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Linear, Cone and Semidefinite Programming Submissions - 2021

January 2021

Projection onto the exponential cone: a univariate root-finding problem
Henrik A. Friberg

February 2021

Semi-definite Programming
Moment-SOS hierarchy and exit time of stochastic processes
Didier Henrion, Mauricio Junca, Mauricio Velasco

Semi-definite Programming
How do exponential size solutions arise in semidefinite programming?
Gabor Pataki, Aleksandr Touzov

March 2021

Linear Programming
Infeasibility detection with primal-dual hybrid gradient for large-scale linear programming
David Applegate, Díaz Mateo, Haihao Lu, Miles Lubin

April 2021

Linear Programming
Integrated lot-sizing and one-dimensional cutting stock problem with usable leftovers
D. N. do Nascimento, S. A. de Araujo, A. C. Cherri

Semi-definite Programming
Time-Varying Semidefinite Programming: Geometry of the Trajectory of Solutions
Antonio Bellon, Didier Henrion, Vyacheslav Kungurstev, Jakub Marecek

Semi-definite Programming
A Strengthened Barvinok-Pataki Bound on SDP Rank
Jiyoung Im, Henry Wolkowicz

On the generalized $\vartheta$-number and related problems for highly symmetric graphs
Lennart Sinjorgo, Renata Sotirov

May 2021

Sums of Separable and Quadratic Polynomials
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Cemil Dibek, Georgina Hall

Semi-definite Programming
A new perspective on low-rank optimization
Dimitris Bertsimas, Ryan Cory-Wright, Jean Pauphilet

Second-Order Cone Programming
MIMO Radar Optimization With Constant-Modulus and Any p-Norm Similarity Constraints
He Xin

Convex Hull Results on Quadratic Programs with Non-Intersecting Constraints
Alexander Joyce, Boshi Yang

Semi-definite Programming
Evaluating approximations of the semidefinite cone with trace normalized distance
Yuzhu Wang, Akiko Yoshise

June 2021

Linear Programming
Practical Large-Scale Linear Programming using Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient
David Applegate, Mateo Díaz, Oliver Hinder, Haihao Lu, Miles Lubin, Brendan O'Donoghue, Warren Schudy

Linear Programming
How to quantify outcome functions of interval-valued linear programs
Mohsen Mohammadi, Monica Gentili, Milan Hladik, Raffaele Cerulli

A Homogeneous Predictor-Corrector Algorithm for Stochastic Nonsymmetric Convex Conic Optimization With Discrete Support
Baha Alzalg, Mohammad Alabedalhadi

Decomposition Interior-Point Methods Based on Unital JH-Algebras for Stochastic Conic Optimization in Spin Factors
Baha Alzalg

Conic optimization: a survey with special focus on copositive optimization and binary quadratic problems
Mirjam Dür, Franz Rendl

July 2021

Rank computation in Euclidean Jordan algebras
Michael Orlitzky

Completely Positive Factorization in Orthogonality Optimization via Smoothing Method
Zhijian Lai, Akiko Yoshsie

Semi-definite Programming
Exactness in SDP relaxations of QCQPs: Theory and applications
Fatma Kilinc-Karzan, Alex L. Wang

August 2021

Linear Programming
Solving Cut-Generating Linear Programs via Machine Learning
Atefeh Rajabalizadeh, Danial Davarnia

September 2021

Tight error bounds and facial residual functions for the p-cones and beyond
Scott B. Lindstrom, Bruno F. Lourenço, Ting Kei Pong

October 2021

Semi-definite Programming
Exactness of Parrilo's conic approximations for copositive matrices and associated low order bounds for the stability number of a graph
Monique Laurent, Luis Felipe Vargas

A New Extension of Chubanov’s Method to Symmetric Cones
Shin-ichi Kanoh, Akiko Yoshise

A Preconditioned Iterative Interior Point Approach to the Conic Bundle Subproblem
Christoph Helmberg

Second-Order Cone Programming
Global Convergence of Algorithms Under Constant Rank Conditions for Nonlinear Second-Order Cone Programming
Roberto Andreani, Gabriel Haeser, Leonardo M. Mito, Héctor Ramírez C., Thiago P. Silveira

November 2021

Strong duality of a conic optimization problem with two cones and a single equality constraint
Sunyoung KIm, Masakazu Kojima

Semi-definite Programming
Revisiting semidefinite programming approaches to options pricing: complexity and computational perspectives
Didier Henrion, Felix Kirschner, Etienne de Klerk, Milan Korda, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Victor Magron

Duality aspects in convex conic programming
Maria Trnovska, Jakub Hrdina

Stochastic infinity norm optimization and primal interior-point decomposition algorithms
Baha Alzalg

December 2021

New interior-point approach for one- and two-class linear support vector machines using multiple variable splitting
Castro Jordi

On solving large-scale multistage stochastic problems with a new specialized interior-point approach
Jordi Castro, Laureano F. Escudero, Juan F. Monge

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