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Integer Programming Submissions - 2002

May 2002

0-1 Programming
Search and Cut: New Class of Cutting Planes for 0-1 Programming
Osman Oguz

June 2002

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Safe bounds in linear and mixed-integer programming
Arnold Neumaier, Oleg Shcherbina

July 2002

0-1 Programming
Lower bound for the number of iterations in semidefinite hierarchies for the cut polytope
Monique Laurent

Solving the knapsack problem via Z-transform
Jean B. Lasserre, Eduardo S. Zeron

November 2002

Hard equality constrained integer knapsacks
Karen Aardal, Arjen K. Lenstra

December 2002

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Selected Topics in Column Generation
Marco E. Luebbecke, Jacques Desrosiers

0-1 Programming
Semidefinite programming and integer programming
Monique Laurent, Franz Rendl

0-1 Programming
An Efficient Exact Algorithm for the Vertex $p$-Center Problem and Computational Experiments for Different Set Covering Subproblems
T. Ilhan, F.A. Ozsoy, M.C. Pinar

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