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Network Optimization Submissions - 2020

January 2020

Computing Technical Capacities in the European Entry-Exit Gas Market is NP-Hard
Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt, Johannes Thürauf

March 2020

The Star Degree Centrality Problem: A Benders Decomposition Approach
Mustafa C. Camur, Thomas C. Sharkey, Chrysafis Vogiatzis

April 2020

Combinatorial Acyclicity Models for Potential-based Flows
Oliver Habeck, Marc E. Pfetsch

May 2020

Deciding the Feasibility of a Booking in the European Gas Market is coNP-complete
Johannes Thürauf

June 2020

Improving relaxations for potential-driven network flow problems via acyclic flow orientations
Hiller Benjamin, Kai Helge Becker

ASTS Orientations on Undirected Graphs: Structural analysis and enumeration
Kai Helge Becker, Benjamin Hiller

July 2020

Improved optimization models for potential-driven network flow problems via ASTS orientations
Kai Helge Becker, Benjamin Hiller

Priority Based Flow Improvement with Intermediate Storage
Urmila Pyakurel, Mohan Chandra Adhikari

August 2020

A Two-level ADMM Algorithm for AC OPF with Convergence Guarantees
Kaizhao Sun, X. Andy Sun

September 2020

The Non-Stop Disjoint Trajectories Problem
Benno Hoch, Frauke Liers, Sarah Neumann, rancisco Javier Zaragoza Martínez

October 2020

Optimal Steiner Trees Under Node and Edge Privacy Conflicts
Alessandro Hill, Roberto Baldacci, Stefan Voss

Full Cover Refueling Station Location Problem with Routing
Omer Kinay, Fatma Gzara, Sibel Alumur Alev

December 2020

Commodity Prioritized Maximum Dynamic Multi-Commodity Flow Problem
Tanka Nath Dhamala, Durga Prasad Khanal, Urmila Pyakurel

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