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Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization Submissions - 2011

January 2011

Convex Optimization
Target-following framework for symmetric cone programming
Chek Beng Chua

Convex Optimization
Piecewise quadratic approximations in convex numerical optimization
Annabella Astorino, Antonio Frangioni, Manlio Gaudioso, Enrico Gorgone

Nonsmooth Optimization
Error bounds for vector-valued functions: necessary and sufficient conditions
Ewa Bednarczuk, Alexander Kruger

Convex Optimization
On Implementing a Homogeneous Interior-Point Algorithm for Nonsymmetric Conic Optimization
Anders Skajaa, John Bagterp Jørgensen, Per Christian Hansen

Convex Optimization
Double Smoothing Technique for Convex Optimization Problems in Hilbert Spaces with Applications to Optimal Control
Olivier Devolder, François Glineur, Yurii Nesterov

Convex Optimization
Convexity Conditions of Kantorovich Function and Related Semi-infinite Linear Matrix Inequalities
Yun-Bin Zhao

February 2011

Nonsmooth Optimization
An Alternating Direction Algorithm for Matrix Completion with Nonnegative Factors
Yangyang Xu, Wotao Yin, Zaiwen Wen, Yin Zhang

Convex Optimization
There is no variational characterization of the cycles in the method of periodic projections
J.-B. Baillon, P. L. Combettes, R. Cominetti

Nonsmooth Optimization
Mert Gurbuzbalaban, Michael L. Overton

Nonsmooth Optimization
On Nesterov's Nonsmooth Chebyschev-Rosenbrock Functions
Mert Gurbuzbalaban, Michael L. Overton

Nonsmooth Optimization
The dimension of semialgebraic subdifferential graphs.
Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Alexander D. Ioffe, Adrian S. Lewis

Optimal Distributed Online Prediction using Mini-Batches
Ofer Dekel, Ran Gilad-Bachrach, Ohad Shamir, Lin Xiao

March 2011

Nonsmooth Optimization
Use of quadratic models with mesh adaptive direct search for constrained black box optimization
Andrew R Conn, Sébastien Le Digabel

Projection methods in conic optimization
Didier Henrion, Jerome Malick

On the Moreau-Yosida regularization of the vector k-norm related functions
Bin Wu, Chao Ding, Defeng Sun, Kim-Chuan Toh

April 2011

Iteration-Complexity of a Newton Proximal Extragradient Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities and Inclusion Problems
Renato DC Monteiro, Benar F Svaiter

Convex Optimization
Monotonicity recovering and accuracy preserving optimization methods for postprocessing finite element solutions
Oleg Burdakov, Ivan Kapyrin, Yuri Vassilevski

On partially sparse recovery
A. S. Bandeira, K. Scheinberg, L. N. Vicente

Computation of sparse low degree interpolating polynomials and their application to derivative-free optimization
A. S. Bandeira, K. Scheinberg, L. N. Vicente

Level methods uniformly optimal for composite and structured nonsmooth convex optimization
Guanghui Lan

Nonsmooth Optimization
Donald Goldfarb , Katya Scheinberg

Group Sparse Optimization by Alternating Direction Method
Wei Deng, Wotao Yin, Yin Zhang

Nonsmooth Optimization
Explicit Solutions for Root Optimization of a Polynomial Family with One Affine Constraint
Vincent D. Blondel, Mert Gurbuzbalaban, Alexander Megretski, Michael L. Overton

Convex Optimization
A Sparsity Preserving Stochastic Gradient Method for Composite Optimization
Qihang Lin, Xi Chen, Javier Pena

Convex Optimization
An Infeasible-Point Subgradient Algorithm Using Approximate Projections
Andreas M. Tillmann, Dirk A. Lorenz, Marc E. Pfetsch

May 2011

Convex Optimization
Structured Sparsity via Alternating Directions Methods
Zhiwei (Tony) Qin, Donald Goldfarb

Reduce-or-Retreat Methods in Optimization
Adam Levy

An Accelerated Hybrid Proximal Extragradient Method for Convex Optimization and its Implications to Second-Order Methods
Renato D C Monteiro, Benar F Svaiter

Implementation of a block-decomposition algorithm for solving large-scale conic semidefinite programming problems
Renato D. C. Monteiro, Camilo Ortiz, Benar B. F. Svaiter

Nonsmooth Optimization
Dependence of bilevel programming on irrelevant data
Stephan Dempe, Sebastian Lohse

Integration formulas via the Legendre-Fenchel Subdifferential of nonconvex functions
Rafael Correa, Garcia Yboon, Abderrahim Hantoute

Positive polynomials on unbounded equality-constrained domains
Javier Pena, Juan Vera, Luis Zuluaga

June 2011

Generalized Bundle Methods for Sum-Functions with ``Easy'' Components: Applications to Multicommodity Network Design
Antonio Frangioni, Enrico Gorgone

Convex Optimization
Clóvis C. Gonzaga, Elizabeth W. Karas, Diane R. Rossetto

Sufficient Conditions for Low-rank Matrix Recovery,Translated from Sparse Signal Recovery
Lingchen Kong, Levent Tun¸cel:, Naihua Xiu

On Penalty and Gap Function Methods for Bilevel Equilibrium Problems
Bui Van Dinh, Le Dung Muu

Convex Optimization
A lower bound on the optimal self-concordance parameter of convex cones
Roland Hildebrand

Accelerated Linearized Bregman Method
Bo Huang, Shiqian Ma, Donald Goldfarb

July 2011

Convex Optimization
Iteration Complexity of Randomized Block-Coordinate Descent Methods for Minimizing a Composite Function
Peter Richtarik, Martin Takac

Nonsmooth Optimization
The mesh adaptive direct search algorithm with treed Gaussian process surrogates
Robert B. Gramacy, Sébastien Le Digabel

Fast First-Order Methods for Stable Principal Component Pursuit
Necdet Serhat Aybat, Donald Goldfarb, Garud Iyengar

Nonsmooth Optimization
Approximation of rank function and its application to the nearest low-rank correlation matrix
shujun Bi, shaohua Pan

Nonsmooth Optimization
Infeasible-Point Subgradient Algorithm and Computational Solver Comparison for l1-Minimization
Dirk A. Lorenz, Marc E. Pfetsch, Andreas M. Tillmann

Convex Optimization
{Manifold Identification in Dual Averaging for Regularized Stochastic Online Learning
Sangkyun Lee, Stephen Wright

Convex Optimization
A quadratically convergent Newton method for vector optimization
L. M. Grana Drummond, F. M. P. Raupp, B. F. Svaiter

August 2011

Convex Optimization
Twice differentiable characterizations of convexity notions for functions on full dimensional convex sets
Oliver Stein

Convex Optimization
Efficient Serial and Parallel Coordinate Descent Methods for Huge-Scale Truss Topology Design
Peter Richtarik, Martin Takac

Convex Optimization
A Complementarity Partition Theorem for Multifold Conic Systems
Javier Peña, Vera Roshchina

An Alternating Direction Method for Total Variation Denoising
Zhiwei (Tony) Qin, Donald Goldfarb, Shiqian Ma

Nonsmooth Optimization
Inexact and accelerated proximal point algorithms
Saverio Salzo, Silvia Villa

Accelerated and Inexact forward-backward algorithms
Silvia Villa, Saverio Salzo, Luca Baldassarre, Alessandro Verri

Convex Optimization
On smooth relaxations of obstacle sets
Oliver Stein, Paul Steuermann

Convex Optimization
Generalized Forward-Backward Splitting
Hugo Raguet, Jalal Fadili, Gabriel Peyré

Convex Optimization
A relaxed customized proximal point algorithm for separable convex programming
Cai Xingju, Gu Guoyong, He Bingsheng, Yuan Xiaoming

September 2011

Convex Optimization
An inexact accelerated proximal gradient method for large scale linearly constrained convex SDP
K.F. Jiang, D.F. Sun, K.C. Toh

Convex Optimization
On the O(1/t) convergence rate of alternating direction method
Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Convex Optimization
Multi-target Linear-quadratic control problem: semi-infinite interval
L. Faybusovich, T Mouktonglang

Convex Optimization
Decomposition methods based on projected gradient for network equilibrium problems
Andrea Cassioli, David Di Lorenzo, Marco Sciandrone

Convex Optimization
A First Order Method for Finding Minimal Norm-Like Solutions of Convex Optimization Problems
Amir Beck, Shoham Sabach

On the connection of facially exposed, and nice cones
Gabor Pataki

October 2011

Convex Optimization
Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Gaussian Back Substitution for Separable Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Nonsmooth Optimization
An Adaptive Gradient Sampling Algorithm for Nonsmooth Optimization
Frank Curtis, Xiaocun Que

Subdifferential of the conjugate function in general Banach spaces
Rafael Correa, Abderrahim Hantoute

Nonsmooth Optimization
Partial Smoothness,Tilt Stability, and Generalized Hessians
Adrian Lewis, Shanshan Zhang

Nonsmooth Optimization
Alain B. Zemkoho

Convex Optimization
Customized proximal point algorithms for linearly constrained convex minimization and saddle-point problems: a uniform approach
Guoyong Gu, Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

November 2011

Nonsmooth Optimization
Optimization problems with value function objectives
Alain B. Zemkoho

Nonsmooth Optimization
Sensitivity analysis for two-level value functions with applications to bievel programming
Stephan Dempe, Boris S. Mordukhovich, Alain B. Zemkoho

Nonsmooth Optimization
New optimality conditions for the semivectorial bilevel optimization problem
Stephan Dempe, Nazih Gadhi, Alain B. Zemkoho

Nonsmooth Optimization
A First-Order Smoothing Technique for a Class of Large-Scale Linear Programs
Jieqiu Chen, Sam Burer

Convex Optimization
Lifts of Convex Sets and Cone Factorizations
João Gouveia, Pablo A. Parrilo, Rekha R. Thomas

Convex Optimization
A Complete Characterization of the Gap between Convexity and SOS-Convexity
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Pablo A Parrilo

December 2011

Nonsmooth Optimization
Subdifferentials of nonconvex supremum functions and their applications to semi-infinite and infinite programs with Lipschitzian data
Boris Mordukhovich, Nghia Tran

Convex Optimization
A randomized Mirror-Prox method for solving structured large-scale matrix saddle-point problems
Michel Baes, Michael Bürgisser, Arkadi Nemirovski

Convex Optimization
Hedge algorithm and Dual Averaging schemes
Michel Baes, Michael Bürgisser

DC approach to regularity of convex multifunctions with applications to infinite systems
Boris Mordukhovich, Nghia Tran

On convergence rate of the Douglas-Rachford operator splitting method
Bingsheng He, Xiaoming Yuan

Nonsmooth Optimization
Optimizing convex functions over nonconvex sets
Daniel Bienstock, Alexander Michalka

Convex Optimization
Continuous convex sets and zero duality gap for convex programs
Emil ERNST, Michel VOLLE

Convex Optimization
Zero duality gap for convex programs: a general result
Emil ERNST, Michel VOLLE

Convex Optimization
Closed means continuous iff polyhedral: a converse of the GKR theorem

A primal-dual splitting method for convex optimization involving Lipschitzian, proximable and linear composite terms
Laurent Condat

Nonsmooth Optimization
Error bounds for vector-valued functions on metric spaces
Ewa M. Bednarczuk, Alexander Y. Kruger

Nonsmooth Optimization
Stationarity and regularity of infinite collections of sets
Alexander Y. Kruger, Marco A. López

Nonsmooth Optimization
Stationarity and regularity of infinite collections of sets. Applications to infinitely constrained optimization
Alexander Y. Kruger, Marco A. López

Nonsmooth Optimization
About error bounds in metric spaces
Marian J. Fabian, Rene Henrion, Alexander Y. Kruger, Jirı V. Outrata

Nonsmooth Optimization
Some remarks on stability of generalized equations
Rene Henrion, Alexander Y. Kruger, Jirı V. Outrata

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