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Integer Programming Submissions - 2009

January 2009

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
The replacement problem: A polyhedral and complexity analysis
Torgny Almgren, Niclas Andreasson, Michael Patriksson, Ann-Brith Strömberg, Adam Wojciechowski

February 2009

The master equality polyhedron with multiple rows
Sanjeeb Dash, Ricardo Fukasawa, Oktay Gunluk

March 2009

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
On Mixing Sets Arising in Probabilistic Programming
Simge Kucukyavuz

0-1 Programming
The Multidimensional Knapsack Problem: Structure and Algorithms
Jakob Puchinger, Guenther R. Raidl, Ulrich Pferschy

0-1 Programming
Information-Based Branching Schemes for Binary Mixed Integer Problems
Fatma Kilinc-Karzan, George Nemhauser, Martin Savelsbergh

May 2009

Constrained Infinite Group Relaxations of MIPs
Santanu Dey, Laurence Wolsey

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Strengthening lattice-free cuts using non-negativity
Ricardo Fukasawa, Oktay Gunluk

June 2009

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Valid inequalities and Branch-and-Cut for the Clique Pricing Problem
Géraldine Heilporn, Martine Labbé, Patrice Marcotte, Gilles Savard

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Split Rank of Triangle and Quadrilateral Inequalities
Santanu Dey, Quentin Louveaux

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
On Solving Single-objective Fuzzy Integer Linear Fractional Programs
Omar Saad, Eman Abdelellah

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Lifting Group Inequalities and an Application to Mixing Inequalities
Santanu Dey, Laurence Wolsey

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Nonlinear Integer Programming
Raymond Hemmecke, Matthias Koeppe, Jon Lee, Robert Weismantel

July 2009

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Old Wine in a New Bottle: The MILP Road to MIQCP
Samuel Burer, Anureet Saxena

Basis Reduction, and the Complexity of Branch-and-Bound
Gabor Pataki, Mustafa Tural

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Disjunctive cuts for non-convex MINLP
Pietro Belotti

August 2009

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
Karthik Natarajan, Teo Chung-Piaw, Zheng Zhichao

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
A note on Burer's copositive representation of mixed-binary QPs
Immanuel Bomze, Florian Jarre

Cutting Plane Approaches
On the connection of the Sherali-Adams closure and border bases
Sebastian Pokutta, Andreas S. Schulz

A new LP algorithm for precedence constrained production scheduling
Daniel Bienstock, Mark Zuckerberg

Cutting Plane Approaches
Finite Disjunctive Programming Characterizations for General Mixed-Integer Linear Programs
Binyuan Chen, Simge Kucukyavuz, Suvrajeet Sen

September 2009

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
The Delivery Man Problem with Time Windows
Géraldine Heilporn, Jean-François Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Perspective Reformulation and Applications
Oktay Gunluk, Jeff Linderoth

0-1 Programming
Solving Large Steiner Triple Covering Problems
James Ostrowski, Jeff Linderoth, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio

October 2009

Cutting Plane Approaches
A heuristic to generate rank-1 GMI cuts
Sanjeeb Dash, Marcos Goycoolea

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Algorithms and Software for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs
Pierre Bonami, Mustafa Kilinç, Jeff Linderoth

Cutting Plane Approaches
Clique-based facets for the precedence constrained knapsack problem
Natashia Boland, Andreas Bley, Christopher Fricke, Gary Froyland, Renata Sotirov

(Mixed) Integer Nonlinear Programming
Mixed Integer NonLinear Programs featuring “On/Off ” constraints: convex analysis and applications
Hassan Hijazi, Pierre Bonami, Gérard Cornuéjols, Adam Ouorou

November 2009

A Time Bucket Formulation for the TSP with Time Windows
Sanjeeb Dash, Oktay Gunluk, Andrea Lodi, Andrea Tramontani

0-1 Programming
An Improved Branch-and-Bound Method for Maximum Monomial Agreement
Eckstein Eckstein, Noam Goldberg

(Mixed) Integer Linear Programming
n-step Mingling Inequalities: New Facets for the Mixed-Integer Knapsack Set
Alper Atamturk, Kiavash Kianfar

Cutting Plane Approaches
The Mcf-Separator – Detecting and Exploiting Multi-Commodity Flow Structures in MIPs
Tobias Achterberg, Christian Raack

December 2009

0-1 Programming
On generalized network design polyhedra
Corinne Feremans, Martine Labbe, Adam Letchford, Juan-Jose Salazar-Gonzalez

0-1 Programming
Binary positive semidefinite matrices and associated integer polytopes
Adam Letchford, Michael Soerensen

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