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Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization Submissions - 2015

December 2015

Solving ill-posed bilevel programs
Alain B. Zemkoho

January 2015

A remark on accelerated block coordinate descent for computing the proximity operators of a sum of convex functions
Antonin Chambolle, Thomas Pock

Convex Optimization
Communication-Efficient Distributed Optimization of Self-Concordant Empirical Loss
Yuchen Zhang, Lin Xiao

An optimal subgradient algorithm for large-scale bound-constrained convex optimization
Masoud Ahookhosh, Arnold Neumaier

An optimal subgradient algorithm for large-scale convex optimization in simple domains
Masoud Ahookhosh, Arnold Neumaier

Convex Optimization
{ADMM for Convex Quadratic Programs: Linear Convergence and Infeasibility Detection}
Arvind U. Raghunathan, Stefano Di Cairano

Nonsmooth Optimization
Regularity of collections of sets and convergence of inexact alternating projections
Alexander Y. Kruger, Nguyen H. Thao

Convex Optimization
An improved version of Chubanov's method for solving a homogeneous feasibility problem
Kees Roos

Nonsmooth Optimization
Trust-region methods without using derivatives: Worst case complexity and the non-smooth case
R. Garmanjani, D. Júdice, L. N. Vicente

Convex Optimization
A note on the ergodic convergence of symmetric alternating proximal gradient method
Gao Bin

Nonsmooth Optimization
Metric subregularity of composition set-valued mappings with applications to fixed point theory
Durea Marius, Strugariu Radu

February 2015

The Cyclic Block Conditional Gradient Method for Convex Optimization Problems
Amir Beck, Edouard Pauwels, Shoham Sabach

A dynamic approach to a proximal-Newton method for monotone inclusions in Hilbert spaces, with complexity $\bigo(1/n^2)$
Hedy Attouch, Maicon Marques Alves, Benar F. Svaiter

Nonlinear Metric Subregularity
Alexander Y. Kruger

March 2015

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
Inexact Proximal Point Methods for Quasiconvex Minimization on Hadamard Manifolds
Nancy Baygorrea, Erik Papa Quiroz, Nelson Maculan

A Three-Operator Splitting Scheme and its Optimization Applications
Damek Davis, Wotao Yin

Polynomial Root Radius Optimization with Affine Constraints
Julia Eaton, Sara Grundel, Mert Gurbuzbalaban, Michael L. Overton

Convex Optimization
Smooth Strongly Convex Interpolation and Exact Worst-case Performance of First-order Methods
A.B. Taylor, J.M. Hendrickx, F. Glineur

Performance of First- and Second-Order Methods for Big Data Optimization
Kimon Fountoulakis, Jacek Gondzio

Activity Identification and Local Linear Convergence of Inertial Forward-Backward Splitting
Jingwei Liang, Jalal Fadili, Gabriel Peyré

Parallel Block Coordinate Minimization with Application to Group Regularized Regression
Giuseppe Calafiore

Convex Optimization
Convergence rate of a proximal multiplier algorithm for separable convex optimization
Orlando Sarmiento, Erik Papa Quiroz, Paulo Oliveira

Nonsmooth Optimization
A Nonmonotone Approach without Differentiability Test for Gradient Sampling Methods
Elias S. Helou, Sandra A. Santos, Lucas E. A. Simões

A polynomial-time descent method for separable convex optimization problems with linear constraints
Sergei Chubanov

Convex Optimization
A Flexible ADMM Algorithm for Big Data Applications
Daniel Robinson, Rachael Tappenden

Nonsmooth Optimization
A weighted Mirror Descent algorithm for nonsmooth convex optimization problem
Duy V.N. Luong, Panos Parpas, Daniel Rueckert, Berc Rustem

An $O(n\log(n))$ algorithm for projecting onto the ordered weighted $\ell_1$ norm ball
Damek Davis

April 2015

An optimal subgradient algorithm with subspace search for costly convex optimization problems
Masoud Ahookhosh, Arnold Neumaier

Iteration Complexity Analysis of Multi-Block ADMM for a Family of Convex Minimization without Strong Convexity
Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang

Convex Optimization
New results on subgradient methods for strongly convex optimization problems with a unified analysis
Ito Masaru

Convex Optimization
Lower Bounds on Complexity of Lyapunov Functions for Switched Linear Systems
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Raphael Jungers

Convex Optimization
Linearly Convergent Away-Step Conditional Gradient for Non-strongly Convex Functions
Amir Beck, Shimrit Shtern

Preconditioning of a Generalized Forward-Backward Splitting and Application to Optimization on Graphs
Hugo Raguet, Loïc Landrieu

Convex Optimization
Some Applications of Polynomial Optimization in Operations Research and Real-Time Decision Making
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Anirudha Majumdar

Nonsmooth Optimization
An O(1/K) Convergence Rate for the BOSVS Algorithm in Total Variation Regularized Least Squares Problems
William W. Hager, Maryam Yashtini, Hongchao Zhang

May 2015

Convex Optimization
Distributionally robust expectation inequalities for structured distributions
Bart P.G. Van Parys, Paul J. Goulart, Manfred Morari

Solving nonsmooth convex optimization with complexity $O(\eps^{-1/2})$
Masoud Ahookhosh, Arnold Neumaier

First-Order Algorithms for Convex Optimization with Nonseparate Objective and Coupled Constraints
Xiang Gao, Shuzhong Zhang

Nonsmooth Optimization
An Inexact Proximal Algorithm for Pseudomonotone and Quasimonotone Variational Inequalities
Erik Papa Quiroz, Lennin Mallma Ramirez, Paulo Roberto Oliveira

Global Convergence of Unmodified 3-Block ADMM for a Class of Convex Minimization Problems
Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang

Convex Optimization
On the Step Size of Symmetric Alternating Directions Method of Multipliers
Bingsheng He, Feng Ma, Xiaoming Yuan

Convex Optimization
$\varepsilon-$Strictly Subdifferential of Set-valued Map and Its Application
Yu Li

Probabilistic optimization via approximate p-efficient points and bundle methods
W. van vAckooij, V. Berge, W. de Oliveira, C. Sagastizábal

An Asynchronous Mini-Batch Algorithm for Regularized Stochastic Optimization
Hamid Reza Feyzmahdavian, Arda Aytekin, Mikael Johansson

Convex Optimization
A Bundle Method for Exploiting Additive Structure in Difficult Optimization Problems
W. de Oliveira, J. Eckstein

June 2015

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
Existence Results for Particular Instances of the Vector Quasi-Equilibrium Problem on Hadamard Manifolds
Glaydston Bento, João Xavier Cruz Neto

A semi-proximal-based strictly contractive Peaceman-Rachford splitting method
Yan Gu, Bo Jiang, Deren Han

Convex Optimization
Understanding the Convergence of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers: Theoretical and Computational Perspectives
Jonathan Eckstein, Wang Yao

Nonsmooth Optimization
A BFGS-SQP Method for Nonsmooth, Nonconvex, Constrained Optimization and its Evaluation using Relative Minimization Profiles
Frank E. Curtis, Tim Mitchell, Michael L. Overton

July 2015

Nonsmooth Optimization
A forward-backward dynamical approach to the minimization of the sum of a nonsmooth convex with a smooth nonconvex function
Radu Ioan Bot, Ernö Robert Csetnek

Convex Optimization
An optimal randomized incremental gradient method
Guanghui Lan

Nonsmooth Optimization
Stability of p-order metric regularity
Yiran He, Kung Fu Ng

A Flexible Coordinate Descent Method for Big Data Applications
Kimon Fountoulakis, Rachael Tappenden

Convex Optimization
On the von Neumann and Frank-Wolfe Algorithms with Away Steps
Javier Pena, Daniel Rodriguez, Negar Soheili

Convex Optimization
Vanishing Price of Anarchy in Large Coordinative Nonconvex Optimization
Mengdi Wang

Nonsmooth Optimization
Variational analysis of spectral functions simplified
Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Courtney Kempton

Nonsmooth Optimization
A Scalable Frank-Wolfe based Augmented Lagrangian Method for Linearly Constrained Composite Convex Programming
Ya-Feng Liu, Xiangfeng Wang, Xin Liu, Shiqian Ma

Convex Optimization
A survey on operator splitting and decomposition of convex programs
Philippe Mahey, Arnaud Lenoir

August 2015

Convex Optimization
On the Convergence of Multi-Block Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier and Block Coordinate Descent Method
Caihua Chen, Min Li, Xin Liu, Yinyu Ye

Convex Optimization
Low-rank spectral optimization
Michael Friedlandr, Ives Macêdo

Linear Rate Convergence of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Convex Composite Quadratic and Semi-Definite Programming
Deren Han, Defeng Sun, Liwei Zhang

Borwein-Preiss Variational Principle Revisited
A. Y. Kruger, S. Plubtieng, T. Seangwattana

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
How to Reach his Desires: Variational Rationality and the Equilibrium Problem on Hadamard Manifolds
Glaydston Bento, João Cruz Neto, Pedro Soares, Antoine Soubeyran

Convex Optimization
Inertial Proximal ADMM for Linearly Constrained Separable Convex Optimization
Caihua Chen, Raymond Chan, Shiqian Ma, Junfeng Yang

Convex Optimization
A general inertial proximal point algorithm for mixed variational inequality problem
caihua chen, shiqian ma, junfeng yang

On the solution uniqueness characterization in the L1 norm and polyhedral gauge recovery
Jean Charles Gilbert

Generalized Uniformly Optimal Methods for Nonlinear Programming
Saeed Ghadimi, Guanghui Lan, Hongchao Zhang

Borwein–Preiss Vector Variational Principle
Alexander Y. Kruger, Somyot Plubtieng, Thidaporn Seangwattana

September 2015

Nonsmooth Optimization
Local maximality and full stability for parametric variational systems
Boris Mordukhovich, Tran Nghia

Nonsmooth Optimization
Variational Analysis and Applications to Group Dynamics
T.Q. Bao, A. Soubeyran

Regularized HPE-type methods for solving monotone inclusions with improved pointwise iteration-complexity bounds
Maicon Marques Alves, Renato D.C. Monteiro, Benar F. Svaiter

Convex Optimization
New Computational Guarantees for Solving Convex Optimization Problems with First Order Methods, via a Function Growth Condition Measure
Robert M. Freund, Haihao Lu

Convex Optimization
An accelerated non-Euclidean hybrid proximal extragradient-type Algorithm for convex-concave saddle-point Problems
Oliver Kolossoski, Renato Monteiro

Nonsmooth Optimization
On Cournot-Nash-Walras equilibria and their computation
Jiri V. Outrata, Michael C. Ferris, Michal Cervinka, Michal Outrata

October 2015

Convex Optimization
A fixed point optimization algorithm for the equilibrium problem over the fixed point set and its applications
Ngoc Hai Trinh

Convex Optimization
Contraction of the proximal mapping and applications to the equilibrium problem
Ngoc Hai Trinh

Convex Optimization
A hybrid ergodic-splitting method for pseudo-monotone equilibrium problems
Ngoc Hai Trinh

A composition projection method for convex feasibility problems
Chen Jiawei

An optimal first-order primal-dual gap reduction framework for constrained convex optimization
Quoc Tran-Dinh, Volkan Cevher

From error bounds to the complexity of first-order descent methods for convex functions
Jerome Bolte, Trong Phong Nguyen, Juan Peypouquet, Bruce Suter

Convex Optimization
Fast convergence of inertial dynamics and algorithms with asymptotic vanishing damping
H Attouch, Z Chbani, J Peypouquet, P Redont

A Stochastic Electricity Market Clearing Formulation with Consistent Pricing Properties
Victor M Zavala, Kibaek Kim, Mihai Anitescu, John Birge

Convex Optimization
The rate of convergence of Nesterov's accelerated forward-backward method is actually $o(k^{-2})$
H Attouch, J Peypouquet

November 2015

Nonsmooth Optimization
First and second order optimality conditions for piecewise smooth objective functions
Andreas Griewank

Convex Optimization
An Extended Frank-Wolfe Method with “In-Face” Directions, and its Application to Low-Rank Matrix Completion
Robert M. Freund, Paul Grigas, Rahul Mazumder

Random Multi-Constraint Projection: Stochastic Gradient Methods for Convex Optimization with Many Constraints
Mengdi Wang, Yichen Chen, Jialin Liu, Yuantao Gu

Convex Optimization
Acceleration of the PDHGM on strongly convex subspaces
Tuomo Valkonen, Thomas Pock

Convex Optimization
Generalized Conjugate Gradient Methods for $\ell_1$ Regularized Convex Quadratic Programming with Finite Convergence
Zhaosong Lu, Xiaojun Chen

December 2015

Convex Optimization
New Douglas-Rachford algorithmic structures and their convergence analyses
Ysir Censor, Rafiq Mansour

SMART: The Stochastic Monotone Aggregated Root-Finding Algorithm
Damek Davis

Perturbation of error bounds
A. Y. Kruger, M. A. Lopez , M. A. Thera

Convex Optimization
Polytope conditioning and linear convergence of the Frank-Wolfe algorithm
Javier Pena, Daniel Rodriguez

Convex Optimization
Solving Conic Systems via Projection and Rescaling
Javier Pena, Negar Soheili

Distributed Stochastic Variance Reduced Gradient Methods and a Lower Bound for Communication Complexity
Jason Lee, Qihang Lin, Tengyu Ma, Tianbao Yang

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