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Global Optimization Submissions - 2005

February 2005

A Population Based Approach for Hard Global Optimization Problems Based on Dissimilarity Measures
Andrea Grosso, Marco Locatelli, Fabio Schoen

A PTAS for the minimization of polynomials of fixed degree over the simplex
Etienne de Klerk, Monique Laurent, Pablo Parrilo

Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple: An Introduction with Illustrative Applications
Janos D. Pinter, David Linder, Paulina Chin

March 2005

Toward a new DIRECT algorithm. A two-points based sampling method
chiter lakhdar

Stochastic Approaches
Social Cognitive Maps, Swarm Collective Perception and Distributed Search on Dynamic Landscapes
Vitorino Ramos, Carlos Fernandes, Agostinho C. Rosa

Stochastic Approaches
Varying the Population Size of Artificial Foraging Swarms on Time Varying Landscapes
Carlos Fernandes, Vitorino Ramos, Agostinho C. Rosa

A linear programming reformulation of the standard quadratic optimization problem
Etienne De Klerk, Dmitrii, V. Pasechnik

Packing circles in a square: new putative optima obtained via global optimization
Bernardetta Addis, Marco Locatelli, Fabio Schoen

SparsePOP : a Sparse Semidefinite Programming Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems
Hayato Waki, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Masakazu Muramatsu

May 2005

Transposition theorems and qualification-free optimality conditions
Hermann Schichl, Arnold Neumaier

June 2005

New results for molecular formation under pairwise potential minimization
Werner Schachinger, Bernardetta Addis, Immanuel Bomze, Fabio Schoen

July 2005

Semidefinite-Based Branch-and-Bound for Nonconvex Quadratic Programming
Samuel Burer, Dieter Vandenbussche

Stochastic Approaches
GRASP for nonlinear optimization
Claudio N. Meneses, Panos M. Pardalos, Mauricio G. C. Resende

A new class of test functions for global optimization
Bernardetta Addis, Marco Locatelli

September 2005

Simulated Entropy and Global Minimization
Asaad M. Sultan, Andrew B. Templeman

A sum of squares approximation of nonnegative polynomials
Jean B. Lasserre

SOS approximation of polynomials nonnegative on a real algebraic set
Jean B. Lasserre

October 2005

Disk Packing in a Square: A New Global Optimization Approach
Bernardetta Addis, Marco Locatelli, Fabio Schoen

November 2005

Stochastic Approaches
Societal Implicit Memory and his Speed on Tracking Extrema over Dynamic Environments using Self-Regulatory Swarms
Vitorino Ramos, Carlos Fernandes, Agostinho C. Rosa

December 2005

On Ants, Bacteria and Dynamic Environments
Vitorino Ramos, Carlos Fernandes, Agostinho C. Rosa

Stochastic Approaches
On Self-Regulated Swarms, Societal Memory, Speed and Dynamics
Vitorino Ramos, Carlos Fernandes, Agostinho C. Rosa

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