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Nonlinear Optimization Submissions - 2007

January 2007

New class of limited-memory variationally-derived variable metric methods
Jan Vlcek, Ladislav Luksan

Unconstrained Optimization
On diagonally-relaxed orthogonal projection methods
Yair Censor, Tommy Elfving, Gabor T. Herman, Touraj Nikazad

Unconstrained Optimization
New Adaptive Stepsize Selections in Gradient Methods
G. Frassoldati, L. Zanni, G. Zanghirati

February 2007

Data Assimilation in Weather Forecasting: A Case Study in PDE-Constrained Optimization
M. Fisher, J. Nocedal, Y. Tremolet, S.J. Wright

Quadratic Programming
A conic duality Frank--Wolfe type theorem via exact penalization in quadratic optimization
Werner Schachinger, Immanuel M. Bomze

March 2007

Unconstrained Optimization
On large scale unconstrained optimization problems and higher order methods

Bound-constrained Optimization
Survey of Derivative Free Optimization Methods based on Interpolation
Bulent Karasozen

Bound-constrained Optimization
Derivative Free Optimization Methods for Optimizing Stirrer Configurations
Bulent Karasozen, Omur Ugur, Michael Schaefer, Kerim Yapici

April 2007

A null-space primal-dual interior-point algorithm for nonlinear optimization with nice convergence properties
Xinwei Liu, Yaxiang Yuan

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Nonlinear programming without a penalty function or a filter
Nick Gould, Philippe Toint

A recursive trust-region method in infinity norm for bound-constrained nonlinear optimization
Serge Gratton, Mélodie Mouffe, Philippe Toint, Melissa Weber-Mendonca

May 2007

Unconstrained Optimization
The Speed of Shor's R-Algorithm
James V. Burke, Adrian S. Lewis, Michael L. Overton

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A Coordinate Gradient Descent Method for Linearly Constrained Smooth Optimization and Support Vector Machines Training
Paul Tseng, Sangwoon Yun

June 2007

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
An implicit trust-region method on Riemannian manifolds
C. G. Baker, P.-A. Absil, K. A. Gallivan

Unconstrained Optimization
A view of algorithms for optimization without derivatives
M.J.D. Powell

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Convergence Analysis of an Interior-Point Method for Nonconvex Nonlinear Programming
Hande Y. Benson, Arun Sen, David F. Shanno

Unconstrained Optimization
Developments of NEWUOA for unconstrained minimization without derivatives
M.J.D. Powell

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A globally convergent trust-region SQP method without a penalty function for nonlinearly constrained optimization
Hiroshi Yamashita, Hiroshi Yabe

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A primal-dual interior point method for nonlinear semidefinite programming
Hiroshi Yamashita, Hiroshi Yabe, Kouhei Harada

July 2007

Bound-constrained Optimization
ASTRAL: An Active Set $l_\infty$-Trust-Region Algorithm for Box Constrained Optimization
Liang Xu, James V. Burke

A 2-BFGS updating in a trust region framework
Marianna S. Apostolopoulou , Dimitris G. Sotiropoulos, Panagiotis Pintelas

Unconstrained Optimization
Iterative Minimization Schemes for Solving the Single Source Localization Problem
Amir Beck, Marc Teboulle, Zahar Chikishev

August 2007

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
David W. Dreisigmeyer

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
David W. Dreisigmeyer

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
David W. Dreisigmeyer

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
David W. Dreisigmeyer

An Inexact Newton Method for Nonconvex Equality Constrained Optimization
Richard Byrd, Frank Curtis, Jorge Nocedal

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
The Squared Slacks Transformation in Nonlinear Programming
Paul Armand, Dominique Orban

September 2007

Bound-constrained Optimization
Regularization and Preconditioning of KKT Systems Arising in Nonnegative Least-Squares Problems
Stefania Bellavia, Jacek Gondzio, Benedetta Morini

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
An Active-Set Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming Using Parametric Linear Programming
Richard H. Byrd, Richard A. Waltz

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
The extremal volume ellipsoids of convex bodies, their symmetry properties, and their determination in some special cases
Osman Guler, Filiz Gurtuna

A Filter Active-Set Trust-Region Method
Michael P. Friedlander, Nick I. M. Gould, Sven Leyffer, Todd S. Munson

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
On the solution of fuzzy bilevel programming problems
Stephan Dempe, Tatiana Starostina

Unconstrained Optimization
Duality in quasi-newton methods and new variational characterizations of the DFP and BFGS updates
Osman Guler, Filiz Gurtuna, Olena Shevchenko

Unconstrained Optimization
Adaptive cubic overestimation methods for unconstrained optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas Gould, Philippe Toint

October 2007

Unconstrained Optimization
A multilevel algorithm for solving the trust-region subproblem
Philippe L. Toint, Dimitri Tomanos, Melissa Weber-Mendonca

Unconstrained Optimization
Bracketing an Optima in Univariate Optimization
Pritibhushan Sinha

Systems governed by Differential Equations Optimization
Identification of Parameters in k-Approximate Periodic Parabolic Equation
Xu Youjun

Quadratic Programming
Relaxing the Optimality Conditions of Box QP
Samuel Burer, Jieqiu Chen

Nonlinear Systems and Least-Squares
Adjoint Broyden a la GMRES
Andreas Griewank, Sebastian Schlenkrich, Andrea.Walther@tu-dresden.de Walther

Quadratic Programming
Adaptive Constraint Reduction for Training Support Vector Machines
Jin Hyuk Jung, Dianne P. O'Leary, Andre L. Tits

Unconstrained Optimization
A Retrospective Trust-Region Method for Unconstrained Optimization
Fabian Bastin, Vincent Malmedy, Mélodie Mouffe, Philippe L. Toint, Dimitri Tomanos

November 2007

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Two theoretical results for sequential semidefinite programming
Rodrigo Garc\'es, Walter Gomez Bofill, Florian Jarre

Unconstrained Optimization
Multi-Secant Equations, Approximate Invariant Subspaces and Multigrid Optimization
Serge Gratton, Philippe L. Toint

Improved Approximation Bound for Quadratic Optimization Problems with Orthogonality Constraints
Anthony Man-Cho So

Iterative methods for finding a trust-region step
Jennifer B. Erway, Philip E. Gill, Joshua D. Griffin

A First-Order Interior-Point Method for Linearly Constrained Smooth Optimization
Paul Tseng, Immanuel M. Bomze, Werner Schachinger

December 2007

LANCELOt_simple, a simple interface to LANCELOT B
Nick Gould, Dominique Orban, Philippe Toint

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