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Convex and Nonsmooth Optimization Submissions - 2021

January 2021

Convex Optimization
An $O(s^r)$-Resolution ODE Framework for Understanding Discrete-Time Algorithms and Applications to the Linear Convergence of Minimax Problems
Haihao Lu

Nonsmooth Optimization
The structure of conservative gradient fields
Adrian Lewis, Tonghua Tian

Generalized Convexity/Monoticity
On convexity and quasiconvexity of extremal value functions in set optimization
Tobias Gerlach, Stefan Rocktäschel

Nonsmooth Optimization
On Solving Elliptic Obstacle Problems by Compact Abs-Linearization
Olga Weiß, Monika Weymuth

February 2021

Variants of the A-HPE and large-step A-HPE algorithms for strongly convex problems with applications to accelerated high-order tensor methods
M. Marques Alves

March 2021

Sparse Approximations with Interior Point Methods
Valentina De Simone, Daniela di Serafino, Jacek Gondzio, Spyridon Pougkakiotis, Marco Viola

Convex Optimization
String-Averaging Methods for Best Approximation to Common Fixed Point Sets of Operators: The Finite and Infinite Cases
Yair Censor, Ariel Nisenbaum

Convex Optimization
Universal Conditional Gradient Sliding for Convex Optimization
Yuyuan Ouyang, Trevor Squires

Minimizing Nonsmooth Convex Functions with Variable Accuracy
Nataša Krejić , Nataša Krklec Jerinkić, Tijana Ostojić

Nonsmooth Optimization
A Proximal Quasi-Newton Trust-Region Method for Nonsmooth Regularized Optimization
Aleksandr Y. Aravkin, Robert Baraldi, Dominique Orban

April 2021

Convex Optimization
FrankWolfe.jl: a high-performance and flexible toolbox for Frank-Wolfe algorithms and Conditional Gradients
Mathieu Besançon, Alejandro Carderera, Sebastian Pokutta

Nonsmooth Optimization
Factorization of completely positive matrices using iterative projected gradient steps
Radu Ioan Bot, Dang-Khoa Nguyen

Nonsmooth Optimization
A Nonmonontone Accelerated Proximal Gradient Method with Variable Stepsize Strategy for Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Minimization Problems
Wang Ting, Liu Hongwei

Directional TGV-based image restoration under Poisson noise
Daniela di Serafino, Germana Landi, Marco Viola

May 2021

Convex Optimization
Optimal Convergence Rates for the Proximal Bundle Method
Mateo Diaz, Benjamin Grimmer

Convex Optimization
Hashing embeddings of optimal dimension, with applications to linear least squares
Coralia Cartis, Jan Fiala, Zhen Shao

Nonsmooth Optimization
On the Convergence Results of a class of Nonmonotone Accelerated Proximal Gradient Methods for Nonsmooth and Nonconvex Minimization Problems
Wang Ting, Liu Hongwei

Nonsmooth Optimization
Local Minimizers of the Crouzeix Ratio: A Nonsmooth Optimization Case Study
Michael L. Overton

June 2021

Analysis of the Frank-Wolfe Method for Convex Composite Optimization involving a Logarithmically-Homogeneous Barrier
Renbo Zhao, Robert M. Freund

Escaping strict saddle points of the Moreau envelope in nonsmooth optimization
Damek Davis, Mateo Díaz, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy

Convex Optimization
A new stopping criterion for Krylov solvers applied in Interior Point Methods
Filippo Zanetti, Jacek Gondzio

July 2021

Convex Optimization
FISTA and Extensions - Review and New Insights
Weiwei Kong, Jefferson G. Melo, Renato D.C. Monteiro

A Fixed Point Approach with a New Solution Concept for Set-valued Optimization
Chaoli Yao, Christiane Tammer, Shengjie Li

Regularized quasi-monotone method for stochastic optimization
Vyacheslav Kungurtsev, Vladimir Shikhman

Nonsmooth Optimization
Sparse optimization via vector k-norm and DC programming with an application to feature selection for Support Vector Machines
Manlio Gaudioso, Giovanni Giallombardo, Giovanna Miglionico

A Semismooth Newton-Type Method for the Nearest Doubly Stochastic Matrix Problem
Hao Hu, Haesol Im, Xinxin Li, Henry Wolkowicz

August 2021

Nonsmooth Optimization
Fixed point and coincidence problems of set-valued mappings via regularity in metric spaces
Huu Tron Nguyen

Convex Optimization
Exact Convergence Rates of Alternating Projections for Nontransversal Intersections
Hiroyuki Ochiai, Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi, Hayato Waki

Nonsmooth Optimization
On Properties of Univariate Max Functions at Local Maximizers
Tim Mitchell, Michael L. Overton

Convex Optimization
A New Insight on Balanced Augmented Lagrangian Method
Jianchao Bai

Nonsmooth Optimization
Subgradient methods near active manifolds: saddle point avoidance, local convergence, and asymptotic normality
Damek Davis, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Liwei Jiang

A Different Perspective on the Stochastic Convex Feasibility Problem
James Renegar, Song Zhou

Convex Optimization
A Derivation of Nesterov's Accelerated Gradient Algorithm from Optimal Control Theory
Isaac Ross

September 2021

Convex Optimization
A very simple analysis of higher order liftings for binary problems
Florian Jarre

Convex Optimization
Log-domain interior-point methods for quadratic programming
Frank Permenter

Nonsmooth Optimization
Comparing Solution Paths of Sparse Quadratic Minimization with a Stieltjes Matrix
Ziyu He, Shaoning Han, Andres Gomez, Ying Cui, Jong-Shi Pang

Convex Optimization
On the Convergence of Projected Alternating Maximization for Equitable and Optimal Transport
Minhui Huang, Shiqian Ma, Lifeng Lai

October 2021

A unified analysis of a class of proximal bundle methods for solving hybrid convex composite optimization problems
Jiaming Liang, Renato Monteiro

Bounding the separable rank via polynomial optimization
Sander Gribling, Monique Laurent, Andries Steenkamp

Convex Optimization
Inertial-relaxed splitting for composite monotone inclusions
Ernesto Ore Albornoz, Philippe Mahey, Eladio Ocańa Anaya

Nonsmooth Optimization
MPCC Strategies for Nonsmooth NLPs
Kexin Wang, Lorenz Biegler

Nonsmooth Optimization
An Accelerated Inexact Dampened Augmented Lagrangian Method for Linearly-Constrained Nonconvex Composite Optimization Problems
Weiwei Kong, Renato D.C. Monteiro

November 2021

Balancing preferential access and fairness with an application to wastemanagement: mathematical models, optimality conditions, and heuristics
Christian Schmitt, Bismark Singh

Solution to a Monotone Inclusion Problem using the Relaxed Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method: Convergence and its Rates
Chee Khian Sim

Convex Optimization
Nonlinear conjugate gradient for smooth convex functions
Sahar Karimi, Stephen Vavasis

An inexact primal-dual method with correction step for a saddle point problem in image debluring
Fang Changjie, Hu Liliang, Chen Shenglan

Nonsmooth Optimization
Survey Descent: A Multipoint Generalization of Gradient Descent for Nonsmooth Optimization
X.Y. Han, Adrian S. Lewis

December 2021

Nonsmooth Optimization
An active signature method for constrained abs-linear minimization
Timo Kreimeier, Andrea Walther, Andreas Griewank

Convex Optimization
A nested primal--dual FISTA-like scheme for composite convex optimization problems
Silvia Bonettini, Marco Prato, Simone Rebegoldi

A Stochastic Bregman Primal-Dual Splitting Algorithm for Composite Optimization
Antonio Silveti-Falls, Cesare Molinari, Jalal Fadili

Convex Optimization
Unmatched Preconditioning of the Proximal Gradient Algorithm
Marion Savanier, Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Cyril Riddell

Convex Optimization
Affine invariant convergence rates of the conditional gradient method
Javier Pena

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