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Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization Submissions - 2002

January 2002

Convex Optimization
A New Self-Dual Embedding Method for Convex Programming
Shuzhong Zhang

February 2002

Convex Optimization
A new class of proximal interior-point methods for optimization under positivity constraints
Gilvan L. Oliveira, Paulo R. Oliveira

Convex Optimization
The method of reflection-projection for convex feasibility problems with an obtuse cone
Heinz Bauschke, Serge Kruk

March 2002

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
Optimality Conditions for Vector Optimization with Set-Valued Maps
Yongwei Huang

April 2002

Convex Optimization
A characterization of the distance to infeasibility under block-structured perturbations
Javier Pena

Convex Optimization
A new class of potential affine algorithms for linear convex programming
A. W. Martins Pinto, P. Roberto Oliveira, J.. Xavier da Cruz Neto

Convex Optimization
A primal-dual symmetric relaxation for homogeneous conic systems
Juan Vera, Juan Rivera, Javier Pena

Convex Optimization
PENNON - A Code for Convex Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming
Michal Kocvara, Michael Stingl

May 2002

Nonsmooth Optimization
Combinatorial Structures in Nonlinear Programming
Stefan Scholtes

June 2002

Nonsmooth Optimization
A new exact penalty function
Waltraud Huyer, Arnold Neumaier

July 2002

On differentiability of symmetric matrix valued functions
Alexander Shapiro

On a class of nonsmooth composite functions
Alexander Shapiro

Analysis of a Path Following Method for Nonsmooth Convex Programs
Sanjay Mehrotra, Muhittin Ozevin

Nonsmooth Optimization
Minimizing nonconvex nonsmooth functions via cutting planes and proximity control
Antonio Fuduli, Manlio Gaudioso, Giovanni Giallombardo

September 2002

Convex Optimization
A primal affine-scaling algorithm for constrained convex programs
Clovis C. Gonzaga, Luiz A. Carlos

October 2002

Convex Optimization
''Cone-Free'' Primal-Dual Path-Following and Potential Reduction Polynomial Time Interior-Point Methods
Arkadi Nemirovski, Levent Tuncel

Convex Optimization
Using selective orthonormalization to update the analytic center after the addition of multiple cuts
John E Mitchell, Srinivasan Ramaswamy

Convex Optimization
A Conic Programming Approach to Generalized Tchebycheff Inequalities
Luis Zuluaga, Javier Pena

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