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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2013

January 2013

Spectral bounds for the independence ratio and the chromatic number of an operator
Christine Bachoc, Evan DeCorte, Fernando Mario de Oliveira Filho, Frank Vallentin

On Hazan's algorithm for symmetric programming problems
Leonid Faybusovich

February 2013

Sparse Recovery on Euclidean Jordan Algebras
Lingchen Kong, Jie Sun, Jiyuan Tao, Naihua Xiu

Extension of Completely Positive Cone Relaxation to Polynomial Optimization
Naohiko Arima, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima

Extension of Completely Positive Cone Relaxation to Polynomial Optimization
Naohiko Arima, Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima

Strong duality in conic linear programming: facial reduction and extended duals
Gabor Pataki

Linear Programming
Novel update techniques for the revised simplex method
Qi Huangfu, J. A. Julian Hall

Semi-definite Programming
Positive Semidefinite Matrix Completion, Universal Rigidity and the Strong Arnold Property
Monique Laurent, Antonios Varvitsiotis

The Trust Region Subproblem with Non-Intersecting Linear Constraints
Samuel Burer, Boshi Yang

March 2013

Semi-definite Programming
A Perturbed Sums of Squares Theorem for Polynomial Optimization and its Applications
Masakazu Muramatsu, Hayato Waki, Levent Tuncel

April 2013

Linear Programming
An analogue of the Klee-Walkup result for Sonnevend’s curvature of the central path
Murat Mut, Tamás Terlaky

On Finding a Generalized Lowest Rank Solution to a Linear Semi-definite Feasibility Problem
Chee-Khian Sim

May 2013

On a generalization of P\'olya's and Putinar-Vasilescu's Positivstellens\"atze
Peter J.C. Dickinson, Janez Povh

Semi-definite Programming
Worst-Case Results For Positive Semidefinite Rank
Jo\~ao Gouveia, Richard Z. Robinson, Rekha R. Thomas

Linear Programming
Updating LU Factors of LP Simplex Bases
Sande Gordon

June 2013

Facially exposed cones are not always nice
Vera Roshchina

A new tractable approximation hierarchy for general polynomial optimization problems
Peter J.C. Dickinson, Janez Povh

Linear Programming
Some preconditioners for systems of linear inequalities
Javier Pena, Vera Roshchina, Negar Soheili

Linear Programming
A non-Iterative Polynomial Algorithm for Linear Programming
Jing-Yuan Wei

July 2013

Linear Programming
A polynomial projection algorithm for linear programming
Sergei Chubanov

Polynomial solvability of variants of the trust-region subproblem
Daniel Bienstock, Alexander Michalka

RSP-Based Analysis for Sparsest and Least $\ell_1$-Norm Solutions to Underdetermined Linear Systems
Y Zhao

Analysis of Copositive Optimization Based Bounds on Standard Quadratic Optimization
Gizem Sagol, E. Alper Yildirim

August 2013

A new semidenite programming relaxation for the quadratic assignment problem and its computational perspectives
E. de Klerk, R. Sotirov, U. Truetsch

Approximate cone factorizations and lifts of polytopes
João Gouveia, Pablo A. Parrilo, Rekha R. Thomas

Semi-definite Programming
A Semidefinite Hierarchy for Containment of Spectrahedra
Kai Kellner, Thorsten Theobald, Christian Trabandt

Semi-definite Programming
A Polynomial Time Constraint Reduced Algorithm for Semidefinite Optimization Problems
Sungwoo Park, Dianne P. O'Leary

September 2013

Linear Programming
Steepest Edge as Applied to the Standard Simplex Method
Gavriel Yarmish, Richard Van Slyke

Linear Programming
Forbidden vertices
Gustavo Angulo, Shabbir Ahmed, Santanu S. Dey, Volker Kaibel

Trust-Region Problems with Linear Inequality Constraints: Exact SDP Relaxation, Global Optimality and Robust Optimization
V. Jeyakumar, G. Li

Linear Programming
Strengthened Bounds for the Probability of k-Out-Of-n Events
Feng Qiu, Shabbir Ahmed, Santanu S. Dey

Speeding up Chubanov’s method for solving a homogeneous inequality system
Kees Roos

October 2013

A Lagrangian-DNN Relaxation: a Fast Method for Computing Tight Lower Bounds for a Class of Quadratic Optimization Problems
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Kim-Chuan Toh

On the irreducibility, Lyapunov rank, and automorphisms of speical Bishop-Phelps cones
M. Seetharama Gowda, David Trott

Semi-definite Programming
Fast implementation for semidefinite programs with positive matrix completion
Makoto Yamashita, Kazuide Nakata

November 2013

Semi-definite Programming
A semidefinite programming hierarchy for packing problems in discrete geometry
David de Laat, Frank Vallentin

Semi-definite Programming
A Two-Variable Analysis of the Two-Trust-Region Problem
Boshi Yang, Samuel Burer

A structural geometrical analysis of weakly infeasible SDPs
Bruno F. Lourenço, Masakazu Muramatsu, Takashi Tsuchiya

Semidefinite programming and eigenvalue bounds for the graph partition problem
R. Sotirov, E.R. van Dam

Semi-definite Programming
Marcel K. de Carli Silva, Levent Tuncel

December 2013

Linear Programming
A First Course in Linear Optimization
Jon Lee

Linear Programming
Equivalence and Strong Equivalence between Sparsest and Least l1-Norm Nonnegative Solutions of Linear Systems and Their Application
Yun-Bin Zhao

Conic approach to quantum graph parameters using linear optimization over the completely positive semidefinite cone
Monique Laurent, Teresa Piovesan

Cristian Dobre, Juan Vera

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