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Applications — OR and Management Sciences Submissions - 2013

January 2013

A two-step optimization approach for job shop scheduling problem using a genetic algorithm
Jorge Magalhaes-Mendes

Finance and Economics
Asset Allocation under the Basel Accord Risk Measures
Zaiwen Wen, Xianhua Peng, Xin Liu, Xiaodi Bai, Xiaoling Sun

Production and Logistics
Public Facility Location Using Dispersion, Population, and Equity Criteria
Rajan Batta, Miguel Lejeune, Srinivas Prasad

February 2013

Shipping Data Generation for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain
N Boland, M Savelsbergh, H Waterer

Decentralised Shared Resource Constraint Scheduling with Confidentiality Protection
Gaurav Singh, Christine O'Keefe

A big-bucket time-indexed formulation for nonpreemptive single machine scheduling problems
Natashia Boland, Riley Clement, Hamish Waterer

Complexity of a classical flow restoration problem
Dritan Nace, Michal Pioro, Arthur Tomaszewski, Mateusz Zotkiewicz

Composite Retrieval of Diverse and Complementary Bundles
Sihem Amer-Yahia, Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo, Esteban Feuerstein, Isabel Méndez-Díaz, Paula Zabala

March 2013

Supply Chain Management
Solution Methods for the Periodic Petrol Station Replenishment Problem
Chefi Triki

Airline Optimization
An Integrated Scenario-Based Approach for Robust Aircraft Routing, Crew Pairing and Re-timing.
Michelle Dunbar, Gary Froyland, Cheng-Lung Wu

April 2013

Production and Logistics
Equipment Selection for Surface Mining: A Review
Christina Burt, Louis Caccetta

Finance and Economics
Approximation of the Whole Pareto-Optimal Set for the Vector Optimization Problem
Tibor Illés, Gábor Lovics

A continuous gradient-like dynamical approach to Pareto-optimization in Hilbert spaces
Hedy Attouch, Xavier Goudou

May 2013

Practical Multi-objective Programming
Isaac Siwale

Solution of Nonlinear Equations via Optimization
Isaac Siwale

An interior proximal point method with phi-divergence for Equilibrium Problems
Paulo Oliveira, Paulo Santos, Afonso Silva, Arnaldo Brito

A Strong Preemptive Relaxation for Weighted Tardiness and Earliness/Tardiness Problems on Unrelated Parallel Machines
Halil Sen, Kerem Bulbul

Strategic Health Workforce Planning
Weihong Hu, Mariel S. Lavieri, Alejandro Toriello, Xiang Liu

An FPTAS for Capacity Constrained Assortment Optimization
Antoine Desir, Vineet Goyal

Finance and Economics
Credit Price Optimisation within Retail Banking
T. De la Rey, S.E. Terblanche

June 2013

Optimization Techniques for the Brazilian Natural Gas Network Planning Problem
Leonardo A.M. Moraes, Sergio V.B. Bruno, Welington Oliveira

A Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Framework for Fixed Path Coordination of Multiple Underwater Vehicles under Acoustic Communication Constraints
Solmaz Torabi, Shambadeb Basu, Hande Benson, Pramod Abichandani

An MILP approach to Multi-location, Multi-Period Equipment Selection for Surface Mining with Case Studies
C Burt, L Caccetta, L Fouche, P Welgama

July 2013

Optimization of Demand Response Through Peak Shaving
G. Zakeri, D. Craigie, A. Philpott, M. Todd

A practicable framework for distributionally robust linear optimization
Dimitris Bertsimas, Melvyn Sim, Meilin Zhang

Finance and Economics
Multiperiod Portfolio Optimization with General Transaction Costs
Victor DeMiguel, Xiaoling Mei, Francisco J. Nogales

The Freight Train Routing Problem
Ralf Borndörfer, Armin Fügenschuh, Torsten Klug, Thilo Schang, Thomas Schlechte, Hanno Schülldorf

A New Framework for Combining Global and Local Methods in Black Box Optimization
Yibo Ji, Sujin Kim, Lu, Wendy Xu

August 2013

A game-theoretic approach to computation offloading in mobile cloud computing
Valeria Cardellini, Vittoria De Nitto Persone', Valerio Di Valerio, Francisco Facchinei, Vincenzo Grassi, Francesco Lo Presti, Veronica Piccialli

Approximate Dynamic Programming for a Class of Long-Horizon Maritime Inventory Routing Problems
Dimitri Papageorgiou, Myun-Seok Cheon, George Nemhauser, Joel Sokol

A competitive iterative procedure using a time-indexed model for solving flexible job shop scheduling problems
Karin Thörnblad, Ann-Brith Strömberg, Michael Patriksson, Torgny Almgren

Scheduling optimization of a real flexible job shop including side constraints regarding maintenance, fixtures, and night shifts
Karin Thörnblad, Ann-Brith Strömberg, Michael Patriksson, Torgny Almgren

Practical Portfolio Optimization
Isaac Siwale

Inventory control for a perishable product with non-stationary demand and service level constraints
Karin G.J. Pauls-Worm, Eligius M.T. Hendrix, Rene Haijema, Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst

MIRPLib: A Maritime Inventory Routing Problem Library
Dimitri Papageorgiou, George Nemhauser, Joel Sokol, Myun-Seok Cheon, Ahmet Keha

Airline Optimization
A novel passenger recovery approach for the integrated airline recovery problem
Stephen J Maher

September 2013

The Vehicle Platooning Problem: Computational Complexity and Heuristics
Erik Larsson, Sennton Gustav, Jeffrey Larson

Finance and Economics
Existence of Competitive Equilibrium in Piecewise Linear and Concave Exchange Economies and the non-symmetric Nash Bargaining Solution
Somdeb Lahiri

Two-Stage Decomposition Algorithms for Single Product Maritime Inventory Routing
Dimitri Papageorgiou, Ahmet Keha, George Nemhauser, Joel Sokol

Optimization Methods for Disease Prevention and Epidemic Control
Yan Deng, Siqian Shen, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

October 2013

Regenerators as Hubs
Baris Yildiz, Oya Ekin Karasan

Dynamic Linear Production Games under Uncertainty
Alejandro Toriello, Nelson A. Uhan

Minimizing Value-at-Risk in Single-Machine Scheduling
Semih Atakan, Kerem Bulbul, Nilay Noyan

Integrated Service System Staffing and Scheduling via Stochastic Integer Programming
Merve Bodur, James Luedtke

Computing a Cournot Equilibrium in Integers
Michael Todd

Price of Anarchy for Non-atomic Congestion Games with Stochastic Demands
Chenlan Wang, Xuan Vinh Doan, Bo Chen

Finance and Economics
Least-squares approach to risk parity in portfolio selection
Xi Bai, Katya Scheinberg, Reha Tütüncü

November 2013

Production and Logistics
Dynamic Cost Allocation for Economic Lot Sizing Games
Alejandro Toriello, Nelson A Uhan

Performance Analysis of Content-Centric and Content-Delivery Networks with Evolving Object Popularity
Michele Mangili, Fabio Martignon, Antonio Capone

Approaches to a real-world train timetabling problem in a railway node
Valentina Cacchiani, Fabio Furini, Martin Philip Kidd

December 2013

Constructing Schedules for Sports Leagues with Divisional and Round-robin Tournaments
Jeffrey Larson, Mikael Johansson

A Distributed Framework for Coordinated Heavy-duty Vehicle Platooning
Jeffrey Larson, Kuo-Yun Liang, Karl H. Johansson

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