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Network Optimization Submissions - 2015

February 2015

Single-Commodity Robust Network Design with Finite and Hose Demand Sets
Valentina Cacchiani, Michael J√ľnger, Frauke Liers, Andrea Lodi, Daniel Schmidt

Hybrid Constructive Heuristics for the Critical Node Problem
Bernadetta Addis, Roberto Aringhieri, Andrea Grosso, Pierre Hosteins

March 2015

Complexity of Minimum Irreducible Infeasible Subsystem Covers for Flow Networks
Imke Joormann, Marc E. Pfetsch

April 2015

Distributed Gradient Methods with Variable Number of Working Nodes
Dusan Jakovetic, Dragana Bajovic, Natasa Krejic, Natasa Krklec-Jerinkic

August 2015

Multi-Agent Decentralized Network Interdiction Games
Harikrishnan Sreekumaran, Ashish Hota, Andrew Liu, Nelson Uhan, Shreyas Sundaram

December 2015

ExtraPush for Convex Smooth Decentralized Optimization over Directed Networks
Jinshan Zeng, wotao Yin

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