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Integer Programming Submissions - 2001

January 2001

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Generating Convex Polynomial Inequalities for Mixed 0-1 Programs
Robert Stubbs, Sanjay Mehrotra

March 2001

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Pattern search algorithms for mixed variable programming
Charles Audet, J.E.Jr Dennis

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Mixed variable optimization of the number and composition of heat intercepts in a thermal insulation system
Michael Kokkolaras, Charles Audet, J.E.Jr Dennis

The Integration of an Interior-Point Cutting-Plane Method within a Branch-and-Price Algorithm
Samir Elhedhli, Jean-Louis Goffin

May 2001

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Solving large MINLPs on computational grids
Jean-Pierre Goux, Sven Leyffer

June 2001

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Sequence independent lifting for mixed-integer programming
Alper Atamturk

Augmented self-concordant barriers and nonlinear optimization problems with finite complexity.
Yurii Nesterov, Jean-Philippe Vial

A comparison of the Sherali-Adams, Lov\'asz-Schrijver and Lasserre relaxations for $0-1$ programming
Monique Laurent

July 2001

Facets of The Cardinality Constrained Circuit Polytope
Petra Bauer, Jeff Linderoth, Martin Savelsbergh

September 2001

0-1 Programming
An Efficient Exact Algorithm for the Vertex p-Center Problem
T. Ilhan, M.C. Pinar

October 2001

A Polyhedral Study of the Cardinality Cosntrained Knapsack Problem
I.R. de Farias, G.L. Nemhauser

Semidefinite relaxations for Max-Cut
Monique Laurent

0-1 Programming
The Steinberg Wiring Problem
N.W. Brixius, K.M. Anstreicher

0-1 Programming
New formulation and resolution method for the p-Center problem
Sourour Elloumi, Martine Labbé, Yves Pochet

November 2001

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Pivot, Cut, and Dive: A Heuristic for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programming
Mikhail Nediak, Jonathan Eckstein

December 2001

0-1 Programming
An explicit equivalent positive semidefinite program for nonlinear 0-1 programs
Jean B. Lasserre

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