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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2019

January 2019

A Geometrical Analysis of a Class of Nonconvex Conic Programs for Convex Conic Reformulations of Quadratic and Polynomial Optimization Problems
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Kim-Chuan Toh

February 2019

Semi-definite Programming
Exploiting Sparsity for Semi-Algebraic Set Volume Computation
Matteo Tacchi, Tillmann Weisser, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Didier Henrion

Semi-definite Programming
Interior Point Method on Semi-definite Linear Complementarity Problems using the Nesterov-Todd (NT) Search Direction: Polynomial Complexity and Local Convergence
Chee Khian Sim

Linear Programming
Logarithmic-barrier decomposition interior-point methods for stochastic linear optimization in a Hilbert space
Baha Alzalg, Akhtar Khan

March 2019

Second-Order Cone Programming
Decomposition interior-point methods based on unital JH-algebras for stochastic conic optimization in spin factors
Baha Alzalg

Doubly nonnegative relaxations are equivalent to completely positive reformulations of quadratic optimization problems with block-clique graph structures
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Kim-Chuan Toh

Semi-definite Programming
CONICOPF: A tight-and-cheap conic relaxation with accuracy metrics for single-period and multi-period ACOPF problems
Christian Bingane, Miguel F. Anjos, Sébastien Le Digabel

Semi-definite Programming
An Augmented Lagrangian algorithm for nonlinear semidefinite programming applied to the covering problem
Ernesto G. Birgin, Walter Gómez, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Daiana S. Viana

Semi-definite Programming
Tractable semi-algebraic approximation using Christoffel-Darboux kernel
Swann Marx, Edouard Pauwels, Tillmann Weisser, Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre

April 2019

Linear Programming
Logarithmic-Barrier Decomposition Interior-Point Methods for Stochastic Linear Optimization in a Hilbert Space
Baha Alzalg

Semi-definite Programming
Noisy Euclidean Distance Matrix Completion with a Single Missing Node
Stefan Sremac, Fei Wang , Henry Wolkowicz, Lucas Pettersson

Semi-definite Programming
Lower Bounds for the Bandwidth Problem
Franz Rendl, Renata Sotirov, Truden Christian

Semi-definite Programming
Burer-Monteiro guarantees for general semidefinite programs
Diego Cifuentes

Self-Concordance and Matrix Monotonicity with Applications to Quantum Entanglement Problems
Leonid Faybusovich, Cunlu Zhou

Convergence analysis of a Lasserre hierarchy of upper bounds for polynomial minimization on the sphere
Etienne de Klerk, Monique Laurent

A Projective Approach to Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Patrick Groetzner

May 2019

Semi-definite Programming
A convex relaxation to compute the nearest structured rank deficient matrix
Diego Cifuentes

Polyhedral approximations of the semidefinite cone and their applications
Yuzhu Wang, Akihiro Tanaka, Akiko Yoshise

Second-Order Cone Programming
Detection and Transformation of Second-Order Cone Programming Problems in a General-Purpose Algebraic Modeling Language
Jared Erickson, Robert Fourer

Linear Programming
Distributed Dantzig-Wolfe Decomposition
Mohamed El Tonbari, Shabbir Ahmed

Improved convergence analysis of Lasserre's measure-based upper bounds for polynomial minimization on compact sets
Lucas Slot, Monique Laurent

A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for nonsymmetric exponential-cone optimization.
Joachim Dahl, Erling Andersen, D.

A Newton-bracketing method for a simple conic optimization problem
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Kim-Chuan Toh

July 2019

Linear Programming
First Experiments with Structure-Aware Presolving for a Parallel Interior-Point Method
Ambros Gleixner, Nils-Christian Kempke, Thorsten Koch, Daniel Rehfeldt, Svenja Uslu

August 2019

Linear Programming
A massively parallel interior-point solver for linear energy system models with block structure
Rehfeldt Daniel, Hannes Hobbie, David Schönheit, Ambros Gleixner, Thorsten Koch, Domink Möst

Semi-definite Programming
Error Bounds and Singularity Degree in Semidefinite Programming
Stefan Sremac, Hugo J. Woerdeman, Henry Wolkowicz

Semi-definite Programming
A Survey of Recent Scalability Improvements for Semidefinite Programming with Applications in Machine Learning, Control, and Robotics
Anirudha Majumdar, Georgina Hall, Amir Ali Ahmadi

Linear Programming
On the existence of a short pivoting sequence for a linear program
Anders Forsgren, Fei Wang

September 2019

Semi-definite Programming
A relaxed interior point method for low-rank semidefinite programming problems
Stefania Bellavia, Jacek Gondzio, Margherita Porcelli

Semi-definite Programming
On Polyhedral and Second-Order-Cone Decompositions of Semidefinite Optimization Problems
Dimitris Bertsimas, Ryan Cory-Wright

October 2019

The Outcome Range Problem
Mohsen Mohammadi, Monica Gentili

A Strictly Contractive Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method for the Doubly Nonnegative Relaxation of the Minimum Cut Problem
Xinxin Li, Ting Kei Pong, Hao Sun, Henry Wolkowicz

November 2019

Second-Order Cone Programming
Exploiting Aggregate Sparsity in Second Order Cone Relaxations for Quadratic Constrained Quadratic Programming Problems
Heejune Sheen, Makoto Yamashita

Semi-definite Programming
Decomposed Structured Subsets for Semidefinite and Sum-of-Squares Optimization
Jared Miller, Yang Zheng, Mario Sznaier, Antonis Papachristodoulou

Semi-definite Programming
On the tightness of SDP relaxations of QCQPs with repeated eigenvalues
Alex L. Wang, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

The extreme rays of the $6\times6$ copositive cone
Andrei Afonin, Roland Hildebrand, Peter J.C. Dickinson

December 2019

Rational Polyhedral Outer-Approximations of the Second-Order Cone
Burak Kocuk

Linear Programming
Linear Programming using Limited-Precision Oracles
Ambros Gleixner, Daniel E. Steffy

Semi-definite Programming
Polynomial time guarantees for the Burer-Monteiro method
Diego Cifuentes, Ankur Moitra

Gaddum's test for symmetric cones
Michael Orlitzky

A Limiting Analysis on Regularization of Singular SDP and its Implication to Infeasible Interior-point Algorithms
Takashi Tsuchiya, Bruno F. Lourenco, Masakazu Muramatsu, Takayuki Okuno

Linear Programming
A New Preconditioning Approach for an Interior Point-Proximal Method of Multipliers for Linear and Convex Quadratic Programming
Luca Bergamaschi, Jacek Gondzio, Ángeles Martínez, John W. Pearson, Spyridon Pougkakiotis

Semi-definite Programming
Facial Reduction for Symmetry Reduced Semidefinite Programs
Hao Hu, Renata Sotirov, Henry Wolkowicz

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