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Global Optimization Submissions - 2010

January 2010

A "joint+marginal" approach to parametric polynomial optimization
Jean B. Lasserre

March 2010

Separating Doubly Nonnegative and Completely Positive Matrices
Hongbo Dong, Kurt M. Anstreicher

April 2010

Semidefinite programming certificates for tracial matrix inequalities
Sabine Burgdorf, Kristijan Cafuta, Igor Klep, Janez Povh

May 2010

Separation and Relaxation for cones of quadratic forms
Samuel Burer, Hongbo Dong

June 2010

Explicit Convex and Concave Envelopes through Polyhedral Subdivisions
Mohit Tawarmalani, Jean-Philippe Richard, Chuanhui Xiong

Euclidean Distance Matrix Completion Problems
Haw-ren Fang, Dianne P. O'Leary

July 2010

Stochastic Approaches
Synthesis of Space-Filling Curves Through Measure-Preserving Transformations and Their Application to Global Optimization
Hime Oliveira, Antonio Petraglia

Calibrating Artificial Neural Networks by Global Optimization
Janos D. Pinter

August 2010

On convex relaxations for quadratically constrained quadratic programming
Kurt Anstreicher

Some Results on the Strength of Relaxations of Multilinear Functions
James Luedtke, Mahdi Namazifar, Jeff Linderoth

September 2010

A polynomial case of cardinality constrained quadratic optimization problem
Jianjun Gao, Duan Li

October 2010

Optimization problems on the rank and inertia of the Hermitian matrix expression $A - BX - (BX)^{*}$ with applications
Tian Yongge

Rank and inertia optimizations of two Hermitian quadratic matrix functions subject
Yongge Tian, Ying Li

Exploiting Second-Order Cone Structure for Global Optimization
Ashutosh Mahajan, Todd Munson

Max-min optimizations on the rank and inertia of a linear Hermitian matrix expression subject to range, rank and definiteness restrictions
Yongge Tian

November 2010

A modified DIRECT algorithm for a problem in astrophysics
Daniela di Serafino, Giampaolo Liuzzi, Veronica Piccialli, Filippo Riccio, Gerardo Toraldo

Convex envelopes for quadratic and polynomial functions over polytopes
M Locatelli

Reduced RLT Representations for Nonconvex Polynomial Programming Problems
Hanif D. Sherali, Evrim Dalkiran, Leo Liberti

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