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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2001

January 2001

Linear Programming
An Interior-Point Approach to Sensitivity Analysis in Degenerate Linear Programs
E. Alper Yildirim, Michael J. Todd

A New and Efficient Large-Update Interior-Point Method for Linear Optimization
J Peng, C Roos, T Terlaky

February 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Strengthened Semidefinite Relaxations via a Second Lifting for the Max-Cut Problem
Miguel F. Anjos, Henry Wolkowicz

March 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Exploiting Sparsity in Semidefinite Programming via Matrix Completion II: Implementation and Numerical Results
Kazuhide Nakata, Katsuki Fujisawa, Mituhiro Fukuda, Masakazu Kojima, Kazuo Murota

Semi-definite Programming
A Nonlinear Programming Algorithm for Solving Semidefinite Programs via Low-rank Factorization
Samuel Burer, Renato D.C. Monteiro

Self-scaled barrier functions on symmetric cones and their classification
Raphael Hauser, Osman Guler

Semi-definite Programming
Implementation Issues in CSDP
Brian Borchers

April 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Lagrangian dual interior-point methods for semidefinite programs
Mituhiro Fukuda, Masakazu Kojima, Masayuki Shida

Self-scaled barriers for irreducible symmetric cones
Raphael Hauser, Yongdo Lim

Semi-definite Programming
Analyticity of the central path at the boundary point in semidefinite programming
Margareta Halicka

May 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Avoiding numerical cancellation in the interior point method for solving semidefinite programs
Jos F. Sturm

On cones of nonnegative quadratic functions
Jos F. Sturm, Shuzhong Zhang

Semi-definite Programming
A Linear Programming Approach to Semidefinite Programming Problems
Kartik Krishnan, John Mitchell

Semi-definite Programming
Solving standard quadratic optimization problems via linear, semidefinite and copositive programming
I.M. Bomze, E. De Klerk

June 2001

Semi-definite Programming
A Computational Study of a Gradient-Based Log-Barrier Algorithm for a Class of Large-Scale SDPs
Samuel Burer, Renato Monteiro, Yin Zhang

Semi-definite Programming
An Interior-Point Perspective on Sensitivity Analysis in Semidefinite Programming
Alper Yildirim

Semi-definite Programming
Geometry of Semidefinite Max-Cut Relaxations via Ranks
Miguel F. Anjos, Henry Wolkowicz

Semi-definite Programming
Improved complexity for maximum volume inscribed ellipsoids
K.M. Anstreicher

August 2001

On the Primal-Dual Geometry of Level Sets in Linear and Conic Optimization
Robert M. Freund

Semi-infinite linear programming approaches to semidefinite programming problems
Kartik Krishnan, John, E. Mitchell

SDPT3 - a MATLAB software package for semidefinite-quadratic-linear programming, version 3.0
R.H. Tutuncu, K.C. Toh, M.J. Todd

September 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Simple Efficient Solutions for Semidefinite Programming
Henry Wolkowicz

Linear Programming
Continuous trajectories for primal-dual potential-reduction methods
Reha H. Tutuncu

October 2001

Semi-definite Programming
Solving a Class of Semidefinite Programs via Nonlinear Programming
Sam Burer, Renato D.C. Monteiro, Yin Zhang

Unifying optimal partition approach to sensitivity analysis in conic optimization
E. Alper Yildirim

Semi-definite Programming
A Cutting Plane Algorithm for Large Scale Semidefinite Relaxations
Christoph Helmberg

Jos F. Sturm

November 2001

Semi-definite Programming
User's Guide for SeDuMi Interface 1.01
Dimitri Peaucelle, Didier Henrion, Yann Labit

Semi-definite Programming
Products of positive forms, linear matrix inequalities, and Hilbert 17-th problem for ternary forms
E De Klerk, D.V. Pasechnik

December 2001

Linear Programming
A Dynamic Large-Update Primal-Dual Interior-Point Method for Linear Optimization
Jiming Peng, Tamas Terlaky

Semi-definite Programming
[PENNON - A Generalized Augmented Lagrangian Methodfor Semidefinite Programming
Michal Kocvara, Michael Stingl

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