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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2020

January 2020

Semi-definite Programming
Exact semidefinite programming bounds for packing problems
Maria Dostert, David de Laat, Philippe Moustrou

Centering ADMM for the Semidefinite Relaxation of the QAP
Shin-ichi Kanoh, Akiko Yoshise

Semi-definite Programming
The maximum $k$-colorable subgraph problem and related problems
Olga Kuryatnikova, Renata Sotirov, Juan Vera

February 2020

Semi-definite Programming
On convex hulls of epigraphs of QCQPs
Alex Wang, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

Second-Order Cone Programming
A Proximal Multiplier Method for Convex Separable Symmetric Cone Optimization
Erik Papa Quiroz, Julio López , Miguel Cano

March 2020

Semi-definite Programming
Near-optimal analysis of univariate moment bounds for polynomial optimization
Monique Laurent, Lucas Slot

Linear Programming
Projection and rescaling algorithm for finding most interior solutions to polyhedral conic systems
Javier Pena, Negar Soheili

A note on the Lasserre hierarchy for different formulations of the maximum independent set problem
Miguel Anjos, Youssouf Emine, Andrea Lodi, Zhao Sun

Semi-definite Programming
Bregman primal–dual first-order method and application to sparse semidefinite programming
Xin Jiang, Lieven Vandenberghe

On the symmetry of induced norm cones
Michael Orlitzky

April 2020

A new interior-point approach for large two-stage stochastic problems
Jordi Castro, Paula de la Lama

May 2020

Towards practical generic conic optimization
Chris Coey, Lea Kapelevich, Juan Pablo Vielma

Parametric analysis of conic linear optimization
Yan Zizong, Li Xiangjun, Guo Jinhai

Linear Programming
The Equivalence of Fourier-based and Wasserstein Metrics on Imaging Problems
Gennaro Auricchio, Andrea Codegoni, Stefano Gualandi, Giuseppe Toscani, Marco Veneroni

June 2020

A Restricted Dual Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method for QAP
Naomi Graham, Hao Hu, Haesol Im, Xinxin Li, Henry Wolkowicz

Semi-definite Programming
A simplified treatment of Ramana's exact dual for semidefinite programming
Bruno Lourenco, Gabor Pataki

July 2020

Semi-definite Programming
Necessary and sufficient conditions for rank-one generated cones
C.J. Argue, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan, Alex L. Wang

Linear Programming
Column-Randomized Linear Programs: Performance Guarantees and Applications
Yi-Chun Chen, Velibor Mišić

Linear Programming
Bound Propagation for Linear Inequalities Revisited
Kevin Cheung

August 2020

Second-order analysis for semidefinite and second-order cone programming via sequential optimality conditions
Ellen H. Fukuda, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito

A geodesic interior-point method for linear optimization over symmetric cones
Frank Permenter

Second-Order Cone Programming
On constant rank constraint qualifications for second-order cone programming
R. Andreani, E.H. Fukuda, G. Haeser, H. Ramirez, D.O. Santos, P.J.S. Silva, T.P. Silveira

Semi-definite Programming
Matchings, hypergraphs, association schemes, and semidefinite optimization
Yu Hin (Gary) Au, Nathan Lindzey, Levent Tunçel

Semi-definite Programming
Learning Dynamical Systems with Side Information
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Bachir El Khadir

September 2020

Semi-definite Programming
Dual optimal design and the Christoffel-Darboux polynomial
Yohann De Castro, Fabrice Gamboa, Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre

Semi-definite Programming
SDP-based bounds for the Quadratic Cycle Cover Problem via cutting plane augmented Lagrangian methods and reinforcement learning
Frank de Meijer, Renata Sotirov

Naive constant rank-type constraint qualifications for multifold second-order cone programming and semidefinite programming
R. Andreani, G. Haeser, L.M. Mito, H. Ramirez, D.O. Santos, T.P. Silveira

Strong duality and boundedness in conic optimization
Temitayo Ajayi, Akshay Gupte, Amin Khademi, Andrew Schaefer

Semi-definite Programming
Stokes, Gibbs and volume computation of semi-algebraic sets
Matteo Tacchi, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Didier Henrion

Semi-definite Programming
Strengthened SDP Relaxation for an Extended Trust Region Subproblem with an Application to Optimal Power Flow
Anders Eltved, Samuel Burer

October 2020

Semi-definite Programming
Partial Lasserre relaxation for sparse Max-Cut
Juan S. Campos, Ruth Misener, Panos Parpas

Semi-definite Programming
An echelon form of weakly infeasible semidefinite programs and bad projections of the psd cone
Gabor Pataki, Aleksandr Touzov

November 2020

Linear Programming
A New Face Algorithm Using LU Factorization for Linear Programming
Ping-Qi Pan

Semi-definite Programming
Graph Recovery From Incomplete Moment Information
Didier Henrion, Jean Bernard Lasserre

Semi-definite Programming
A Geometric View of SDP Exactness in QCQPs and its Applications
Alex L. Wang, Fatma Kilinc-Karzan

Linear Programming
Simple Iterative Methods for Linear Optimization over Convex Sets
Daniel Dadush, Christopher Hojny, Sophie Huiberts, Stefan Weltge

Amenable cones are particularly nice
Bruno F. Lourenço, Vera Roshchina, James Saunderson

Safely Learning Dynamical Systems from Short Trajectories
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Abraar Chaudhry, Vikas Sindhwani, Stephen Tu

December 2020

User manual of NewtBracket: “A Newton-Bracketing method for a simple conic optimization problem” with applications to QOPs in binary variables
Sunyoung Kim, Masakazu Kojima, Kim-Chuan Toh

A New Dual Face Algorithm Using LU Factorization for Linear Programming
Ping-Qi Pan

Error bounds, facial residual functions and applications to the exponential cone
Scott B. Lindstrom, Bruno F. Lourenco, Ting Kei Pong

Weak notions of nondegeneracy in nonlinear semidefinite programming
Roberto Andreani, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Héctor Ramírez

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