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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2018

December 2018

Approximation Algorithms
An LP-based approximation algorithm for the covering-type k-violation linear program
Yotaro Takazawa, Shinji Mizuno, Tomonari Kitahara

Approximation Algorithms
Approximate Positive Correlated Distributions and Approximation Algorithms for D-optimal Design
Mohit Singh, Weijun Xie

Approximation Algorithms
A class of spectral bounds for Max k-cut
Miguel F. Anjos, José Neto

January 2018

Facets from Gadgets
Adam N. Letchford, Anh N. Vu

Iterative weighted thresholding method for sparse solution of underdetermined linear equations
Wenxing Zhu, Zilin Huang, Jianli Chen, Zheng Peng

Staircase Compatibility and its Applications in Scheduling and Piecewise Linearization
Andreas Bärmann, Thorsten Gellermann, Maximilian Merkert, Oskar Schneider

Graphs and Matroids
The Clique Problem with Multiple-Choice Constraints under a Cycle-Free Dependency Graph
Andreas Bärmann, Patrick Gemander, Maximilian Merkert

A polynomial time algorithm for the linearization problem of the QSPP and its applications
Renata Sotirov, Hu Hao

A Notion of Total Dual Integrality for Convex, Semidefinite, and Extended Formulations
Marcel de Carli Silva, Levent Tunçel

March 2018

Branch and Cut Algorithms
A new formulation for the Hamiltonian p-median problem
Tolga Bektaş, Luís Gouveia, Daniel Santos

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Exploring the Numerics of Branch-and-Cut for Mixed Integer Linear Optimization
Matthias Miltenberger, Ted Ralphs, Dan Steffy

Approximation Algorithms for D-optimal Design
Mohit Singh, Weijun Xie

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Computing the Spark: Mixed-Integer Programming for the (Vector) Matroid Girth Problem
Andreas M. Tillmann

On the Consistent Path Problem
Leonardo Lozano, David Bergman, Cole Smith

April 2018

Parity Polytopes and Binarization
Dominik Ermel, Matthias Walter

Improving the linear relaxation of maximum $k$-cut with semidefinite-based constraints
Vilmar Jefté Rodrigues de Sousa, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

Approximation Algorithms
A linear bound on the integrality gap for Sum-Up Rounding in the presence of vanishing constraints
Paul Manns, Christian Kirches, Felix Lenders

May 2018

An Improved Flow-based Formulation and Reduction Principles for the Minimum Connectivity Inference Problem
Muhammad Abid Dar, Andreas Fischer, John Martinovic, Guntram Scheithauer

Minimum Diameter Color-Spanning Sets Revisited
Jonas Pruente

The Stable Set Problem: Clique and Nodal Inequalities Revisited
Adam N. Letchford, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

Approximation Algorithms
A new approximation algorithm for unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with release dates
Zhi Pei, Mingzhong Wan, Ziteng Wang

Optimal switching sequence for switched linear systems
Zeyang Wu, Qie He

Extended Formulations for Radial Cones
Matthias Walter, Stefan Weltge

June 2018

Approximation Algorithms
An Approximation Algorithm for Vehicle Routing with Compatibility Constraints
Miao Yu, Viswanath Nagarajan, Siqian Shen

Benders Decomposition for Very Large Scale Partial Set Covering and Maximal Covering Problems
Jean-françois Cordeau, Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubic

New facets for the consecutive ones polytope
Luigi De Giovanni, Laura Brentegani, Mattia Festa

July 2018

The sharpest column: stabilizing column generation for the bin packing problem via a lexicographic pricer
Stefano Coniglio, Fabio D’Andreagiovanni, Fabio Furini

Why is maximum clique often easy in practice?
Jose L. Walteros, Buchanan Austin

On a reduction of the weighted induced bipartite subgraph problem to the weighted independent set problem
Yotaro Takazawa, Shinji Mizuno

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Best case exponential running time of a branch-and-bound algorithm using an optimal semidefinite relaxation
Florian Jarre

August 2018

Efficient heuristic algorithm for identifying critical nodes in planar networks
Dalaijargal Purevusren, Gang Cui

On Lifted Cover Inequalities: A New Lifting Procedure with Unusual Properties
Adam N. Letchford, Georgia Souli

September 2018

Greedy Systems of Linear Inequalities and Lexicographically Optimal Solutions
Satoru Fujishige

October 2018

Mathematical models for stable matching problems with ties and incomplete lists
Maxence Delorme, Sergio García, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove, William Pettersson

Approximation Algorithms
An Efficient Linear Programming Based Method for the Influence Maximization Problem in Social Networks
Evren Güney

November 2018

On the use of the simplex method for a type of allocation problems
Yoshihiro Tanaka

A fast exact algorithm for discrete resource allocation with nested constraints
Zeyang Wu, Qie He, Kameng Nip

A Tutorial on Formulating QUBO Models
Fred Glover, Gary Kochenberger

December 2018

On prime and minimal representations of a face of a polyhedron
Ta Van Tu

An improved analysis for algorithms on cuts and scheduling
Simai He, Suyuan Luo, Haoyue Wang

Branch and Cut Algorithms
A New Extended Formulation with Valid Inequalities for the Capacitated Concentrator Location Problem
Massimo Di Francesco, Manlio Gaudioso, Enrico Gorgone, Ishwar Murthy

Approximation Algorithms
A faster FPTAS for counting two-rowed contingency tables
Tzvi Alon, Nir Halman

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