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Network Optimization Submissions - 2008

January 2008

Test instances for the traffic assignment problem
Frédéric Babonneau, Jean-Philippe Vial

The Maximum Flow Network Interdiction Problem: Theory and Neighborhood Search
Douglas Altner, Ozlem Ergun, Nelson Uhan

Rapidly Solving an Online Sequence of Maximum Flow Problems
Douglas Altner, Ozlem Ergun

February 2008

Convergent Network Approximation for the Continuous Euclidean Length Constrained Minimum Cost Path Problem
Ranga Muhandiramge, Natashia Boland, Song Wang

Simultaneous Solution of Lagrangean Dual Problems Interleaved with Preprocessing for the Weight Constrained Shortest Path Problem
Ranga Muhandiramge, Natashia Boland

March 2008

An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Robust Minimum Capacity s-t Cuts
Doug Altner

June 2008

Modelling Hop-Constrained and Diameter-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problems as Steiner Tree Problems over Layered Graphs
Luis Gouveia, Luidi Simonetti, Eduardo Uchoa

November 2008

Bidirectional A* Search on Time-Dependent Road Networks
Giacomo Nannicini, Daniel Delling, Dominik Schultes, Leo Liberti

December 2008

Core Routing on Dynamic Time-Dependent Road Networks
Daniel Delling, Giacomo Nannicini

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