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Applications — OR and Management Sciences Submissions - 2018

January 2018

A Branch-and-Benders-Cut Algorithm for the Road Restoration Crew Scheduling and Routing Problem
Alfredo Moreno, Pedro Munari, Douglas Alem

A Proximal Approach for a Class of Matrix Optimization Problems
A. Benfenati, E. Chouzenoux, J.-C. Pesquet

Network Models with Unsplittable Node Flows with Application to Unit Train Scheduling
Danial Davarnia, Jean-Philippe Richard, Ece Icyuz-Ay, Bijan Taslimi

The Continuous Time Inventory Routing Problem
Felipe Lagos, Natashia Boland, Martin Savelsbergh

February 2018

Production and Logistics
Optimal Hub Selection for Rapid Medical Deliveries using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Consideration of Flight Dynamics
Jose Escribano Macias, Panagiotis Angeloudis, WY Ochieng

Generalization Bounds for Regularized Portfolio Selection with Market Side Information
Thierry Bazier-Matte, Erick Delage

The robust vehicle routing problem with time windows: compact formulation and branch-price-and-cut method
Pedro Munari, Alfredo Moreno, Jonathan De La Vega, Douglas Alem, Jacek Gondzio, Reinaldo Morabito

A Benders decomposition method for locating stations in a one-way electric car sharing system under demand uncertainty
Hatice Calik, Bernard Fortz

March 2018

Exact and heuristic algorithms for finding envy-free allocations in food rescue pickup and delivery logistics
David Rey, Khaled Almi'ani, Divya J Nair

The distortion principle for insurance pricing: properties, identification and robustness
Daniela Escobar, Ch. Georg Pflug

The color-constrained and interchange-constrained shortest path problems
Nassim Dehouche

Branch-Cut-and-Price for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Convex Node Costs
Qie He, Stefan Irnich, Yongjia Song

Designing and Optimizing an Integrated Car-and-ride Sharing System for Mobilizing Underserved Populations
Miao Yu, Siqian Shen

April 2018

On Finding Stable and Efficient Solutions for the Team Formation Problem
Hoda Atef Yekta, David Bergman, Robert Day

An Efficient Tabu Search Procedure for Short-Term Planning of Large-Scale Hydropower Systems
Alexia Marchand, Michel Gendreau, Marko Blais, Grégory Emiel

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Location Selection of Add-on Retail Products
Teng Huang, David Bergman, Ram Gopal

Using Nemirovski's Mirror-Prox method as Basic Procedure in Chubanov's method for solving homogeneous feasibility problems
Wei Zhang , Kees Roos

High-Performance Computing for the Optimization of High-Pressure Thermal treatments in Food Industry
M. R. Ferrández, S. Puertas-Martín, J. L. Redondo, B. Ivorra, A. M. Ramos, P. M. Ortigosa

Layered graph approaches for combinatorial optimization problems
Luis Gouveia, Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair

Distributionally Robust Linear and Discrete Optimization with Marginals
Louis Chen, Will Ma, Karthik Natarajan, David Simchi-Levi, Zhenzhen Yan

The Meal Delivery Routing Problem
Damian Reyes, Alan Erera, Martin Savelsbergh, Sagar Sahasrabudhe, Ryan O'Neil

Mileage Bands in Freight Transportation
Maciek Nowak, Mike Hewitt, Hussam Bachour

May 2018

Supply Chain Management
Acyclic Mechanism Design for Freight Consolidation
Wentao Zhang, Nelson A. Uhan, Maged Dessouky, Alejandro Toriello

Yield Management
Fluid Arrivals Simulation for Choice Network Revenue Management
Thibault Barbier, Miguel F. Anjos, Fabien Cirinei, Gilles Savard

Provably High-Quality Solutions for the Meal Delivery Routing Problem
Baris Yildiz, Martin Savelsbergh

Solving Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problems with Time Windows
Duc Vu, Mike Hewitt, Natashia Boland, Martin Savelsbergh

June 2018

Multi-Product Newsvendor Problem with Customer-driven Demand Substitution: A Stochastic Integer Program Perspective
Jie Zhang, Weijun Xie, Subhash Sarin

A Column Generation Algorithm for Vehicle Scheduling and Routing Problems
Tasnim Ibn Faiz, Chrysafis Vogiatzis and , Md. Noor-E-Alam

A Scenario Decomposition Algorithm for Strategic Time Window Assignment Vehicle Routing Problems
Anirudh Subramanyam, Akang Wang, Chrysanthos Gounaris

A sparse optimization approach for energy-efficient timetabling in metro railway systems
Xiaoyu Li, Ziyan Luo, Naihua Xiu

On a New Modelling Approach for Circular Layouts and its Practical Advantages
Philipp Hungerländer , Kerstin Maier, Pöcher Jörg, Christian Truden

Multi-stage Stochastic Programming for Demand Response Optimization
Munise Kübra Şahin, Özlem Çavuş, Hande Yaman

The Integrated Last-Mile Transportation Problem
Arvind U. Raghunathan, David Bergman, John Hooker, Thiago Serra

A Dual Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Multi-stage Stochastic Unit Commitment
Jagdish Ramakrishnan, James Luedtke

A Lagrange decomposition based Branch and Bound algorithm for the Optimal Mapping of Cloud Virtual Machines
Guanglei Wang, Walid Ben-Ameur, Adam Ouorou

An Enhanced Branch and Price Algorithm for the Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Gonzalo Lera Romero, Juan José Miranda Bront, Francisco Soulignac

July 2018

Production and Logistics
Coordination of a two-level supply chain with contracts
Siao-Leu Phouratsamay, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Fanny Pascual

Dynamic Scheduling of Home Health Care Patients to Medical Providers
Andre Augusto Cire, Adam Diamant

Multistage Stochastic Demand-side Management for Price-Making Major Consumers of Electricity
Mahbubeh Habibian, Anthony Downward, Golbon Zakeri

Fleet Sizing and Empty Freight Car Allocation
Sebastian Steininger, Philipp Hungerländer

Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Control and Coordinate Operations, Asset Loading and Maintenance
Murat Yildirim, Nagi Gebraeel, X. Andy Sun

Portfolio Optimization with Nondominated Priors and Unbounded Parameters

A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for Two-Echelon Inventory Routing Problems
Katyanne Farias, Khaled Hadj-Hamou, Claude Yugma

Seamless Multimodal Transportation Scheduling
Arvind Raghunathan, David Bergman, John Hooker, Thiago Serra, Shingo Kobori

Production and Logistics
A two-stage stochastic optimization model for the Bike sharing allocation and rebalancing problem
Rossana Cavagnini, Luca Bertazzi, Francesca Maggioni, Mike Hewitt

A new drayage problem with different customer services and container requirements
Federica Bomboi, Massimo Di Francesco, Jonas Pruente

Dynamic Emergency Medical Services Network Design: A Novel Probabilistic Envelope Constrained Stochastic Model and Decomposition Scheme
Chun Peng, Erick Delage, Jinlin Li

August 2018

Optimal Design of Rapid Evacuation Strategies in Constrained Urban Transport Networks
JJ Escribano Macias, P Angeloudis, K Han

The Multiple Traveling Salesperson Problem on Regular Grids
Philipp Hungerländer, Anna Jellen, Stefan Jessenitschnig, Lisa Knoblinger, Manuel Lackenbucher, Kerstin Maier

An Integer Programming Formulation of the Key Management Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
Guanglin Xu, Alexander Semenov, Maciej Rysz

An Iterative Re-optimization Framework for the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Roaming Delivery Locations
Gizem Ozbaygin, Martin Savelsbergh

A Partial PPA block-wise ADMM for Multi-Block Constrained Separable Convex Optimization
Yuan Shen

A multi-stage stochastic integer programming approach for a multi-echelon lot-sizing problem with returns and lost sales
Franco Quezada, Céline Gicquel, Safia Kedad-Sidhoum, Quan Dong

Location and Capacity Planning of Facilities with General Service-Time Distributions Using Conic Optimization
Amir Ahmadi-Javid, Oded Berman, Pooya Hoseinpour

September 2018

Optimizing Package Express Operations in China
Baris Yildiz, Martin Savelsbergh

Supply Chain Management
Heuristic Methods for The Capacitated Stochastic Lot-Sizing Problem Under The Static-Dynamic Uncertainty Strategy
A.C. Randa, M.K. Dogru, C. Iyigun, U. Ozen

A Heuristic for the Traveling Salesperson Problem with Forbidden Neighborhoods on Regular 2D and 3D Grids
Philipp Armbrust, Philipp Hungerländer, Anna Jellen

A Mixed Integer Linear Program for Optimizing the Utilization of Locomotives with Maintenance Constraints
Sarah Frisch, Philipp Hungerländer, Anna Jellen, Dominic Weinberger

Analysis of Models for the Stochastic Outpatient Procedure Scheduling Problem
Karmel Shehadeh , Amy Cohn, Marina Epelman

October 2018

Integer Models for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickup and Delivery
Ryan J. O'Neil, Karla Hoffman

Two-stage stochastic days-off scheduling of multi-skilled analysts with training options
Doug Altner, Erica Mason, Les Servi

Supply Chain Management
Analysis of Process Flexibility Designs under Disruptions
Erfan Mehmanchi, Hoda Bidkhori, Oleg A. Prokopyev

Multi-Stage Stochastic Programming Models for Provisioning Cloud Computing Resources
Hazal Erol, Kerem Bulbul, Nilay Noyan

Decision Diagrams for Solving Traveling Salesman Problems with Pickup and Delivery in Real Time
Ryan J. O'Neil, Karla Hoffman

Delay and disruption management at ATM: technical details
Federico Malucelli, Emanuele Tresoldi

Learning a Mixture of Gaussians via Mixed Integer Optimization
Hari Bandi, Dimitris Bertsimas, Rahul Mazumder

Dynamic Courier Routing for a Food Delivery Service
Zachary Steever, Mark Karwan, Chase Murray

Surgery Sequencing and Scheduling in Multiple ORs with PACU Capacity Constraints
Miao Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay

Effectiveness of Surgical Scheduling Optimization: a Reinvestigation under the "To-Follow'' Practice and Perioperative Uncertainties
Miao Bai, R.H. Storer, G.L. Tonkay, T.E. Theman

Endogenous Price Zones and Investment Incentives in Electricity Markets: An Application of Multilevel Optimization with Graph Partitioning
Mirjam Ambrosius, Veronika Grimm, Thomas Kleinert, Frauke Liers, Martin Schmidt, Gregor Zöttl

Interval-based Dynamic Discretization Discovery for Solving the Continuous-Time Service Network Design Problem
Luke Marshall, Natashia Boland, Martin Savelsbergh, Mike Hewitt

Robust Multi-product Newsvendor Model with Substitution under Cardinality-constrained Uncertainty Set
Zhang Jie, Weijun Xie

November 2018

Finance and Economics
Sparse Mean-Reverting Portfolios via Penalized Likelihood Optimization
Jize Zhang, Tim Leung, Aleksandr Aravkin

Geometric insights and proofs on optimal inventory control policies
ND van Foreest, OA Kilic

Potential of shared autonomous electric vehicles for reinforcing future urban microgrids
Mengyi Sha, Wei Qi, Shanling Li

On Mixed Integer Programming Formulations for the Unit Commitment Problem
Bernard Knueven, Jim Ostrowski, Jean Paul Watson

A new binary programming formulation and social choice property for expediting the solution to Kemeny ranking aggregation
Yeawon Yoo, Adolfo Escobedo

A Dynamic Mobile Production Capacity and Inventory Control Problem
Satya S. Malladi, Alan L. Erera, Chelsea C. White III

Multi-component Maintenance Optimization: A Stochastic Programming Approach
Zhicheng Zhu, Yisha Xiang, Bo Zeng

The Impact of Potential-Based Physics Models on Pricing in Energy Networks
Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt

Enhancement on the Improved Recursive Method for Multi-objective Integer Programming Problem
Masar Al-Rabeeah, Ali Al-Hasani, Andrew Eberhard, Santosh Kumar, Elias Munapo

The Benefits of Transfers in Crowdsourced Pickup-and-Delivery Systems
Afonso Sampaio, Martin Savelsbergh, Lucas Veelenturf, Tom Van Woensel

Multi-step discrete-time Zhang neural networks with application to time-varying nonlinear optimization
Sun Min, Tian Maoying, Wang Yiju

December 2018

Endogenous stochastic optimisation for relief distribution assisted with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Jose Javier Escribano Macias, Nils Goldbeck, Pei-Yuan Hsu, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Washington Ochieng

Supply Chain Management
Policies for Inventory Models with Product Returns Forecast from Past Demands and Past Sales
Mabel C. Chou, C.-K. Sim , X.-M. Yuan

Bookings in the European Gas Market: Characterisation of Feasibility and Computational Complexity Results
Martine Labbé, Fränk Plein, Martin Schmidt

Integrated Trajectory-Location-Routing for Rapid Humanitarian Deliveries using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Jose Javier Escribano Macias, Panagiotis Angeloudis, Washington Ochieng

Large-scale Influence Maximization via Maximal Covering Location
Evren Güney, Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair, Markus Sinnl

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