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Combinatorial Optimization Submissions - 2021

January 2021

Graph Coloring with Decision Diagrams
W.-J. van Hoeve

Local search and swapping strategies. Challenging the greedy outcome for the maximization of a polymatroid subject to a cardinality constraint
Mirco Soffritti

February 2021

Set characterizations and convex extensions for geometric convex-hull proofs
Andreas Bärmann, Oskar Schneider

Meta Heuristics
An adaptive and near parameter-free BRKGA using Reinforcement Learning
Antonio Chaves, Luiz Henrique Lorena

March 2021

Sequential Competitive Facility Location: Exact and Approximate Algorithms
Mingyao Qi, Ruiwei Jiang, Siqian Shen

Finite convergence of sum-of-squares hierarchies for the stability number of a graph
Luis Felipe Vargas, Monique Laurent

Branch and Cut Algorithms
Lower Bounds on the Size of General Branch-and-Bound Trees
Santanu S. Dey, Yatharth Dubey, Marco Molinaro

Characterizing Linearizable QAPs by the Level-1 Reformulation-Linearization Technique
Lucas Waddell, Warren Adams

April 2021

Solving Bang-Bang Problems Using The Immersed Interface Method and Integer Programming
Ryan Vogt, Sarah Strikwerda

Boole-Bonferroni Inequalities to Approximately Determine Optimal Arrangements
Bismark Singh

May 2021

A Separation Algorithm for the Simple Plant Location Problem
Laura Galli, Adam N. Letchford

Graphs and Matroids
Algorithms for the Clique Problem with Multiple-Choice Constraints under a Series-Parallel Dependency Graph
Andreas Bärmann, Patrick Gemander, Maximilian Merkert, Ann-Kathrin Wiertz, Francisco Javier Zaragoza Martínez

June 2021

Graphs and Matroids
Graph Signatures: Identification and Optimization
Balabhaskar Balasundaram, Juan Borrero, Hao Pan

July 2021

Dealing with inequality constraints in large scale semidefinite relaxations for graph coloring and maximum clique problems
Federico Battista, Marianna De Santis

Polyhedral Analysis of a Polytope from a Service Center Location Problem with a Special Decision-Dependent Customer Demand
Fengqiao Luo

August 2021

Solving Graph Partitioning on Sparse Graphs: Cuts, Projections, and Extended Formulations
Demetrios Papazaharias, Jose Walteros

Graphs and Matroids
Interdicting Low-Diameter Cohesive Subgroups in Large-Scale Social Networks
Niloufar Daemi, Juan Borrero, Balabhaskar Balasundaram

September 2021

Graphs and Matroids
New IP-based lower bounds for small Ramsey numbers using circulant graphs
Fabio Furini, Ivana Ljubic, Pablo San Segundo

Approximation Algorithms
A fully polynomial time approximation scheme for the probability maximizing shortest path problem
Jisun Lee, Seulgi Joung, Kyungsik Lee

On the generation of Metric TSP instances with a large integrality gap by branch-and-cut.
Eleonora Vercesi, Stefano Gualandi, Monaldo Mastrolilli, Luca Maria Gambardella

October 2021

A Sum of Squares Characterization of Perfect Graphs
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Cemil Dibek

November 2021

Simple odd beta-cycle inequalities for binary polynomial optimization
Alberto Del Pia, Matthias Walter

The Price of Anarchy in Series-Parallel NetworkCongestion Games with Polynomial Delays
Bainian Hao, Carla Michini

December 2021

Approximation Algorithms
Approximation algorithm for the two-stage stochastic set multicover problem with simple resource
Yotaro Takazawa

Facets of the Total Matching Polytope for bipartite graphs
Luca Ferrarini

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