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Global Optimization Submissions - 2017

February 2017

Simultaneous convexification of bilinear functions over polytopes with application to network interdiction
Danial Davarnia, Jean-Philippe Richard, Mohit Tawarmalani

MultiGLODS: Global and Local Multiobjective Optimization using Direct Search
A. L. Custodio, J. F. A. Madeira

A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization with Ball and Linear Constraints
Amir Beck, Dror Pan

March 2017

Solving sparse polynomial optimization problems with chordal structure using the sparse, bounded-degree sum-of-squares hierarchy
Ahmadreza Marandi, Etienne de Klerk, Joachim Dahl

Upper and lower bounds for ranks of matrix products composed by generalized inverses with applications
Yongge Tian, Bo Jiang

Packing circles in a square: a theoretical comparison of various convexification techniques
aida khajavirad

April 2017

Complex Number Formulation and Convex Relaxations for Aircraft Conflict Resolution
David Rey, Hassan Hijazi

Error bounds for monomial convexification in polynomial optimization
Warren Adams, Akshay Gupte, Yibo Xu

July 2017

Invex Optimization Revisited
Ksenia Bestuzheva, Hassan Hijazi

Facets of a mixed-integer bilinear covering set with bounds on variables
Hamidur Rahman, Ashutosh Mahajan

August 2017

A Scalable Global Optimization Algorithm for Stochastic Nonlinear Programs
Yankai Cao, Victor Zavala

A revisit to a reverse-order law for generalized inverses of a matrix product and its variations
Yongge Tian

October 2017

Global optimization of generalized semi-infinite programs using disjunctive programming
Peter Kirst, Oliver Stein

Global optimization of mixed-integer ODE constrained network problems using the example of stationary gas transport
Oliver Habeck, Marc E. Pfetsch, Stefan Ulbrich

BASBL: Branch-And-Sandwich BiLevel solver I. Theoretical advances and algorithmic improvements
Remigijus Paulavicius, Claire S. Adjiman

BASBL: Branch-And-Sandwich BiLevel solver. II. Implementation and computational study with the BASBLib test set
Remigijus Paulavicius, Polyxeni-M. Kleniati, Claire S. Adjiman

Tighter McCormick Relaxations through Subgradient Propagation
Jaromił Najman, Alexander Mitsos

November 2017

A Customized Branch-and-Bound Approach for Irregular Shape Nesting
Akang Wang, Christopher L. Hanselman , Chrysanthos E. Gounaris

December 2017

Run-and-Inspect Method for Nonconvex Optimization and Global Optimality Bounds for R-Local Minimizers
Yifan Chen, Yuejiao Sun, Wotao Yin

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