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Complementarity and Variational Inequalities Submissions - 2002

May 2002

The Penalty Interior Point Method fails to converge for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Sven Leyffer

Local convergence of SQP methods for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Roger Fletcher, Sven Leyffer, Danny Ralph, Stefan Scholtes

August 2002

Numerical experience with solving MPECs as NLPs
Roger Fletcher, Sven Leyffer

A new path-following algorithm for nonlinear P_* complementarity problems
Yun-Bin Zhao, Duan Li

September 2002

A stable homotopy approach to horizontal linear complementarity problems
Daniel Ralph

December 2002

A semidefinite programming heuristic for quadratic programming problems with complementarity constraints
Stephen Braun, John E. Mitchell

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