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Integer Programming Submissions - 2000

August 2000

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Integrating SQP and branch-and-bound for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Sven Leyffer

0-1 Programming
A Parallel, Linear Programming Based Heuristic for Large Scale Set Partitioning Problems
Jeff Linderoth, Eva Lee, Martin Savelsbergh

OR Counterparts to AI Planning
Robert Fourer

October 2000

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
On the Value of Binary Expansions For General Mixed-Integer Linear Programs
Jonathan Owen, Sanjay Mehrotra

December 2000

0-1 Programming
A Family of Inequalities for the Generalized Assignment Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias, George L. Nemhauser

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Facets of the Complementarity Knapsack Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias, Ellis L. Johnson, George L. Nemhauser

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
A Family of Facets for the p-Median Polytope
Ismael R. de Farias

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