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Infinite Dimensional Optimization Submissions - 2011

January 2011

Semi-infinite Programming
Multiobjective DC Programming with Infinite Convex Constraints
Shaojian Qu, Mark Goh, Soonyi Wu

Decision Rule Approximations for Continuous Linear Programs
Dimitra Bampou, Daniel Kuhn

July 2011

Quadratic order conditions for bang-singular extremals
M. Soledad Aronna, J. Frederic Bonnans, Andrei V. Dmitruk, Pablo A. Lotito

October 2011

A well-posed shooting algorithm for optimal control problems with singular arcs
M. Soledad Aronna, J. Frederic Bonnans, Pierre Martinon

Partially affine control problems: second order conditions and a well-posed shooting algorithm
M. Soledad Aronna

December 2011

Semi-infinite Programming
A lifting method for generalized semi-infinite programs based on lower level Wolfe duality
Moritz Diehl, Boris Houska, Oliver Stein, Paul Steuermann

Metric regularity of the sum of multifunctions and applications
van Ngai Huynh, Huu Tron Nguyen, Michel Thera

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