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Nonlinear Optimization Submissions - 2017

January 2017

Complexity Analysis of a Trust Funnel Algorithm for Equality Constrained Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Daniel P. Robinson, Mohammadreza Samadi

Nonlinear Systems and Least-Squares
On Non-stationary Tikhonov procedures for discrete ill-posed nonlinear least squares problems
Stefania Bellavia, Elisa Riccietti

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Modified Bregman iteration for portfolio optimization
Stefania Corsaro, Valentina De Simone

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A Penalty Method for Rank Minimization Problems in Symmetric Matrices
Xin Shen, John E. Mitchell

Quasi-Newton methods for convex constrained nonlinear systems and their application
Leopoldo Marini, Benedetta Morini, Margherita Porcelli

Asynchronous Parallel Algorithms for Nonconvex Big-Data Optimization. Part I: Model and Convergence
Loris Cannelli, Francisco Facchinei, Vyacheslav Kungurtsev, Gesualdo Scutari

Asynchronous Parallel Algorithms for Nonconvex Big-Data Optimization. Part II: Complexity and Numerical Results
Loris Cannelli, Francisco Facchinei, Vyacheslav Kungurtsev, Gesualdo Scutari

Unconstrained Optimization
On the steplength selection in gradient methods for unconstrained optimization
Daniela di Serafino, Valeria Ruggiero, Gerardo Toraldo, Luca Zanni

Quadratic Programming
A Condensing Algorithm for Nonlinear MPC with a Quadratic Runtime in Horizon Length
Joel A E Andersson, Janick V Frasch, Milan Vukov, Moritz Diehl

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Some theoretical limitations of second-order algorithms for smooth constrained optimization
Gabriel Haeser

February 2017

Optimization Techniques for Tree-Structured Nonlinear Problems
Jens Hübner, Martin Schmidt, Marc C. Steinbach

Quadratic Programming
QPLIB: A Library of Quadratic Programming Instances
Fabio Furini, Emiliano Traversi, Pietro Belotti, Antonio Frangioni, Ambros Gleixner, Nick Gould, Leo Liberti, Andrea Lodi, Ruth Misener, Hans Mittelmann, Nikolaos V Sahinidis, Stefan Vigerske, Angelika Wiegele

On High-order Model Regularization for Constrained Optimization
J. M. Martinez

Optimality condition and complexity analysis for linearly-constrained optimization without differentiability on the boundary
Gabriel Haeser, Hongcheng Liu, Yinyu Ye

Unconstrained Optimization
Complexity and global rates of trust-region methods based on probabilistic models
S. Gratton, C. W. Royer, L. N. Vicente, Z. Zhang

Direct search based on probabilistic feasible descent for bound and linearly constrained problems
S. Gratton, C. W. Royer, L. N. Vicente, Z. Zhang

Proximal Mapping for Symmetric Penalty and Sparsity}
Amir Beck, Nadav Hallak

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
An Augmented Lagrangian Proximal Alternating Method for Sparse Discrete Optimization Problems
Yue Teng, Li Yang, Bo Yu, Xiaoliang Song

March 2017

A note on quadratic forms with applications in optimization
Gabriel Haeser

Unconstrained Optimization
BFGS convergence to nonsmooth minimizers of convex functions
Jiayi Guo, Adrian Lewis

New Active-Set Frank-Wolfe Variants for Minimization over the Simplex and the l1-Ball
Cristofari Andrea, De Santis Marianna, Lucidi Stefano, Rinaldi Francesco

Quadratic Programming
Dantzig Wolfe decomposition and objective function convexification for binary quadratic problems: the cardinality constrained quadratic knapsack case
Alberto Ceselli, Lucas Létocart, Emiliano Traversi

Unconstrained Optimization
Automatic Differentiation of the Open CASCADE Technology CAD System and its coupling with an Adjoint CFD Solver
Mladen Banovic, Orest Mykhaskiv, Salvatore Auriemma, Andrea Walther, Herve Legrand, Jens-Dominik Müller

April 2017

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Bilevel optimization with a multiobjective problem in the lower level
Roberto Andreani, Viviana A. Ramirez, Sandra A. Santos, Leonardo D. Secchin

A decoupled first/second-order steps technique for nonconvex nonlinear unconstrained optimization with improved complexity bounds
S. Gratton, C. W. Royer, L. N. Vicente

Unconstrained Optimization
On the use of the energy norm in trust-region and adaptive cubic regularization subproblems
E. Bergou, Y. Diouane, S. Gratton

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Outer-Product-Free Sets for Polynomial Optimization and Oracle-Based Cuts
Daniel Bienstock, Chen Chen, Gonzalo Munoz

May 2017

Quadratic Programming
A two-phase gradient method for quadratic programming problems with a single linear constraint and bounds on the variables
Daniela di Serafino, Gerardo Toraldo, Marco Viola, Jesse Barlow

A Derivative-Free and Ready-to-Use NLP Solver for Matlab or Octave
Florian Jarre, Felix Lieder

Stability and accuracy of Inexact Interior Point methods for convex quadratic programming
Benedetta Morini, Valeria Simoncini

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A Primal-Dual Augmented Lagrangian Penalty-Interior-Point Filter Line Search Algorithm
Renke Kuhlmann, Christof Büskens

Global and Local Convergence of a Levenberg-Marquadt Algorithm for Inverse Problems
Y. Diouane, E. Bergou, V. Kungurtsev

Optimization Problems Involving Group Sparsity Terms
Amir Beck, Nadav Hallak

Asynchronous Coordinate Descent under More Realistic Assumptions
Sun Tao, Hannah Robert , Yin Wotao

Iteration-complexity of a Jacobi-type non-Euclidean ADMM for multi-block linearly constrained nonconvex programs
Jefferson Melo, Renato Monteiro

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Optimality of orders one to three and beyond: characterization and evaluation complexity in constrained nonconvex optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I. M. Gould, Philippe L. Toint

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Combining pattern search and implicit filtering for solving linearly constrained minimization problems with noisy objective functions
M. A. Diniz-Ehrhardt, D. G. Ferreira, S. A. Santos

An Inexact Newton-like conditional gradient method for constrained nonlinear systems
M.L.N. Goncalves, F.R. Oliveira

Quadratic Programming
A simplicial decomposition framework for large scale convex quadratic programming
Enrico Bettiol, Lucas Létocart, Francesco Rinaldi, Emiliano Traversi

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Vector Transport-Free SVRG with General Retraction for Riemannian Optimization: Complexity Analysis and Practical Implementation
Bo Jiang, Shiqian Ma, Anthony Man-Cho So, Shuzhong Zhang

Globally Solving a Class of Optimal Power Flow Problems in Radial Networks by Tree Reduction
Amir Beck, Yuval Beck, Yoash Levron, Alex Shtof, Luba Tetruashvili

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Two New Weak Constraint Qualifications for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints and Applications
Alberto Ramos

June 2017

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Optimality conditions for minimizers at infinity in polynomial programming
Tien-Son Pham

Unconstrained Optimization
Analyzing Random Permutations for Cyclic Coordinate Descent
Stephen J. Wright, Ching-pei Lee

Quadratic Programming
Random projections for trust region subproblems
Ky Vu, Pierre-Louis Poirion, Claudia D'Ambrosio, Leo Liberti

Unconstrained Optimization
Complexity analysis of second-order line-search algorithms for smooth nonconvex optimization
Clément W. Royer, Stephen J. Wright

A Levenberg-Marquardt method for large nonlinear least squares problems with noisy functions and gradients
Stefania Bellavia, Serge Gratton, Elisa Riccietti

Unconstrained Optimization
A line-search algorithm inspired by the adaptive cubic regularization framework, with a worst-case complexity $\mathcal{O}(\epsilon^{-3/2})$
E. Bergou, Y. Diouane, S. Gratton

New quasi-Newton method for solving systems of nonlinear equations
Ladislav Luksan, Jan Vlcek

Properties of the block BFGS update and its application to the limited-memory block BNS method for unconstrained minimization.
Jan Vlcek, Ladislav Luksan

Quadratic Programming
SDP-based Branch-and-Bound for Non-convex Quadratic Integer Optimization
C. Buchheim, M. Montenegro, A. Wiegele

A note on the smoothness of multi-parametric singular value decomposition with applications in optimization
G. Haeser, A. Ramos

Unconstrained Optimization
Behavior of accelerated gradient methods near critical points of nonconvex problems
Michael O'Neill, Stephen Wright

July 2017

On the behavior of Lagrange multipliers in convex and non-convex infeasible interior point methods
Gabriel Haeser, Oliver Hinder, Yinyu Ye

Unconstrained Optimization
A Robust Multi-Batch L-BFGS Method for Machine Learning
Albert S Berahas, Martin Takáč

August 2017

Unconstrained Optimization
Gradient Descent using Duality Structures
Thomas Flynn

Improved second-order evaluation complexity for unconstrained nonlinear optimization using high-order regularized models
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I M Gould, Philippe L Toint

Unconstrained Optimization
On types of degenerate critical points of real polynomial functions
Feng Guo, Tiên-So'n Pham

On Affine Invariant Descent Directions
Yu-Hong Dai, Florian Jarre, Felix Lieder

September 2017

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
A sequential optimality condition related to the quasinormality constraint qualification and its algorithmic consequences
R. Andreani, N. S. Fazzio, M. L. Schuverdt, L. D. Secchin

Complementarity-Based Nonlinear Programming Techniques for Optimal Mixing in Gas Networks
Falk M. Hante, Martin Schmidt

A convergence frame for inexact nonconvex and nonsmooth algorithms and its applications to several iterations
Sun Tao, Jiang Hao, Cheng Lizhi, Zhu Wei

Iteratively Linearized Reweighted Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Class of Nonconvex Problems
Sun Tao, Jiang Hao , Cheng Lizhi

Unconstrained Optimization
Worst-case evaluation complexity and optimality of second-order methods for nonconvex smooth optimization
Coralia Cartis, Nicholas I. M. Gould, Philippe L. Toint

Nonlinear Systems and Least-Squares
A note on preconditioning weighted linear least squares, with consequences for weakly-constrained variational data assimilation
Serge Gratton, Selime Gürol, Ehouarn Simon, Philippe Toint

An Inexact Regularized Newton Framework with a Worst-Case Iteration Complexity of $\mathcal{O}(\epsilon^{-3/2})$ for Nonconvex Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Daniel P. Robinson, Mohammadreza Samadi

Large-scale packing of ellipsoids
E. G. Birgin, R. D. Lobato

October 2017

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Globally Solving the Trust Region Subproblem Using Simple First-Order Methods
Amir Beck, Yakov Vaisbourd

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Primal-Dual Optimization Algorithms over Riemannian Manifolds: an Iteration Complexity Analysis
Junyu Zhang, Shiqian Ma, Shuzhong Zhang

Unconstrained Optimization
Dense initializations for limited-memory quasi-Newton methods
Johannes Brust, Oleg Burdakov, Jennifer Erway, Roummel Marcia

Underestimate Sequences via Quadratic Averaging
Chenxin Ma, Naga Venkata C. Gudapati, Majid Jahani, Rachael Tappenden, Martin Takac

Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Numerically tractable optimistic bilevel problems
Lorenzo Lampariello, Simone Sagratella

Unconstrained Optimization
Trust-Region Optimization Methods using Limited-Memory Symmetric Rank-One Updates for Off-The-Shelf Machine Learning
Jennifer Erway, Joshua Griffin, Riadh Omheni, Roummel Marcia

A derivative-free Gauss-Newton method
Coralia Cartis, Lindon Roberts

Adaptive Sampling Strategies for Stochastic Optimization
Raghu Bollapragada, Richard Byrd, Jorge Nocedal

November 2017

Quadratic Programming
The extensions of Yuan’s lemma and applications in S-lemma
Yang Qinzhi, Zhou Yang, Wang Zhongwen

Unconstrained Optimization
On the use of third-order models with fourth-order regularization for unconstrained optimization
E. G. Birgin, J. L. Gardenghi, J. M. Martínez, S. A. Santos

An Accelerated Communication-Efficient Primal-Dual Optimization Framework for Structured Machine Learning
Chenxin Ma, Martin Jaggi, Frank E Curtis, Nathan Srebro, Martin Takac

Systems governed by Differential Equations Optimization
Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition for Optimal Control Problems governed by Semilinear Models for Gas Flow in Networks
Günter Leugering, Alexander Martin, Martin Schmidt, Mathias Sirvent

Bound-constrained Optimization
Accelerating block coordinate descent methods with identification strategies
Ronaldo Lopes, Sandra Augusta Santos, Paulo J. S. Silva

Unconstrained Optimization
Block Coordinate Descent Almost Surely Converges to a Stationary Point Satisfying the Second-order Necessary Condition
Enbin Song, Zhubin Shen, Qingjiang Shi

A note on using performance and data profiles for training algorithms
Margherita Porcelli, Philippe L. Toint

Unconstrained Optimization
On local non-global minimizers of quadratic functions with cubic regularization
Andrea Cristofari, Tayebeh Dehghan Niri, Stefano Lucidi

December 2017

Multipoint secant and interpolation methods with nonmonotone line search for solving systems of nonlinear equations
Oleg Burdakov, Ahmad Kamandi

Systems governed by Differential Equations Optimization
Model and Discretization Error Adaptivity within Stationary Gas Transport Optimization
Volker Mehrmann, Martin Schmidt, Jeroen J. Stolwijk

A Stochastic Trust Region Algorithm
Frank E. Curtis, Katya Scheinberg, Rui Shi

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