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Complementarity and Variational Inequalities Submissions - 2015

January 2015

On the cone eigenvalue complementarity problem for higher-order tensors
Chen Ling, Hongjin He, Liqun Qi

On the Iteration Complexity of Some Projection Methods for Monotone Linear Variational Inequalities
Caihua Chen, Xiaoling Fu, Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Convergence Conditions for Newton-type Methods Applied to Complementarity Systems with Nonisolated Solutions
Andreas Fischer, Markus Herrich, Alexey F. Izmailov, Mikhail V. Solodov

March 2015

Global convergence of sequential injective algorithm for weakly univalent vector equation: application to regularized smoothing Newton algorithm
Shunsuke Hayashi

Projected Reflected Gradient Methods for Monotone Variational Inequalities
Yura Malitsky

September 2015

A new explicit iterative algorithm for solving split variational inclusion and fixed point problem for the infinite family of nonexpansive operators
Cuijie Zhang, Zhihui Xu

A Practical Scheme to Compute Pessimistic Bilevel Optimization Problem
Bo Zeng

October 2015

The Lyapunov rank of an improper cone
Michael Orlitzky

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