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Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization Submissions - 2003

January 2003

Nonsmooth Optimization
A DC piecewise affine model and a bundling technique in nonconvex nonsmooth minimization
Antonio Fuduli, Manlio Gaudioso, Giovanni Giallombardo

Recursive Approximation of the High Dimensional Max Function
Ilker Birbil, Shu-chern Fang, Hans Frenk, Shuzhong Zhang

March 2003

Convex Optimization
On the closedness of the linear image of a closed convex cone. Part I: necessary and sufficient conditions for nice cones, and core separation
Gabor Pataki

April 2003

Nonsmooth Optimization
The mathematics of eigenvalue optimization
Adrian Lewis

An interior point cutting plane method for convex feasibility problem with second-order cone inequalities
Mohammad R. Oskoorouchi, Jean-Louis Goffin

May 2003

Convex Optimization
LMI approximations for cones of positive semidefinite forms
Luis Zuluaga, Juan Vera, Javier Pena

Nonsmooth Optimization
Characterizations of error bounds for lower semicontinuous functions on metric spaces
Dominique Az, Jean-Nol Corvellec

Convex Optimization
Conic systems and sublinear mappings: equivalent approaches
Javier Pena

June 2003

Convex Optimization
Finding the projection of a point onto the intersection of convex sets via projections onto halfspaces
L.M. Bregman, Y. Censor, S. Reich, Y. Zepkowitz-Malachi

August 2003

Convex Optimization
Convergence of string-averaging projection schemes for inconsistent convex feasibility problems
Yair Censor, Eli Tom

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
Convex- and Monotone- Transformable Mathematical Programming Problems and a Proximal-Like Point Method
J. X. da Cruz Neto, O. P. Ferreira, L. R. Lucambio Perez, S. Z. Nemeth

September 2003

Convex Optimization
On the block-structured distance to non-surjectivity of sublinear mappings
Javier Pena

Convex Optimization
The structured distance to ill-posedness for conic systems
Adrian Lewis

October 2003

Nonsmooth Optimization
A Robust Gradient Sampling Algorithm for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex Optimization
James V. Burke, Adrian S. Lewis, Michael L. Overton

December 2003

Convex Optimization
Convergence rate estimates for the gradient differential inclusion
Osman Guler

Convex Optimization
Duality of Linear Conic Problems
Alexander Shapiro, Arkadi Nemirovski

Nonsmooth Optimization
Weak Stationarity: Eliminating the Gap between Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
Alexander Kruger

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