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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2009

January 2009

Optimizing a Polyhedral-Semidefinite Relaxation of Completely Positive Programs
Samuel Burer

Linear Programming
Simultaneously solving seven optimization problems in relative scale
Peter Richtarik

Semi-definite Programming
Theta Bodies for Polynomial Ideals
João Gouveia, Pablo A. Parrilo, Rekha R. Thomas

Semi-definite Programming
Exploiting Sparsity in Linear and Nonlinear Matrix Inequalities via Positive Semidefinite Matrix Completion
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Martin Mevissen, Makoto Yamashita

Linear Programming
A Nonstandard Simplex Algorithm for Linear Programming
Ping-Qi Pan

February 2009

User's Manual for SparseCoLO: Conversion Methods for Sparse Conic-form Linear Optimization Problems
K. Fujisawa, S. Kim, M. Kojima, Y. Okamoto, M. Yamashita

Semi-definite Programming
Numerical block diagonalization of matrix $*$-algebras with application to semidefinite programming
Etienne De Klerk, Cristian Dobre, Dmitrii V. Pasechnik

March 2009

Convergent relaxations of polynomial optimization problems with non-commuting variables
Stefano Pironio, Miguel Navascues, Antonio Acin

April 2009

Row by row methods for semidefinite programming
Zaiwen Wen, Donald Goldfarb, Shiqian Ma, Katya Scheinberg

May 2009

Semi-definite Programming
A Numerical Algorithm for Block-Diagonal Decomposition of Matrix *-Algebras, Part II: General Algorithm
Takanori Maehara, Kazuo Murota

Semi-definite Programming
Explicit Sensor Network Localization using Semidefinite Representations and Clique Reductions
Nathan Krislock, Henry Wolkowicz

June 2009

Semi-definite Programming
Covariance regularization in inverse space
Genta Ueno, Takashi Tsuchiya

Second-Order Cone Programming
Interior Proximal Algorithm with Variable Metric for Second-Order Cone Programming: Applications to Structural Optimization and Support Vector Machines
Felipe Alvarez, Julio López, Hector Ramírez

Semi-definite Programming
Approximating semidefinite packing problems
G. Iyengar, D. J. Phillips, C. Stein

On Cone of Nonsymmetric Positive Semidefinite Matrices
Wang Yingnan, Xiu Naihua, Han Jiye

July 2009

The Farkas Lemma Revisited
S.S. Kutateladze

On the Accuracy of Uniform Polyhedral Approximations of the Copositive Cone
E. Alper Yildirim

Semi-definite Programming
Semidefinite programming and sums of hermitian squares of noncommutative polynomials
Igor Klep, Janez Povh

A new semidefinite programming hierarchy for cycles in binary matroids and cuts in graphs
João Gouveia, Monique Laurent, Pablo A. Parrilo, Rekha Thomas

Facial reduction algorithms for conic optimization problems
Hayato Waki, Masakazu Muramatsu

Semi-definite Programming
SFSDP: a Sparse Version of Full SemiDefinite Programming Relaxation for Sensor Network Localization Problems
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Hayato Waki, Makoto Yamashita

August 2009

Semi-definite Programming
On the computational complexity of gap-free duals for semidefinite programming
Imre Pólik, Tamás Terlaky

Semi-definite Programming
Local and superlinear convergence of a primal-dual interior point method for nonlinear semidefinite programming
Hiroshi Yamashita, Hiroshi Yabe

Semi-definite Programming
Alternating Direction Augmented Lagrangian Methods for semidefinite programming
Zaiwen Wen, Donald Goldfarb, Wotao Yin

Linear Programming
Curve Search, Part II: Convex Quadratic Program
Yaguang Yang

Linear Programming
Curve Search, Part I: Linear Program
Yaguang Yang

Building a completely positive factorization
Immanuel Bomze

September 2009

Semi-definite Programming
On the Central Paths and Cauchy Trajectories in Semidefinite Programming
Julio Lopez, Hector Ramirez C.

Improved semidefinite programming bounds for quadratic assignment problems with suitable symmetry
Etienne de Klerk, Renata Sotirov

October 2009

Semi-definite Programming
Smoothing techniques for solving semidefinite programs with many constraints
Michael Bürgisser, Michel Baes

Quadratic factorization heuristics for copositive programming
Immanuel M. Bomze, Florian Jarre, Franz Rendl

Semi-definite Programming
On the nonexistence of sum of squares certificates for the BMV conjecture
Kristijan Cafuta, Igor Klep, Janez Povh

The positive semidefinite Grothendieck problem with rank constraint
Jop Briet, Fernando M. de Oliveira Filho, Frank Vallentin

New Relaxations for Binary Quadratic Problems Using Second-Order Cone Programming
Bissan Ghaddar, Juan C. Vera, Miguel F. Anjos

November 2009

Semi-definite Programming
A Facial Reduction Algorithm for Finding Sparse SOS Representations
Hayato Waki, Masakazu Muramatsu

Local quadratic convergence of polynomial-time interior-point methods for conic optimization problem
Yu. Nesterov, L. Tuncel

Copositive Programming - a Survey
Mirjam Duer

December 2009

Enclosing Ellipsoids and Elliptic Cylinders of Semialgebraic Sets and Their Appication to Error Bounds in Polynomial Optimization
Masakazu Kojima, Yamashita Makoto

Semi-definite Programming
Extension of the semidefinite characterization of sum of squares functional systems to algebraic structures
Dávid Papp, Ricardo A. Collado, Farid Alizadeh

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