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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2020

January 2020

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Entropy Sampling Problem
Yongchun Li, Weijun Xie

On Modeling Local Search with Special-Purpose Combinatorial Optimization Hardware
Xiaoyuan Liu, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa, Avradip Mandal, Sarvagya Upadhyay, Ilya Safro, Arnab Roy

A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Minimum Sum Coloring Problem
Diego Delle Donne, Fabio Furini, Enrico Malaguti , Wolfler Calvo Roberto

February 2020

A new combinatorial branch-and-bound algorithm for the Knapsack Problem with Conflict Graph
Stefano Coniglio, Fabio Furini, Pablo San Segundo

A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Directed Steiner Tree Problem
Matias Siebert, Shabbir Ahmed, George Nemhauser

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Computational study of a branching algorithm for the maximum k-cut problem
Vilmar Jefte Rodrigues de Sousa, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

March 2020

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Complexity of cutting planes and branch-and-bound in mixed-integer optimization
Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Marco Di Summa, Hongyi Jiang

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Split cuts in the plane
Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Marco Di Summa, Hongyi Jiang

Improving solve times of stable matching problems through preprocessing
William Pettersson, Maxence Delorme, Sergio García, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, David Manlove

Dynamic Node Packing
Christopher Muir, Alejandro Toriello

April 2020

On the exact solution of prize-collecting Steiner tree problems
Daniel Rehfeldt, Thorsten Koch

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Sparse Regression at Scale: Branch-and-Bound rooted in First-Order Optimization
Hussein Hazimeh, Rahul Mazumder, Ali Saab

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Solving the distance-based critical node problem
Hosseinali Salemi, Austin Buchanan

Approximation Algorithms
The Multi-Stop Station Location Problem
Felix J. L. Willamowski, Miriam Ganz, Erik Mühmer

May 2020

Submodular Function Minimization and Polarity
Alper Atamturk, Vishnu Narayanan

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Improved Formulations and Branch-and-cut Algorithms for the Angular Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Alexandre Salles da Cunha

June 2020

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Decomposition-based algorithms for the crew scheduling and routing problem in road restoration
Alfredo Moreno, Pedro Munari, Douglas Alem

Generalized preprocessing techniques for Steiner tree and maximum-weight connected subgraph problems
Daniel Rehfeldt, Thorsten Koch

July 2020

Approximation Algorithms
Selective Maximum Coverage and Set Packing
Felix J.L. Willamowski, Björn Tauer

An Almost Exact Solution to the Min Completion Time Variance in a Single Machine
Stefano Nasini, Rabia Nessah

August 2020

Optimal Connected Subgraphs: Formulations and Algorithms
Daniel Reheldt, Henriette Franz, Thorsten Koch

Approximate Submodularity and Its Implications in Discrete Optimization
Temitayo Ajayi, Taewoo Lee, Andrew Schaefer

A branch-and-cut algorithm for the Edge Interdiction Clique Problem
Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubić, Pablo San Segundo, Yanlu Zhao

September 2020

A Column Generation Based Heuristic for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Pedro Munari, Martin Savelsbergh

The Bipartite Boolean Quadric Polytope with Multiple-Choice Constraints
Andreas Bärmann, Alexander Martin, Oskar Schneider

October 2020

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Improved Branch-and-Cut for the Inventory Routing Problem Based on a Two-Commodity Flow Formulation
Eleftherios G. Manousakis, Panagiotis Repoussis, Emmanouil Zachariadis, Christos Tarantilis

Compact Integer Linear Programming Formulations for the Temporal Bin Packing Problem with Fire-Ups
John Martinovic, Nico Strasdat, Maximilian Selch

November 2020

A modern POPMUSIC matheuristic for the capacitated vehicle routing problem
Eduardo Queiroga, Ruslan Sadykov, Eduardo Uchoa

The Price of Anarchy in Series-Parallel NetworkCongestion Games
Bainian Hao, Carla Michini

December 2020

Implications, conflicts, and reductions for Steiner trees
Daniel Reheldt, Thorsten Koch

Graphs and Matroids
On Recognizing Staircase Compatibility
Andreas Bärmann, Patrick Gemander, Alexander Martin, Maximilian Merkert

Planar Maximum Coverage Location Problem with Partial Coverage, Continuous Spatial Demand, and Adjustable Quality of Service
Manish Bansal, Parshin Shojaee

A new branch-and-filter exact algorithm for binary constraint satisfaction problems
Pablo San Segundo, Fabio Furini, Rafael León

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