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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2006

January 2006

Generating and Measuring Instances of Hard Semidefinite Programs, SDP
Hua Wei, Henry Wolkowicz

The Rate of Convergence of the Augmented Lagrangian Method for Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming
Defeng Sun, Jie Sun, Liwei Zhang

February 2006

Central Paths in Semidefinite Programming, Generalized Proximal Point Method and Cauchy Trajectories in Riemannian Manifolds
J. X. da Cruz Neto, O. P. Ferreira, P. R. Oliveira, R. C. M. Silva

An extension of the standard polynomial-time primal-dual path-following algorithm to the weighted determinant maximization problem with semidefinite constraints
Takashi Tsuchiya, Yu Xia

Algebraic Tail Decay of Condition Numbers for Random Conic Systems under a General Family of Input Distributions
Raphael Hauser, Tobias Muller

March 2006

Representing the space of linear programs as a Grassmannian
Gongyun Zhao

Towards nonsymmetric conic optimization
Yurii Nesterov

April 2006

Constructing self-concordant barriers for convex cones
Yurii Nesterov

Nonsymmetric potential-reduction methods for general cones
Yurii Nesterov

May 2006

Linear Programming
Implementation of Warm-Start Strategies in Interior-Point Methods for Linear Programming in Fixed Dimension
Elizabeth John, E. Alper Yildirim

Semi-definite Programming
Target following algorithms for semidefinite programming
Chek Beng Chua

Robust Semidefinite Programming Approaches for Sensor Network Localization with Anchors
Nathan Krislock, Veronica Piccialli, Henry Wolkowicz

Linear Programming
An Efficient Approach to Updating Simplex Multipliers in the Simplex Algorithm
Jian-Feng Hu, Ping-Qi Pan

Semi-definite Programming
Globally Optimal Solutions for Large Single-Row Facility Layout Problems
Miguel F. Anjos, Anthony Vannelli

An inexact primal-dual path following algorithm for convex quadratic SDP
Kim-Chuan Toh

June 2006

Semi-definite Programming
Identifying Redundant Linear Constraints in Systems of Linear Matrix Inequality Constraints
Shafiu Jibrin, Daniel Stover

July 2006

On the Convergence of the Entropy-Exponential Penalty Trajectories and Generalized Proximal Point Methods in Semidefinite Optimization
O. P. Ferreira, P. R. Oliveira, R. C. M. Silva

August 2006

Linear Programming
Polytopes and Arrangements versus Diameter and Curvature
Antoine Deza, Tamas Terlaky, Yuriy Zinchenko

Semi-definite Programming
The first cut is the cheapest: improving SDP bounds for the clique number via copositivity
Immanuel M. Bomze, Florian Frommlet, Marco Locatelli

New upper bounds for kissing numbers from semidefinite programming
Christine Bachoc, Frank Vallentin

Central path curvature and iteration-complexity for redundant Klee-Minty cubes
Antoine Deza, Tamas Terlaky, Yuriy Zinchenko

On Handling Free Variables in Interior-Point Methods for Conic Linear Optimization
Miguel F. Anjos, Samuel Burer

Linear Programming
A Warm-Start Approach for Large-Scale Stochastic Linear Programs
Marco Colombo, Jacek Gondzio, Andreas Grothey

September 2006

Correlative sparsity in primal-dual interior-point methods for LP, SDP and SOCP
Kazuhiro Kobayashi, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima

October 2006

On the Second-Order Feasibility Cone: Primal-Dual Representation and Efficient Projection
Alexandre Belloni, Robert M. Freund

An Efficient Re-scaled Perceptron Algorithm for Conic Systems
Alexandre Belloni, Robert M. Freund, Santosh Vempala

Linear Programming
A Simpler and Tighter Redundant Klee-Minty Construction
Eissa Nematollahi, Tamas Terlaky

On the Copositive Representation of Binary and Continuous Nonconvex Quadratic Programs
Samuel Burer

Semi-definite Programming
A Matrix-lifting Semidefinite Relaxation for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Yichuan Ding, Henry Wolkowicz

Semidefinite programming, multivariate orthogonal polynomials, and codes in spherical caps
Christine Bachoc, Frank Vallentin

November 2006

Semi-definite Programming
A Unified Theorem on SDP Rank Reduction
Anthony Man-Cho So, Yinyu Ye, Jiawei Zhang

Selective Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization for conic cutting surface algorithms
John E. Mitchell, Vasile L. Basescu

December 2006

Semi-definite Programming
A PARALLEL conic interior point decomposition approach for block-angular semidefinite programs
Kartik Krishnan Sivaramakrishnan

Primal-dual first-order methods with ${\cal O}(1/\epsilon)$ iteration-complexity for cone programming
Guanghui Lan, Zhaosong Lu, Renato D.C. Monteiro

Optimal Embeddings of Distance Regular Graphs into Euclidean Spaces
Frank Vallentin

Sensor Network Localization, Euclidean Distance Matrix Completions, and Graph Realization
Yichuan Ding, Nathan Krislock, Jiawei Qian, Henry Wolkowicz

Recursive Construction of Optimal Self-Concordant Barriers for Homogeneous Cones
Olena Shevchenko

Linear Programming
Finding a point in the relative interior of a polyhedron
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I M Gould

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