Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Black-and-White Traveling Salesman Problem
Luis Gouveia, Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair

September 2016

An Effective Dynamic Programming Algorithm for the Minimum-Cost Maximal Knapsack Packing
Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubic, Markus Sinnl

Branch and Cut Algorithms
An Exact Solution Framework for the Minimum Cost Dominating Tree Problem
Eduardo Alvarez-Miranda, Martin Luipersbeck, Markus Sinnl

October 2016

Novel formulations for general and security Stackelberg games
Carlos Casorrán, Bernard Fortz, Martine Labbé, Fernando Ordóñez

An exact approach for the 0–1 Knapsack Problem with Setups
Federico Della Croce, Fabio Salassa, Rosario Scatamacchia

November 2016

Approximation Algorithms
Linear-time approximation algorithms for minimum subset sum and subset sum
Liliana Grigoriu

December 2016

Special cases of the quadratic shortest path problem
Hao Hu, Renata Sotirov

The Min-up/Min-down Unit Commitment polytope
Pascale Bendotti, Pierre Fouilhoux, Cécile Rottner

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Polyhedral Results, Branch-and-cut and Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithms for the Adjacent Only Quadratic Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Dilson Pereira, Alexandre Cunha

On Dantzig figures from lexicographic orders
Akshay Gupte, Svetlana Poznanovic

Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for the Partition Coloring Problem
Fabio Furini, Enrico Malaguti, Alberto Santini

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