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Integer Programming Submissions - 2005

January 2005

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
On generalized branching methods for mixed integer programming
Sanjay Mehrotra, Zhifeng Li

A branch and cut algorithm for solving the linear and quadratic integer programming problems
Yan Zizong, Fei Pusheng, Wan Zhongping

March 2005

0-1 Programming
On separating cover inequalities for the multidimensional knapsack problem
Tolga Bektas, Osman Oguz

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
On the equivalence of the max-min transportation lower bound and the time-indexed lower bound for single-machine scheduling problems
Yunpeng Pan, Leyuan Shi

April 2005

0-1 Programming
Persistence in Discrete Optimization under Data Uncertainty
Dimitris Bertsimas, Karthik Natarajan, Chung-Piaw Teo

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
In Situ Column Generation for a Cutting-Stock Problem
Jon Lee

May 2005

Network Design Arc Set with Variable Upper Bounds
Alper Atamturk, Oktay Gunluk

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Compact linearization for bilinear mixed-integer problems
Leo Liberti

Cutting Plane Approaches
The Clique Partition Problem with Minimum Clique Size Requirement
Xiaoyun Ji, John E Mitchell

0-1 Programming
Parsimonious Binary-Encoding in Integer Programming
Don Coppersmith, Jon Lee

September 2005

The polar of a simple mixed-integer set
Ming Zhao, Ismael de Farias

October 2005

A special ordered set approach to discontinuous piecewise linear optimization
Ismael de Farias, Ming Zhao, Hongxia Zhao

November 2005

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
An algorithmic framework for convex mixed integer nonlinear programs
Pierre Bonami, Lorenz Biegler , Andrew Conn , Gerard Cornuejols, Ignacio Grossmann, Carl Laird, Jon Lee, Andrea Lodi, Francois Margot, Nicolas Sawaya, Andreas Waechter

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