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Complementarity and Variational Inequalities Submissions - 2018

February 2018

Semipositivity of matrices and linear maps relative to proper cones
Chandrashekaran Arumugasamy, Sachindranath Jayaraman, Vatsalkumar Mer

April 2018

On Integer and MPCC Representability of Affine Sparsity
Hongbo Dong

May 2018

Golden Ratio Algorithms for Variational Inequalities
Yura Malitsky

A Special Complementarity Function Revisited
Roger Behling, Andreas Fischer, Klaus Schönefeld, Nico Strasdat

June 2018

A lower bound on the iterative complexity of the Harker and Pang globalization technique of the Newton-min algorithm for solving the linear complementarity problem
Jean-Pierre Dussault, Mathieu Frappier, Jean Charles Gilbert

July 2018

Weighted LCPs and interior point systems for copositive linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras
M. S. Gowda

August 2018

Conditional Extragradient Algorithms for Solving Constrained Variational Inequalities
Yunier Bello-Cruz, R. Diaz Millan, Hung M. Phan

September 2018

An algorithmic characterization of P-matricity II: adjustments, refinements, and validation
Ibtihel Ben Gharbia, Jean Charles Gilbert

December 2018

A Piecewise Convexification Method for Solving Bilevel Programs with A Nonconvex Follower's Problem
Gaoxi Li

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