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Applications — OR and Management Sciences Submissions - 2011

January 2011

Approximate Dynamic Programming with Bezier Curves/Surfaces for Top-percentile traffic routing
Xinan Yang, Andreas Grothey

Energy Savings in Wireless Mesh Networks in a Time-Variable Context
Antonio Capone, Filippo Malandra, Brunilde Sansò

February 2011

Stochastic Optimization for Power System Configuration with Renewable Energy in Remote Areas
Ludwig Kuznia, Bo Zeng, Grisselle Centeno, Zhixin Miao

A stabilized model and an efficient solution method for the yearly optimal power management
Vincent Guigues

March 2011

Solution Methods for the Multi-trip Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints
Z Akca, TK Ralphs, RT Berger

New VNS heuristic for Total Flowtime Flowshop Scheduling Problem
Wagner Emanoel Costa, Marco César Goldbarg, Elizabeth G. Goldbarg

A generalized job-shop problem with more than one resource demand per task
Joachim Schauer, Cornelius Schwarz

April 2011

Concepts and Applications of Stochastically Weighted Stochastic Dominance
Jian Hu, Tito Homem-de-Mello, Sanjay Mehrotra

Supply Chain Management
A Multi-Product Risk-Averse Newsvendor with Exponential Utility Function
Sungyong Choi, Andrzej Ruszczynski

A biased random-key genetic algorithm for job-shop scheduling
José F. Gonçalves, Mauricio G.C. Resende

May 2011

Optimal construction of a fund of funds
Petri Hilli, Matti Koivu, Teemu Pennanen

A Polyhedral Study of Multi-Echelon Lot Sizing with Intermediate Demands
Minjiao Zhang, Simge Kucukyavuz, Hande Yaman

The Reliable Hub-and-spoke Design Problem: Models and Algorithms
Yu An, Yu Zhang, Bo Zeng

July 2011

Finance and Economics
A Moment Approach to Pricing Exotic Options Under Regime-Switching
Jonathan Li, Roy Kwon

Preferences for Travel Time under Risk and Ambiguity: Implications in Path Selection and Network Equilibrium
Jin Qi, Melvyn Sim, Defeng Sun, Xiao-Ming Yuan

September 2011

Robust management and pricing of LNG contracts with cancellation options
Vincent Guigues, Claudia Sagastizábal, Jorge Zubelli

Managing Operational and Financing Decisions to Meet Consumption Targets
Lucy Gongtao Chen, Zhuoyu Long, Sim Melvyn

Improving Robust Rolling Stock Circulation in Rapid Transit Networks
Luís Cadarso, Ángel Marín

Stochastic approaches for solving Rapid Transit Network Design models with random demand
Gemayqzel bouza, Ángel Marín

October 2011

Daily Scheduling of Nurses in Operating Suites
Arezou Mobasher, Gino Lim, Jonathan Bard, Victoria Jordan

Robust Rankings for College Football
Samuel Burer

Supply Chain Management
A new robust cycle-based inventory control policy
Yupeng Chen, Garud Iyengar

Modeling recreational systems using optimization techniques and information technologies
Oleg Shcherbina, Elena Shembeleva

November 2011

Finance and Economics
Robustifying Convex Risk Measures: A Non-Parametric Approach
David Wozabal

Scheduling co-operating stacking cranes with predetermined container sequences
Dirk Briskorn, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Michael G.H. Bell

December 2011

A Security Framework for Smart Metering with Multiple Data Consumers
Cristina Rottondi, Giacomo Verticale, Antonio Capone

Optimizing Trading Decisions for Hydro Storage Systems using Approximate Dual Dynamic Programming
Nils Loehndorf, David Wozabal, Stefan Minner

Airline Optimization
The recoverable robust tail assignment problem
Gary Froyland, Stephen J Maher, Cheng-Lung Wu

Simultaneous Pursuit of Out-of-Sample Performance and Sparsity in Index Tracking Portfolios
Akiko Takeda, Mahesan Niranjan, Jun-ya Gotoh, Yoshinobu Kawahara

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