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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2003

January 2003

Semi-definite Programming
First- and Second-Order Methods for Semidefinite Programming
Renato D.C. Monteiro

Multivariate Nonnegative Quadratic Mappings
Zhi-Quan Luo, Jos F. Sturm, Shuzhong Zhang

Semi-definite Programming
Solving large scale semidefinite programsvia an iterative solver onthe augmented systems
Kim-Chuan Toh

Nonsmooth Matrix Valued Functions Defined by Singular Values
Defeng Sun, Jie Sun

Linear Programming
Smoothed Analysis of Interior-Point Algorithms: Termination
Daniel Spielman, Shang-Hua Teng

Linear Programming
Detecting Infeasibility in Infeasible-Interior-Point Methods for Optimization
Michael Todd

February 2003

Linear Programming support in WSMP
Anshul Gupta

On an Extension of Condition Number Theory to Non-Conic Convex Optimization
Robert M. Freund, Fernando Ordonez

March 2003

A primal-dual second order cone approximations algorithm for symmetric cone programming
Chek Beng Chua

Primal-dual algorithms and infinite-dimensional Jordan algebras of finite rank
Leonid Faybusovich, Takashi Tsuchiya

Linear Programming
Uniform Boundedness of a Preconditioned Normal Matrix Used in Interior Point Methods
Renato D. C. Monteiro, Jerome W. O'Neal, Takashi Tsuchiya

April 2003

Linear Programming
Asymptotic Behavior of Continuous Trajectories for Primal-Dual Potential-Reduction Methods
Reha H Tutuncu

Semi-definite Programming
The Lax conjecture is true
A.S. Lewis, P.A. Parrilo, M.V. Ramana

May 2003

Semi-definite Programming
Properties of a Cutting Plane Method for Semidefinite Programming
Kartik Krishnan, John Mitchell

A predictor-corrector algorithm for linear optimization based on a specific self-regular proximity function
jiming Peng, Tamas Terlaky, Yunbin Zhao

The Complexity of Self-Regular Proximity Based Infeasible IPMs
Maziar Salahi, Tama's Terlaky, Guoqing Zhang

On Conically Ordered Convex Programs
Shuzhong Zhang

June 2003

Calculation of universal barrier functions for cones generated by Chebyshev systems over finite sets
Leonid Faybusovich, Michael Gekhtman

Semi-definite Programming
Error bounds and limiting behavior of weighted paths associated with the SDP map $X^{1/2}SX^{1/2}$
Zhaosong Lu, Renato D. C. Monteiro

On Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for the Satisfiability Problem
Miguel F. Anjos

July 2003

Semi-definite Programming
Asymptotic behavior of the central path for a special class of degenerate SDP problems
Joao X. Cruz Neto, Orizon P. Ferreira, Renato D.C. Monteiro

Semi-definite Programming
Limiting behavior of the Alizadeh-Haeberly-Overton weighted paths in semidefinite programming
Zhaosong Lu, Renato D. C. Monteiro

Semi-definite Programming
Strengthened Existence and Uniqueness Conditions for Search Directions in Semidefinite Programming
Levent Tuncel, Henry Wolkowicz

August 2003

Linear Programming
Hugo J. Lara, Clovis C. Gonzaga, Levent Tuncel

September 2003

A Comparative Study of New Barrier Functions for Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms in Linear Optimization
Y.Q. Bai, M. Elghami, C. Roos

Semi-definite Programming
A Semidefinite Programming Approach for the Nearest Correlation Matrix Problem
Miguel F. Anjos, Nicholas J. Higham, Pawoumodom L. Takouda, Henry Wolkowicz

Linear Programming
On Tail Decay and Moment Estimates of a Condition Number for Random Linear Conic Systems
Dennis Cheung, Felipe Cucker, Raphael Hauser

Second-Order Cone Programming
A Pivotting Procedure for a Class of Second-Order Cone Programming
Masakazu Muramatsu

Sparsity in Sums of Squares of Polynomials
Masakazu Kojima, Sunyoung Kim, Hayato Waki

Semi-definite Programming
Local Minima and Convergence in Low-Rank Semidefinite Programming
Samuel Burer, Renato Monteiro

October 2003

Semi-definite Programming
The Reduced Density Matrix Method for Electronic Structure Calculations and the Role of Three-Index Representability Conditions
Zhengji Zhao, Baastian Braams, Mituhiro Fukuda, Michael Overton, Jerome Percus

Linear Programming
Convergence Analysis of a Long-Step Primal-Dual Infeasible Interior-Point LP Algorithm Based on Iterative Linear Solvers
Renato D.C. Monteiro, Jerome O'Neal

November 2003

Semi-definite Programming
Sums of Squares Relaxations of Polynomial Semidefinite Programs
Masakazu Kojima

On the optimal parameter of a self-concordant barrier over a symmetric cone
Domingos M. Cardoso, Luís A. Vieira

Semi-definite Programming
A Parallel Primal-Dual Interior-Point Method for Semidefinite Programs Using Positive Definite Matrix Completion
Kazuhide Nakata, Makoto Yamashita, Katsuki Fujisawa, Masakazu Kojima

Convergence of infeasible-interior-point methods for self-scaled conic programming
Bharath Kumar Rangarajan, Michael Todd

An Adaptive Self-Regular Proximity Based Large-Update IPM for LO
Maziar Salahi, Tama's Terlaky

December 2003

Linear Programming
When LP is not a good idea - using structure in polyhedral optimization problems
Michael Osborne

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